Wednesday, April 5, 2006

Cynthia McKinney just flopped the race card, as most of you have probably heard.

U.S. Capitol police are seeking an arrest warrant, and have "referred its investigative findings to the U.S. attorney."

Filing such an affidavit is the first step in obtaining an arrest warrant. Only if Wainstein approves the affidavit can Capitol Police officials ask a judge to issue the arrest warrant.

Wainstein could clear the way for a warrant. He also could turn the case over to a grand jury, even without a warrant, or he could decline to go forward with the case.

McKinney called the incident one of "racial profiling."
Nevermind the fact that she is purportedly notorious for not wearing her identification. She complained because she said she changed her hairstyle and wasn't recognized, and therefore singled out because she is black.

Cynthia, that hairdo isn't working, for starters. Are police now supposed to memorize every last person who works in the building?

You know what all of this is really about? Cynthia McKinney's self-importance is so huge that when she was stopped, per policy, for not wearing the proper identificationand ignoring police three times, princess' ego got a little bruised. How is it possible that some common person, some pleb, would not recognize her, Cynthia McKinney, for goodness sake!

So she, in a rage of ego, struck him. That's a huge offense, and if you or I had tried it, we'd be sitting in a jail cell right now! So, privileged Senator who isn't under arrest, I'd fold on the race card!

I think that the most infuriating thing about this is that there is real racism out there, even in this day and age. McKinney flippantly using racism to cover for her own irresponsibility and lack of self-control trivializes it. Keep it up, and no one will listen, because like the boy who cried wolf, they're going to get tired of coming to the rescue when it was only a lie!

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