Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Peaceful Co-Existence With Islam= Slavery

Here's another story you won't hear a lot of in the Main Stream Media:

Tens of thousands of black slaves remain in bondage in Northern Sudan. Who are they being enslaved by? The Islamic regime in Khartoum.

Christian Solidarity International have been trying to buy back slaves from Muslim overseers. Unfortunately, this does little good, as the Muslims simply raid more villages and take more slaves, with the goal of making the entire nation Islamic.

CSI says its interviews with liberated slaves "reveal a clear pattern of physical and psychological abuse, including rape, beatings, female genital mutilation, forced conversion to Islam, Arabization, racial and religious insults."

The US government has designated this as genocide. World Net Daily reported that in 2004, CSI helped free almost 200 slaves captured during Sudanese government-sponsored raids against black villages.

CSI has appealed to the US government for help in stopping this outrage. The Khartoum government denies that slavery even exists, despite the fact that the counrty's cleric-backed National Islamic Front declared a jihad on the mostly Christian black villagers.

Sadly, we won't hear about this MSM because it involves Muslims abusing Christians, and that would detract from the agenda of portraying Muslims as a "Religion of Peace."

I would also like to ask where the NAACP and their ilk is on this! Where is Jesse Jackson, or more importantly, Lois Farrakhan? The leader of the Nation of Islam is curiously silent when it comes to Muslims abusing black people!

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