Thursday, April 6, 2006

Remember when Newsweek started a media firestorm over the since disproved flushing of a Koran at Gitmo? Muslims were violently indignant, and the liberal American left berated us to no end.

Well, with that warm and fuzzy memory in mind, this little bit of news should interest you. I'm sure you'll notice the lack of coverage in the main stream media.

In Multan, Pakistan, four Muslim men, in an act of Islamic peace, acceptance and understanding, were caught burning a Holy Bible and some other religious texts, including calendars depicting Christ, and some Christian study booklets.

The burning of the Bible has touched off a riot of Pakistani Christians numbering about 1,500.

"We caught four people – Hafiz Islam, Hafiz Abid, Rana Abdul Ghaffar and Rana Abdul Jabbar – burning our sacred books and literature on a heap of garbage on Tuesday evening," Pakistan Christian Writers Guild President AD Sahil said, according to the Pakistan paper.

Local council member Nazim Ch Shamoon Kaiser told the Daily Times: "Two chapters of the Bible, calendars carrying portraits of Jesus Christ and booklets containing religious literature were reduced to ashes."

Yet, it seems that this is the straw, as it were. Christians in Muslim countries are subjected to brutality on a daily basis, and murders of Christians in the middle of the night are not uncommon.

Town elders intervened to save the lives of the four men who burned the Bible, and urged local Christians not to take the law into their own hands.

Of course, that would be the law who turned a blind eye on March 30th, when a Protestant Church was attacked by a group of unidentified Muslims who are still at large. The minister of this church, Nathaniel Barkat, begged police to provide security to area Christians after five churches have been attacked in less than two months. He challenged the statement by government official Raja Basharat, who claims that there is "complete harmony" between Muslims and Christians in Punjab Province.

I am personally sickened that the media portrays Christians as backwardsintolerantnyokelsls, and Muslims caliterallyly get away with murder, and still be shown as ambassadors of the "Religion of Peace."

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