Thursday, April 20, 2006

Outrage At The U.N.!

Despite decades of human rights violations the U.N. is now claiming that women were better off under the Hussein regime. An African news agency contracted by the U.N. stated:

"Women's basic rights under the Hussein regime were guaranteed in the constitution and more importantly [they were] respected, with women often occupying important government positions. Now, although their rights are still enshrined in the national constitution, activists complain that, in practice, they have lost almost all of their rights."

The report, which claims that women are now being forced to "take the veil", stands in stark contrast to the testimony given before the House Committee on International Relations in 2003, given personally by Saddam's victims.

"Women were brutalized partly in an effort to control their husbands, partly out of a mere uncontrolled hostility. Rape was a State policy and at times videotaped and sent to women's families in order to intimidate them. At other times, the rapes were intentionally committed in front of the families. Women were denied equal education and the basic legal protections."

One particularly gruesome account came from Marine Corps Major Alvin Schmidt:

"They would take young female children, sometimes pre-teenage years, and take them and systematically rape them until they became pregnant and execute the baby in front of the female and threw the remains of the baby into a cell where there were prisoners that were starving."

Maj. Schmidt said that according to what he heard: "The prisoners would eat the remains and then [Saddam's guards] would either execute the young lady at that time or send her home with a psychological damage that had occurred from that series of events."

If these were my "constitutional guarantees," and the sort of "respect" I could expect as a woman, I would gladly take my chances with the U.S. soldiers!

I have said it before, and I'll say it again: The U.N. is evil!

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