Monday, March 29, 2010

It's About Redistribution

Funny how we're starting to hear the truth about the health care bill from the socialist left now that they've passed the thing.

First, we have Howard "Yeeeeeaaaaaaaw" Dean saying it plainly:

Next, Baucus sounds off.

From this source: 

As Democrats tout the moral underpinnings of the federal health care system overhaul -- ensuring health care coverage for nearly all Americans -- one senator appeared to go off message when he said the legislation would address the "mal-distribution of income in America."
After the Senate passed a "fix-it" bill Thursday to make changes to the new health care law, Sen. Max Baucus, D-Mont., chairman of the influential Finance Committee, said the overhaul was an "income shift" to help the poor.
"Too often, much of late, the last couple three years, the mal-distribution of income in American is gone up way too much, the wealthy are getting way, way too wealthy and the middle income class is left behind," he said. "Wages have not kept up with increased income of the highest income in America. This legislation will have the effect of addressing that mal-distribution of income in America."

How about that, comrades?

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Earth Hour 2010

Tonight at 20:30, Earth Hour begins. The idea is that we turn off all of the lights and the appliances and sit around in the dark for 60 minutes.

In honor of the science being settled and such, I have decided to engage in global disobedience and turn on every single electrical thing, all the lights at full, start a fire in the backyard and burn multiple packages of styrofoam plates and cups.

Even with all of this, I doubt I could come anywhere near Al Gore's "carbon footprint."

Kiss my posterior, hippies. I'll see you in ten years when we'll be fearing another ice age. 

Friday, March 26, 2010

Stupid Little People

Be prepared to pick your jaw up off of the ground.

You'll be outraged but not surprised, I suspect, at the unbridled arrogance and lies of Robert Gibbs:

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The shit is hitting the fan the day after Obama signed deathcare into law.

We have Al Sharp-tongue  telling the media that Obama's election was a mandate, a direct vote, for socialism. 

We have John Dingell too "tired" to censor himself and admitting on air that Obamacare will "control the people."

Hey, ladies! The administration of misogyny will be taxing your most basic needs... Go here and search tampon. You will find the FDA classifies them as a Class II medical device, and will therefore be taxed by deathcare. Nice, huh?

We are now up to twelve states who will challenge Obamacare as a blow to state's sovereignty... Which is good, considering the IRS will be enforcing the new tyranny.

And looking forward to the elections of 2012, we have Acorn not disbanding, but simply rebranding. Obama will still be able to organize those communities, dead people, football teams and pet cats to vote for his re-election.

Meanwhile, Republicans hang the Gadsen flag from the House chamber balconies.

Way to catch on, guys. I've been flying one from my flag pole for months now.

With all the above ugliness going on, we must also have a bit of beauty.

Check these out. You'll love them.

First, Nature by Numbers... And speaking of numbers, a recluse Russian has solved the Poincare Conjecture, which has been unsolved for over a century. He has even rejected the million dollar prize.


Next we have 185 singers across 12 countries perfoming "Lux Aurumque" as a virtual choir made up of YouTube submissions:

Ah, isn't that nice?

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Everybody was Kung Fu Fighting:

'Cause when you know Kung-Fu, you can kick ass with anything:

They Will Rue This Day

With a stroke of the pen, Obama has created another day which shall live in infamy:

Monday, March 22, 2010

Obamacare Passes.

Under the cover of darkness on a Sunday night, freedom dies to thunderous applause and by seven votes.

Comrades, we all now have government health care!

Won't it be wonderful when amnesty passes? It is coming, mark my words.

How else will the Democrats stay in office after this?

Thursday, March 18, 2010

I Can Smell it in the Air...

Spring is almost here. It's the day after St. Paddy's and it's a balmy 65 degrees and sunny outside after months of unseasonal coldness.

I feel good, so I have a couple of cool pics to share:

What could be cooler than Batman fighting Darth Vader? Batman fighting Darth Vader with light sabers:

And what could be cooler than that?

Batman fighting a shark with a light saber:

Ah, spring:

And a couple of cool pics for meine freundin Cube:

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Obamaisms and Outright Lies:

Can you imagine if Pres. Bush had said something like the following? The midstream media would never stop calling him an idiot, stupid, moron, retard, ect, ect...

Pres. Obama in Ohio two days ago:

How many people are getting insurance through their jobs right now? Raise your hands. All right, well, your employer, it's estimated, would see premiums fall by as much as 3000%, which means they could give you a raise!
-President Obama in Ohio Monday afternoon.

Really? Let's just say that it costs your employer $4000 per year to insure you. A 100% decrease would see the premium at $0. So, a 3,000% decrease would mean that the insurance company would be paying the employer (if my math is correct) $116,000 to insure you.

More leftist logic?

All things considered over the last year, I believe I have found the new Democratic Party theme song:

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Your Tax Dollars at Work:

Amazing. In a time when Americans struggle under Obama's failing economy, Shrillary Clinton feels that she should blow millions of dollars on crystal... And not even American crystal, at that.

WASHINGTON --- Hillary Rodham Clinton's State Department is spending $5.4 million to buy fine crystal stemware for American embassies -- but it won't give the US economy much of a boost.
The contract was given to a tiny Washington, DC, interior designer, which in turn subcontracted the crystal work to a Swedish firm -- snubbing such US companies as the famous manufacturer in Clinton's own back yard, Steuben Crystal of upstate Corning.
The firm didn't even get a chance to bid on the contract, which will outfit embassies and ambassadors' residences with fancy crystal for ritzy functions.

This is ridiculous. If the government had any shame, they'd haul their sorry asses to Wal-Mart and purchase some fifty-cent drinking glasses like the rest of us.

Hell, I'd even be OK if they used plastic cups. What fuels the need to throw extravagant parties at a time like this is beyond me.

And these fools think after wasting an ungodly amount of money on a bunch of glasses, they are qualified to run your health care with no fraud, no waste, and no rationing.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Who's the Insulting One?

In an utterly insane assertion, Biden and Clinton have decided that Israel's decision to build housing for Israelis on Israeli soil is an insult to America.


Each time Israel cedes land to the psuedo-stinians, they are repaid with rocket fire, homicide bombers, and other such terrorist attacks.

Can you imagine another country telling America where it may and may not build?

From this source: 

"It was insulting," Clinton told MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell in an interview airing today. "And it was insulting not just to the vice president, who certainly didn't deserve that. He was there with a very clear message of commitment to the peace process solidarity with the Israeli people. But it was an insult to the United States."
On Tuesday, Israel approved 1600 new homes in East Jerusalem, where Palestinians feels their land is being encroached on. The U.S. has urged Israel to stop expanding settlements in order to improve the climate for peace talks.
"I condemn the decision by the government of Israel to advance planning for new housing units in East Jerusalem," Biden said in a statement. "We must build an atmosphere to support negotiations, not complicate them."

In a stunning display of arrogance, Clinton proceeded to call Netanyahu to berate him.

Even more insane, frightening, and egotistical is the rumor that the Obama administration may withhold military aid from Israel in case of an Iranian attack:

DEBKAfile's military and Washington sources report: The Obama administration is considering withholding from Israel military items urgently needed in case of a flare-up of hostilities with Iran. This would further ratchet up the mounting row over Israel's decision to build another 1,600 homes in E. Jerusalem. The requests were filed by defense minister Ehud Barak as recently as Feb. 26, when he visited Washington and met defense secretary Robert Gates and secretary of state Hillary Clinton.
In an exceptionally harsh phone call to Netanyahu Friday, March, Clinton herself hinted at this possibility while administering a dressing-down on the 
East Jerusalem housing decision and its announcement during Vice president Joe Biden's visit.

Read the rest here. 

Will the hubris of the Obama administration embolden Iran into starting the next world war over housing for Jews?

We shall see...

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Friday, March 12, 2010

Muslims Import Child Abuse to Canada.

I cannot begin to wrap my head around this kind of dhimmitude.

From this source: 

Federal immigration officials say there’s little they can do to stop “child brides” from being sponsored into Canada by much older husbands who wed them in arranged marriages abroad.
Top immigration officials in Canada and Pakistan say all they can do is reject the sponsorships of husbands trying to bring their child-brides to Canada. The men have to reapply when the bride turns 16.
The marriages are permitted under Sharia Law.
Muslim men, who are Canadian citizens or permanent residents, return to their homeland to wed a “child bride” in an arranged marriage in which a dowry is given to the girl’s parents.
Officials said some of the brides can be 14 years old or younger and many are forced to marry. The practice occurs in a host of countries including Afghanistan, Iran, Pakistan and Lebanon.
In classified documents, Canadian visa officer Steve Bulmer said he refused to allow one Pakistani man to sponsor his 15-year-old bride in August 2009.
"I can find no section (of law) that states the marriage is 'invalid' or 'void,'" Bulmer wrote in e-mails obtained by lawyer Richard Kurland under Access of Information. “I am afraid the age does not invalidate the marriage even if it is illegal to marry.”
Abdul Hameed, of the Canadian embassy in Islamabad, said child marriages are not valid in Canada.

I can tell you how to stop this practice from occurring in Canada:


It's that simple.

Can anyone explain to me how, if it is illegal to marry a child in Canada, they cannot consider a foreign marriage of a child invalid?

And what chance does a sixteen-year-old girl have against an old man, say, 40-50 once her 'husband' re-applies for her to immigrate? Does Canada think she'll simply be able to ask for a divorce once she gets here if the old pedophile rapes and beats her?

Shame on Canada for condoning this abuse.

Government Wasting Money? Nah...

This was pretty much my reaction after receiving my pre-census letter:

Thursday, March 11, 2010

It Isn't About 'Race?'

I'm sure by now most everyone has heard about "Jihad Jane," a blonde-haired, blue-eyed suburbanite named Colleen LaRose, or aka Fatima LaRose (Her Muslim name which the MSM is refusing to report.) from Philly, so I won't go on incessantly about it.

From this source: 

"Today's indictment, which alleges that a woman from suburban America agreed to carry out murder overseas and to provide material support to terrorists, underscores the evolving nature of the threat we face," said David Kris, assistant attorney general for national security.

So what we conservative have been saying all along now appears to be incontestable. It isn't about racism.

It's the ISLAM, STUPID!!!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

One Big Snake:

When you think 'pet', is this really what comes to mind?

At least it was already dead...

SACO, Maine (AP) ― A poisonous 5-foot-long viper from Africa was found stretched dead across a rock in a wooded area behind a movie theater, and the Maine Warden Service said Tuesday it was searching for the person who released the reptile.

A woman walking with her dog discovered the Gaboon viper Monday on a trail behind the Cinemagic and IMAX theater complex on busy U.S. 1, Sgt. Tim Spahr. The snake was released Sunday and succumbed to low temperatures, which dipped to freezing overnight, he said.

It's illegal to possess exotic snakes in Maine. Wardens will consult the district attorney to determine what charges might be appropriate, Spahr said.

"In my 13 years as a game warden, this is the weirdest that I've actually dealt with," Spahr said Tuesday. "This is an incredibly dangerous species, a life-threatening species. And people walk up and down these trails."

Gaboon vipers favor the warmer climates of central, west and east Africa. They're known for their heft — they can weigh as much as 18 pounds — and their long fangs.

Who thinks it's a good idea to first procure and keep a highly poisonous viper as a pet? And then to release it into a public area? Had it been warmer, someone could have been bitten!

And, if the asshat in question released it because it was becoming too difficult to handle, he's responsible for the snake's death. Pets, and other animals should not be treated as disposable things.

Nipple Nazi WTF Moment:


A Kentucky woman was charged with assault after she allegedly squirted breast milk into the face of a deputy, sparking online debate Sunday in the local media.
Toni Tramel, 31, was arrested Thursday for public intoxication in Owensboro, WYMT-TV reported, but it is what she did next which has attracted headlines.
As Tramel changed into an inmate uniform, she squirted a stream of breast milk into the face of the female deputy watching over her.
A press release from the Daviess County, Kentucky, Detention Center, said that after the deputy decontaminated herself from the "bio-hazard", Tramel was charged with third degree assault.
While the public drunkenness was merely a misdemeanor offense, the assault is a felony charge and a US$10,000 bond was set.
Reports of the case have sparked debates about whether using breast milk as a weapon should constitute a felony assault case, with many readers likening it to an accused person spitting on an officer.
Also sparking feedback has been the use of the term "bio-hazard" to describe breast milk. 
Utterly disgusting, on par with the Gitmo 'cocktail', IMO...

And there should be NO debate; If it's a bodily fluid, and it comes in contact with you and it ISN'T YOURS, it's a feckin' bio-hazard. 
Like I said, I would beat the feck out of this 'person.' ARGH! 

I'll bet that baby has a fan-frickin'-tastic future...

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Weird Week:

We live in a mostly nice little neighborhood that isn't 'connected' to the city. It is usually quiet, and if things do get loud, most of the folks come out to quiet it back down.

Two nights ago at about 0230, a drunk driver peeled into our street from the state route, clipped the tree in front of our elderly neighbor across the street and crashed into her porch. It was demolished, and the moron barely managed to miss her bedroom. Then, he peeled out of her yard, leaving a very well defined trail of mud to his house several streets over which I'm sure the cops were grateful for, as it saved them a lot of trouble finding him.

Last night, we were watching some DS9 when a pickup pulled up in front of the house. The dude was sitting there with his internal lights on. He just kept sitting, so Dave went out to see what he was up to...

He was rolling a damn joint. Right in front of our house.

He was so blitzed that he didn't even notice Dave staring at him two feet from his window, and never did. He finished rolling, and pulled off.

So, we called the cops. God forbid he plows through a little old lady's house.

I guess I'm going to have to start shooting at people from my front frickin' porch. What is it? Is the warm weather allowing all the crazies and derelicts out?

I Had a Burrito Today...

...And it was goooooood.

A bit of 'blue' humor:

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Bedside Back-Up

I've just GOT to get one of these!

Oh, if only they would send me two for the price of one like other infomercials do!

More Insult and Injury From Obama:

Haven't we conservatives been speculating about whether Obama, having said he'd be content to be a one-term president if it meant pushing through his agenda, would try to do just that if the ship started listing?

Well, here goes... Obama has assigned a couple of his lap dogs, Chucky Schumer and Lindsey Graham-nesty to craft another amnesty bill:

Reporting from Washington - Despite steep odds, the White House has discussed prospects for reviving a major overhaul of the nation's immigration laws, a commitment that President Obama has postponed once already.

Obama took up the issue privately with his staff Monday in a bid to advance a bill through Congress before lawmakers become too distracted by approaching midterm elections.

In the session, Obama and members of his Domestic Policy Council outlined ways to resuscitate the effort in a White House meeting with two senators -- Democrat Charles E. Schumer of New York and Republican Lindsey Graham of South Carolina -- who have spent months trying to craft a bill.

According to a person familiar with the meeting, the White House may ask Schumer and Graham to at least produce a blueprint that could be turned into legislative language.

The basis of a bill would include a path toward citizenship for the 10.8 million people living in the U.S. illegally. Citizenship would not be granted lightly, the White House said. Undocumented workers would need to register, pay taxes and pay a penalty for violating the law. Failure to comply might result in deportation.

This is exactly the same bullshit that the American people RESOUNDINGLY rejected not long ago, and yet Obama, knowing that the Congress is going to flip shortly, will ram this though and sit back for a couple of years, enjoying the White House parties and press adoration.

Oh, but that's not all.

Let's see who Obama wants to appoint to the most leftist, most overturned appellate court in the country:

"Liu believes that judges have the authority to impose their views ... using clever verbal camouflage to disguise what they're doing."
Liu opponents point to a number of his writings, including a book he co-authored in 2009 called "Keeping Faith with the Constitution," in which the authors opine about their concept of judicial interpretation.
"Applications of constitutional text and principles must be open to adaptation and change ... as the conditions and norms of our society become ever more distant from those of the Founding generation." 

Great. Liu should fit in nicely in the 9th Circuit.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Air Traffic Control Day Care Center

I've always heard that being an air traffic controller is one of the most stressful jobs out there, but I guess anyone can do it:

NEW YORK (Reuters) - An investigation is underway into why a young child, apparently under an adult's supervision, was allowed to direct air traffic at New York City's John F. Kennedy International Airport, U.S. authorities said Wednesday.

In transmissions broadcast by local media, the young child -- whose age is unknown -- can be heard directing pilots for departure, apparently under the supervision of an adult. The incident reportedly happened two weeks ago.

At one point an adult voice can be heard telling a pilot: "This is what you get guys when the kids are out of school."

The pilots receiving instructions from the child did not appear too concerned with one pilot saying "awesome job."

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) said that pending the outcome of its investigation the employees involved in the incident were not controlling air traffic.

Now, I've been on flights, and you can plug your earphones into the chair and hear some of the com traffic. As a passenger, I think I'd be a bit freaked out by hearing little Johnny giving my pilot the go-ahead.

At least the kid is sober, though... Kind of blows the socks off of 'take your kid to work' day.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


WASHINGTON - New York Rep. Charles Rangel temporarily stepped aside as chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee Wednesday as he struggled with mounting ethics woes that left his political future uncertain at best.

Don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out!

Sadly, though, I'll bet any of you that this former member of the "most ethical Congress in history" not only will not spend a day in prison, he won't even have charges brought against him.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Don't Feed the Homeless.

I read the headline of this story, and thought perhaps Miami was going to use a little tough love to weed out some of the refuse. But noooooo.... Instead, we get this idiocy:

Miami residents may have to think twice before giving up their leftovers to the homeless. 
The Miami City Commission is set to consider a proposal next month that would prohibit unauthorized people and groups from feeding the homeless downtown, an ordinance proponents say will cut down on litter and ensure the safety of the food the homeless do eat. 
The Miami Downtown Development Authority recently approved the measure, sending it up to the commission. 
Though the change could draw objections, David Karsh, spokesman for Development Authority Chairman Marc Sarnoff, said the rule isn't a blanket ban. He said that anybody would be able to feed the homeless, but they would have to go through formal training first -- amateurs couldn't just give up part of their lunch to help someone they meet on the street.
"The ordinance is not by any means meant to discourage people from feeding homeless people," he told, adding that homeless advocacy groups support the measure. "Anybody can do it." 
The training would cover two main lessons: how to ensure the food is safe to eat, and how to clean up the mess afterward. 
"The business owners and residents in the area are complaining that there's just an incredible mess in the area once the group leaves," Karsh said. "It really is an immense mess that's left behind."
If the ordinance passes, anybody who breaks it would first receive a warning and then fines up to $300 for subsequent offenses. 

Are you kidding me?!? A class on safe food and how to clean up afterwards?!? 

I swear, I wake up every day thinking that things cannot get any more ridiculous, and then I'm proven wrong.