Sunday, August 29, 2010

Does Islam Suck?

Pat Condell weighs in, too. Pat has a little factoid about Bloomberg that you haven't heard in our MSM as well :

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Thursday, August 26, 2010

"America is Sharia Compliant"

God, I hope not, not now, not ever.

Ramadan seems to be coming along nicely. Maybe America can get in on some of that Sharia condoned action:

Last but not least, this cartoon sums it up nicely:

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Paying for Free Speech.

The government wants to charge you for free speech now.

From this source: 

Comparing the move to an Orwellian plot, NBC reports that the city of Philadelphia is set to require bloggers to purchase something called a business privilege license. Not really making money from your blog? Doesn't matter, says NBC, you still have to pay for the license.
You might be asking how this is possible. Well, according to the City Paper, if a blog is capable of selling ads (many are), it's capable of making money. Which is enough for the city to justify calling a blog a business and requiring bloggers to have a license to operate their business.
You have to admit, it's kind of a nice idea that Philadelphia city officials think blogging is anywhere in the realm of being profitable, whereas the term blogging was once synonymous with unemployed. But $300 is just bananas. What's next? Cities charging to use sites like Craigslist or Facebook? (I shouldn't even joke).

My blog has not one add; I make zero dollars per year. $300 for me to blog and this site would be shut down so fast it would make heads spin.

But I guess that's the point. If they can't silence the dissenters through force they'll just make it impossible for them to say anything in the first place.

Oldest Known Color Film

Quite possibly the coolest thing you will see all day:

From this site:

"In these newly preserved tests, made in 1922 at the Paragon Studios in Fort Lee, New Jersey, actress Mae Murray appears almost translucent, her flesh a pale white that is reminiscent of perfectly sculpted marble, enhanced with touches of color to her lips, eyes, and hair. She is joined by actress Hope Hampton modeling costumes from The Light in the Dark (1922), which contained the first commercial use of Two-Color Kodachrome in a feature film. Ziegfeld Follies actress Mary Eaton and an unidentified woman and child also appear.

George Eastman House is the repository for many of the early tests made by the Eastman Kodak Company of their various motion picture film stocks and color processes. The Two-Color Kodachrome Process was an attempt to bring natural lifelike colors to the screen through the photochemical method in a subtractive color system. First tests on the Two-Color Kodachrome Process were begun in late 1914. Shot with a dual-lens camera, the process recorded filtered images on black/white negative stock, then made black/white separation positives. The final prints were actually produced by bleaching and tanning a double-coated duplicate negative (made from the positive separations), then dyeing the emulsion green/blue on one side and red on the other. Combined they created a rather ethereal palette of hues."

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


I just got out of orientation.

So I wake up this morning and throw up, and start sweating after a night of not feeling horrid, but just not really sleeping well; lots of waking up and taking a while to get back to sleep.

But after seeing this video on the news of a horrific crash that happened not to far from my very own home, I decided to pull my germified self to the computer and share it with you:

Monday, August 23, 2010


Put your foot down man, it's not the ground spinning!

On second thought, just lay down right there and sleep it off.

Friday, August 20, 2010


If a remake of Labyrinth is ever to be made, this guy is a hands-down cast for Jareth the Goblin King:


Things That are Real?

Um... Um...Um... Does this remind you of anything?!?

Thursday, August 19, 2010


I haven't posted in a while and now I'm not sure what to put up. I'll have to get back on the ball now that I've got a few off.

Oh, btw... Don't forget to take your angry pill:

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Damn Real Life

Doing a couple of 12 hour shifts... Back with you all on Saturday.

Monday, August 9, 2010

It's That Time Again!

(From the ROP website)

Yes, it's that time again, when the 'religion of peace' kicks up the 'peace' a few notches and really goes for it... RAMADAN!

It starts this Wednesday this year.

Islam proves you cannot fix evil/and/or/stupid here, here, here, here, here and here.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

ADHD Post of the Day

Today is one of those ADD days that presents me with a bunch of things that pique my interest, but not one that stands out above all others. That said, I'm just posting a smattering of stuff.

I'm this pissed, too:

And with this vacation almost over, Michelle must go ahead and pick out the next va-cay site:

One of my kid's friend's mother gave us two zucchinis. I'm not a fan but I hate to see them go to waste, so I was thinking about grating them up and making bread.  I might do that while Dave is grooming our long neglected yard. :)

Would you like a Simpsonized Dr. Who Desktop? Of course you would. ;)

Outrage flashblack... When is a baby a baby? At what point is a human being protected under the Constitution of the United States of America?

Duct tape your head and hear Barbara Boxer's take from 10/99.

Ooh, late to come, but here is my elected sheriff Richard Jones on illegal immigration and his trip to AZ. Good stuff. You bet I'm voting for him again!

Football starts tonight! Now, I am a Battered Bengals Syndrome victim, but ANYONE who plays the Cowboys is who I will root for. Or for whom I will root. Whatever. Tacos, beer, and fun to ensue!

Havva good'un!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

I'll Drink To That!

Just four more months... At least football starts tomorrow.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Remix of the Day

Tron, Tron Legacy and Daft Punk.

Yes, you heard me.

Eclectic Method - Daft Tron from Eclectic Method on Vimeo.

Government Persecution

Why stop with adults?

I remember having a lemonade stand on my front lawn as a kid. A few nice adults bough a cup and I even made a couple of bucks.

It's a nice memory, no? I'll bet a few of you have a similar one.

Well, leave it to the government to harass and destroy a childhood staple.

Found here, and I guarantee you'll be screaming at the screen before you're though:

It’s hardly unusual to hear small-business owners gripe about licensing requirements or complain that heavy-handed regulations are driving them into the red.
So when Multnomah County shut down an enterprise last week for operating without a license, you might just sigh and say, there they go again.
Except this entrepreneur was a 7-year-old named Julie Murphy. Her business was a lemonade stand at theLast Thursday monthly art fair in Northeast Portland. The government regulation she violated? Failing to get a $120 temporary restaurant license.
Turns out that kids’ lemonade stands — those constants of summertime — are supposed to get a permit in Oregon, particularly at big events that happen to be patrolled regularly by county health inspectors.
Julie had become enamored of the idea of having a stand after watching an episode of cartoon pig Olivia running one, said her mother, Maria Fife. The two live in Oregon City, but Fife knew her daughter would get few customers if she set up her stand at home.
The girl worked on a sign, coloring in the letters and decorating it with a drawing of a person saying “Yummy.” She made a list of supplies.

Then, with gallons of bottled water and packets of Kool-Aid,  they drove up last Thursday with a friend and her daughter. They loaded a wheelbarrow that Julie steered to the corner of Northeast 26th and Alberta and settled into a space between a painter and a couple who sold handmade bags and kids’ clothing.
Julie was careful about making the lemonade, cleaning her hands with hand sanitizer, using a scoop for the bagged ice and keeping everything covered when it wasn’t in use, Fife said.
After 20 minutes, a “lady with a clipboard” came over and asked for their license. When Fife explained they didn’t have one, the woman told them they would need to leave or possibly face a $500 fine.
Surprised, Fife started to pack up. The people staffing the booths next to them encouraged the two to stay, telling them the inspectors had no right to kick them out of the neighborhood gathering. They also suggested that they give away the lemonade and accept donations instead and one of them made an announcement to the crowd to support the lemonade stand.
That’s when business really picked up — and two inspectors came back, Fife said. Julie started crying, while her mother packed up and others confronted the inspectors. “It was a very big scene,” Fife said.
Technically, any lemonade stand — even one on your front lawn — must be licensed under state law, said Eric Pippert, the food-borne illness prevention program manager for the state’s public health division. But county inspectors are unlikely to go after kids selling lemonade on their front lawn unless, he conceded, their front lawn happens to be on Alberta Street during Last Thursday.
“When you go to a public event and set up shop, you’re suddenly engaging in commerce,” he said. “The fact that you’re small-scale I don’t think is relevant.”
Kawaguchi, who oversees the two county inspectors involved, said they must be fair and consistent in their monitoring, no matter the age of the person. “Our role is to protect the public,” he said.
While Fife said she does see the need for some food safety regulation, she thinks the county went too far in trying to control events as unstructured as Last Thursday.
“As far as Last Thursday is concerned, people know when they are coming there that it’s more or less a free-for-all,” she said. “It’s gotten to the point where they need to be in all of our decisions. They don’t trust us to make good choices on our own.”
Question: How does the little girl paying $120 keep a diarrhea causing organism out of her lemonade?
Answer: It DOESN’T
This is absolute BULLSHIT. Yes, let’s teach our children how to run a business correctly and by the books. So let’s have a special license for kids that allows the sale of food for 50 friggin cents. Make the license $10. I hate the money grubbing government.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Fairly Odd.

Those of you with kids or grandkids (or those of you who are still kids at heart) will be familiar with Fairly Odd Parents, a cartoon on Nick.

It seems that a live adaptation will air next year.

(Jason Alexander and Cheryl Hines are to play Cosmo and Wanda. Drake Bell is to play Timmy.)

I'm not sure about this.