Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Ducky's Halloween Costume

All in good fun, Ducky... I saw this pic and just couldn't resist!

Ducky gets all dressed up for Halloween:

Good Muslima Offers Money to "Butcher" U.S. Soldier

Hat tip to Free Cyprus for this story:

It seems that not all of those Muslim Mammas are overjoyed with their sons' martyrdom; one in ar-Ramadi is out for blood!

One particularly atrocious online 'news' site that sports a page header with the "Amirs of Caucasian Mujahideen" reports that a woman whose son was killed by American soldiers in a battle in ar-Ramadi burst into the main room of a mosque during midday prayers.

A risky move, considering they do not allow women into the 'sanctuary' area, but keep them in the basement instead.

From the above source:

The woman entered one of the mosques of the city at the time of midday prayers when worshippers, reportedly including many Resistance men, were assembled and interrupted them saying, "I have a question before I talk with you - are you men or just males?" Those present responded that they were men and asked her to continue. She then said, "I'm offering you one earthly prize and another delayed until we meet God. That is that I will give 75 million Dinars (about US,50,000) to anyone who can bring me an American soldier alive so that I can butcher him with these two hands. And in addition God offers the prize of Paradise, which you are seeking already."

Oh, so now Allah is giving women the authority to hand out free passes to his brothel in the sky? He must be getting desperate!

The source continues:

Witnesses said that the worshippers were taken aback at the woman's offer and asked her to speak softly for fear that there might be spies who would report on her to the Americans who would then arrest her. A group of youths, believed to be Mujahideen fighters went to the woman, saying "God make things easy for you, mother. Go back home and pray that God will let us take care of that."

Ladies and Gentlemen, can we just go ahead and nuke these people? Think of it as 'urban improvement.'

Monday, October 30, 2006

Michael J. Fox And The Great Stem Cell Debate

When Rush Limbaugh made his comments about Michael J. Fox 'playing up' his disease for the cameras, I knew he was going to catch hell over it; Rush has a habit of sticking his foot in his mouth.

Fox may or may not have been using his disease as a tool, but it turns out that Fox himself was the tool in that now infamous commercial.

Fox appeared on "This Week" with George Stephanopoulos, and they discussed the incident. Fox campaigned for Clair McCaskill, who supports Amendment 2, the stem cell initiative.

Supporters of the bill say that it opposes human cloning, but critics say that embryonic stem cell research would necessitate the procedure. After all, if egg farming is disallowed, how do you get new stem cells to experiment on, if not by cloning?

Not to mention that embryonic stem cell research is fraught with fallacy and bad results, unlike adult stem cell research... But that's a topic for another time.

Either way, this bill is wrong... And it's wording is deceptive.

But back to Fox... He admitted that although he is against egg farming, or human cloning, he has no idea how new stem cells would be acquired with this bill; in fact, he hadn't even read it before he advertised for it!!!

A quote from Fox, all emphasis mine:

"You know, I campaigned for Claire McCaskill," he explained. "And so I have to qualify it by saying I'm not qualified to speak on the page-to-page content of the initiative. Although, I am quite sure that I'll agree with it in spirit, I don't know, I --in full disclosure, I haven't read it, and that's why I didn't put myself up for it distinctly."

Wow. In spirit it's good... Do the ends really justify the means, my friends?

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Trick or Treat...

Nothing irritates me quite as much on Halloween as trick or treaters who are obviously waaaaay too old to be making the rounds.

You've seen them: 'Kids' old enough to shave, or wear a bra who put on some half-arsed excuse of a costume, or none at all, and hold out a pillow case for you to drop in a freebie. Worst of all is when they pile into a friend's old jalopy and cruise from 'hood to 'hood.

To my thinking, that is the same thing as taking candy from a baby... I mean, surely these spoiled adolescents could take a fiver and purchase their own sweets, and leave the candy to the little kids.

In light of this abominable gimmie attitude, I have devised a plan: I will get some Hershey's Kisses sized rocks, wrap them in aluminum foil, and keep them on one side of the candy bowl. When one of these miscreants shuffle up and hold out their grubby paws, I will drop in a rock instead of a chocolate...


What say you, dear friends? Is that too mean spirited, or a little just-desserts?

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Night Of The Living Dead

George Romero's Night of the Living Dead (black and white version only) may, in my humble opinion, be the scariest movie ever, other than perhaps Obsession.

So, for a Halloween treat... Enjoy!

Iraq: The Real Story

Glenn Beck has put together a video montage about Iraq that you won't see in the MSM...

Thursday, October 26, 2006

National Security: What If?

What if the Democrats were in charge of our national security? Hmm....

Could You?

Could you look into your child's doe eyes, and so devalue his life like this? Could you teach him to hate uncontrollably, without reason?

My friends, our enemy is inhuman...

British Airways: No Crosses, But Niqabs OK

Talk about an obvious double-standard... British Airways sent a staffer home suspended without pay for a month for the hideous offense of wearing a small cross necklace on the outside of her uniform, and will only allow her to return to work if she accepts a position that will not allow her to come in contact with the public if she wishes to continue to wear her cross.

"Blessed are they which are persecuted for righteousness' sake: For theirs is the kingdom of Heaven." --Matthew 5:10

I'd say she's in the running now...

But back to the double-standard: While BA is busy persecuting Christians for their faith, within hours a spokesman confirmed that a request from other staff to wear a full niqab would be given serious consideration.

Huh? So I couldn't wear a small, cross (we're not talking bling, here) to work, but I likely could wear a frickin' tent for religious reasons? Does that make ANY sense to anyone? When asked why an employee could not wear Christian insignia, but Muslims and Sikhs can openly wear hijabs, turbans, and niqabs (in fact they are PROVIDED by BA as part of the uniform), BA responded that the cross is a "breach of dress code."

Uh-huh. Welcome to dhimmitude, they should have said.

Ms. Eweida, the employee BA is discriminating against, sounded off on the matter:

" 'This is unfair. They are telling me to be out of sight. Why should I be hiding away in a non-uniform position when my Muslim and Sikh colleagues can be seen by the public?

'It is as if the cross is taboo. Despite all the people who have backed me, BA are still anti-cross. What is wrong with a little cross?

'I don't see why I should be ostracised and hidden away. This is a threat for other people and their freedom to express their faith.

'If I go back to work I will be wearing my cross for everyone to see. I will not resign - they will have to sack me.'"

That may well happen; here is her boss' letter to Ms. Eweida concerning the matter:

'"You can return to work immediately provided you adhere to the current uniform standards.

'If you do return to work in the terminal you will not be given specific consent to display your cross in the workplace as this would breach the existing Uniform Code.'

But he added: 'I am prepared to offer you a temporary non-uniform position in the recruitment team at Cranebank [BA offices at Heathrow].

'This would enable you to return to work and receive salary. In this position you will also be allowed to display your cross, as you will not be required to wear a uniform.'"

What blatant and utter hypocrisy! Their planes tailfins sometimes display the cross of St. George... I wonder how long before they start painting over those, in an effort not to offend?

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Lessons The West SHOULD'VE Learned Since 9-11:

Hat tip to Joe Gringo for this piece from Victor David Hanson:

Lessons since 9/11

It is difficult in history to find any civilization that asks as much of others as does the contemporary Middle East—and yet so little of itself. If I were to sum up the collective mentality of the current Arab Middle East—predicated almost entirely on the patriarchal sense of lost “honor” and the rational calculation to murder appeasing liberals and appease murdering authoritarians— it would run something like the following:

(1) We will pump oil at $3 and must sell it over $50— and still blame you for stealing our natural treasure.

(2) We will damn your culture and politics, but expect our own to immigrate in the thousands to your shores; upon arrival any attempt to integrate Muslim immigrants into Western pluralistic society will be seen as Islamaphobic.

(3) Send us your material goods, whether machine tools, I-pods, or antibiotics. We desperately want them, but will neither make the necessary changes in our own statist, authoritarian, religiously intolerant, tribal, and patriarchal culture to allow us to produce them ourselves, nor will show any appreciation for the genius of others who can do what we cannot

(4) We ostensibly wish you to stop the killing of Muslims by ourselves and others—Milosevic murdering Kosovars, Saddam destroying Kuwaitis, Kurds, and Shiites, Russians killing Afghans and Chechnyans—but should you concretely attempt to do so, we will immediately consider your intervention far worse than the mayhem caused by others or ourselves.

(5) Any indigenous failure in the Arab Middle East will eventually be blamed on the United States or Israel.

(6) Your own sense of multiculturalism must serve as an apology for our own violent pathologies, that can only be seen as different from, never worse than, your own culture.

(7) We must at all times talk of anti-Americanism and why we want you out of the Middle East; you must never become anti-Arab or anti-Muslim, much less close your borders to our immigrants and students.

(8) We will tolerate and often defend those who burn churches, ethnically cleanse Jews from our cities, behead priests, kill nuns, and shoot infidels as the necessary, if sometimes regrettable, efforts of our more zealous to defend Islam. But if any free spirit in the West satirizes Islam, we will immediately demand that Western governments condemn such blasphemy—or else!

(9) Material aid—billions to Egypt, Jordan, Iraq, or the Palestinians—is our entitlement. Any attempt to curtail it is seen as an assault on the Arab nation

(10) We are deathly afraid of nuclear Russia, China, and India who have little tolerance for either Islamism or terrorism, and so will ignore their felonies, while killing you for your misdemeanors.

Ahmadinejad: Start Having Babies!

Iranian President Ahmadinejad has appealed for his country to be fruitful and multiply...

"Western countries have problems, and since they have a negative population growth, they are worried and scared that if our population grows we may dominate them," Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said.

Of course, he didn't mention how the Iranian economy would handle a population boom, as their "official" unemployment and inflation rate stands at 12 and 10 percent, respectively, but is thought to be twice that. Most families have to hold several jobs just to make ends meet, and struggle even then.

Iran's current policies discourage families from having more than two children, but Ahmadinejad want to do away with that, saying the country has the capacity to go from 70 million to 120 million people. In order to facilitate a 50 million children boom, he says that he is willing to pay families that have working mothers full-time wage, while only allowing them to work part-time hours.

Maybe this is the misstep we've been waiting for; if this starts happening, they may very well collapse their already very fragile economy.

The reformist Etemad-e-Melli newspaper called Mr Ahmadinejad's remarks "ill-considered". It added: "He stresses the necessity of population growth and the triumph of Iran over western governments, ignoring the fact that what leads to such triumph is not population size but knowledge, technology, wealth, welfare and security."

White And Nerdy: You Betcha'!

I posted a couple of weeks ago about my hero, Weird Al Yankovic's newest album, "Straight Outta Lynwood."

It turns out that this is Al's biggest success ever! "White and Nerdy" reached #9 on the Billboard Hot 100, his first top ten of a nearly 30 year career.

From al-Reuters:

"I literally danced a little jig (when I found out)," Yankovic says. "It's just a number, but I've been obsessing over it for a long part of my career. Even with, you know, millions of records sold, I've never been in the top 10, and it's always been a goal of mine."

More distinctions: "Nerdy" made the biggest second-week jump of the year on the October 21 Hot 100, rising 28-9. And there may be more to come: "Canadian Idiot," a parody of Green Day's "American Idiot," debuted at No. 82 on the Hot 100 the same week.

Monday, October 23, 2006

France: "Permanent Intifada"

French police unions are claiming that French police are now facing a "permanent intifada" in the wake of yet another outburst of violence specifically targeting officers yesterday.

In Epinay-Sur-Seine, on October 13th, a routine call answered by officers turned out to be a trap; a car darted out to block officer's path, and dozens of hooded Muslim youths emerged from darkened areas, attacking the policemen with stones, ball bats, and even tear gas. One cop was hospitalized, but no arrests were made.

One officer required 30 stitches to his face after being struck with a stone.

Police aren't the only ones being targeted. Firefighters and EMT's are also being attacked, and often require police escorts to go into Islamic neighborhoods. Not even civilians are safe:

Yesterday, 30 Muslim youths forced passengers out of a bus in Paris, lit it on fire and then attempted to stone firefighters that responded to put out the fire. All of that in broad daylight, and only two people were arrested.

Welcome to dhimmitude. The French have always been quick to retreat in the face of opposition in recent history, and they are now reaping the rewards of "cultural sensitivity" and weak foreign and domestic policy.

As you can see, the MSM is watering stories like this down, saying that "gangs" attacked officers, or "youths from largely immigrant neighborhoods". They even go on to EDITORIALIZE in one paragraph after reporting that "minority" (re: Muslim) youths think, of course, that they are being discriminated against by police.

"Such perceived ill-treatment fuels feelings of injustice, as do the difficulties that many youths from immigrant families have finding work."

Welcome to dhimmitude. With the media sweeping the truth under the rug, be it for fear of not appearing P.C. enough, or fear of Islamic retribution, or even for more nefarious political reasons, they have done us a great disservice. We (the average Joe) may not see the scope of the threat against us until it is too late.

French police, meanwhile, are on guard against another Ramadan riot, fearing the recent attacks on officers are an attempt to spark them anew.

"We are getting the impression these youths want a 'remake' of what happened last year," said Fred Lagache, national secretary of the Alliance police union. "The youths are trying to cause a police error to justify chaos."

Friday, October 20, 2006

The Perfect Accessory

Remember those stupid little toy dogs that everyone in Hollywood was carrying around not too long ago?

They just upped the ante.

I wonder if Madonna checked that kid's teeth before she bought him?

These Are The Stakes

Fear mongering? I don't think so...

Hat tip to Cate for this one!

Engage The Cloaking Device!

"Engage the cloaking device!"

No seriously! Science fiction is becoming science fact once more, as scientists from the U.S. and England were able to use a new theoretical technology to "cloak" a copper cylinder.

The cloak is a prototype, thrown together a mere five months after scientists published the theory behind the device, but they think is can be improved, and used for a wide array of civil and military uses. They are even hopeful to produce a acoustic cloak...

How cool is this?

Fried... COKE?

Can anyone think of anything more disgusting, or bad for you?

I'm not a big fair-goer, so I've never heard of this until I read this article:

CHICAGO (AFP) - Fried Coke has become the latest artery-clogging hit at US state fairs, local media reports.

The gooey Coke-battered nuggets topped with cola syrup won the "most creative" title at the Texas state fair in Dallas last month. Since then, the deep-fried phenomenon has spread to North Carolina and Arizona.

"We've been getting calls from everywhere since we introduced it," Elizabeth Martin, a spokeswoman for the North Carolina fair, told the Dallas Morning News. "Everyone wants to know where they can get it."

Fried treats are as big of a draw at state fairs as the rides and prize-winning farm animals. Twinkies, cookies and even pickles are stuck with a stick, dipped in batter and then seared in the deep fryer.

Fried Coke's inventor, concessionaire Abel Gonzales Jr., is a creative fryer whose experiments have proven popular. Last year he sold 20,000 fried peanut butter, jelly and banana sandwiches, the Morning News reported. Fried Coke looks to be an even bigger hit: he sold 16,000 cups of the sticky balls in the first two weeks of the fair, which runs through Oct. 22.

Gonzales has also had more success with changing his recipe than Coca Cola did. He reworked the recipe to make the dough less cakey and more spongy so it would soak up more of the cola syrup.

"They were good before, but they are even better now," Gonzales said.

My stomach hurts just reading this. Ugh.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Brutal Honesty

Sometimes there IS such a thing as being too honest...

Polygamy Is The Answer? Geez...

I'll bet you didn't think that Muslims care about women, what with the appalling human rights records of most Islamic states, and ritualistic "honor" rape/murder, stonings and the like...

But they DO care! Read on, and see how they are looking out for the fairer sex!

From Memri, all emphasis mine:

Indian Imam Dr. Zakir Naik: Polygamy Is the Solution to Homosexuals and the Surplus of Women in New York and around the World

Following are excerpts from an address by Dr. Zakir Naik, president of the Islamic Research Foundation, which aired on Peace TV on October 16, 2006.

Dr. Zakir Naik: Today, one of the biggest problems that the Western world is facing, which is not so much in the Eastern part of the world, is the surplus of women. You have more women in the Western world. In the Eastern world the reason is because of female infanticide. If this evil process stops, even the Eastern world - this problem will be there.


By nature, men and women are born in equal proportion. Male and female - they're born in equal proportion. But during the pediatric age itself... If you ask any pediatrician, he will tell you that the female child can fight the germs and diseases much better than the male child. So, in the pediatric age itself, there are more male children dying than female children. So, in the pediatric age itself, the female population is more than the male population. As life goes on, death takes place due to accidents, cigarette smoking, wars, etc. In all these cases, more males are dying as compared to females. So today in the world, there is more female population as compared to male population. It's only in certain countries, like India, that the male population is more than the female population, and as I said, it is because of female infanticide. And According to a report of BBC by Emily Buchanan, on the program "Assignment," the topic was "Let Her Die," she said that every day more than 3,000 fetuses are being aborted in India alone, after they are identified that they are females. If you multiply the figure by 365 – the number of days in a year – more than one million fetuses are being aborted every year in India, after they are identified that they are females. If you stop this evil practice, even in India and some other countries the female population will exceed the male population.


New York alone has one million females more than males. Out of the population of New York - the statistics tell us - one third are gays. "Gays" means Sodomites. It means the people of Lt. That means they wouldn't like to have females as life partners. There are more than 25 million gays, Sodomites, in America, in the USA. Another problem. Twenty five million... In the U.K. alone, there are four million females more than males. In Germany alone, there are five million females more than males. In Russia alone, there are nine million females more than males. And Allah knows alone how many millions of females are there more than males throughout the world.
Suppose I agree with the Western philosophy, or a non-Muslim who says that one man should only marry one woman. And suppose my sister happens to live in America, and suppose the market is saturated, and every man has already taken a woman for himself, yet there will be 30 million females who will not find life partners – 7.8 million added to the excess, and the 25 million gays, if you add it to them. There are more than 30 million females who will not find life partners. Now the only option remaining for my sister... Or suppose your sister happens to be in America, and she is that unfortunate one who has not found a life partner - if she can find a man who is not married, grab him – but suppose the market is saturated. What will she do? The only option remaining for her is that she either marries a man who already has a wife or she becomes "public property." You people say: "public property? Dr. Zakir using such a harsh word." I am saying that the most sophisticated word that I can use is public property. You know I cannot use other words because I am a da'i [preacher]. Public property. There's no third option.

So, in taking multiple wives, they're just making sure that every woman isn't doomed to a spinster's fate do to homosexuality? How sweet... Islam: Just lookin' out for the ladies!

Hat tip to Free Cyprus for this find.

Kiddie-Porn Ring Busted

Pornography is sickening, degrading to women, and destructive to marriages and family.

But kiddie porn is particularly sickening; in fact, downright from the bowels of Hell evil.

Whatever happened to a society that holds up it's children as it's most valuable posession, and protects them?

From the AP, all emphasis and red type mine:

NEWARK, N.J. - A Bible camp counselor and a Boy Scout leader were among 125 people arrested nationwide in an Internet child pornography case in which subscribers purchased photos and videos of children engaged in sex acts with adults, federal authorities said Wednesday.

Thank goodness these scumbags are off the streets, for now, anyway...Can you imagine being the Federal investigator that had to view these abominations?

The case originated in New Jersey, but quickly spread to 22 states. The defendants were charged with either possession or receipt of child pornography. Additional arrests are expected.

Prosecutors said the Web site alerted subscribers that its content was illegal and urged them to be discreet about their purchases.

They KNOW what they're doing is wrong.

"When I say `hard-core' pornography, I am talking about child pornography that includes images of children as young as six months involved in bondage and sodomy," U.S. Attorney Christopher Christie said. "This type of depraved conduct is something a civilized society cannot tolerate."

I cannot imagine a more disgusting or evil crime! My Grandmother always said that one should never wish Hell on another person, but in this case I cannot help it. These inhuman bastards should be dragged behind the courthouse the moment their trials are over and shot in the back of the head, where a special room in Hell must surely await them. SIX MONTHS in BONDAGE and SODOMY? Oh, dear God!

Really, I am dead serious... Can anyone give me a plausible reason NOT to execute demons like these people?

Christie said none of the defendants appeared in any of the images they obtained from the Web site. He would not identify the Web site or say whether it is still in operation.

Among those arrested were a Bible camp counselor from Vancouver, Wash.; a Boy Scout leader from Mission, Texas; and a pharmaceutical researcher in New Jersey.

Several of those arrested nationwide have prior records for molesting or sexually assaulting children, officials said.

These people DO NOT REFORM. Do we need anymore proof? How many children will we allow them to hurt?

One defendant from San Diego told agents at his arrest that he had molested at least eight children over a 30-year period, and boasted of being able to identify particularly vulnerable children, said Christie.

He's an admitted predator. Fabulous.

Another defendant from Sacramento, Calif., was found to be in possession of a hand-held video camera with a videotape showing him sexually assaulting an 8-year-old girl, Christie said.

"I'm the father of four young children between the ages of 13 and 3," Christie said. "This is every parent's worst nightmare. It is just deeply disturbing to know there are people like this out there in our neighborhoods."

It absolutely is! There just aren't words. Come, Lord Jesus!

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Muslim Irrationality Is An Art Form...

Those silly Muslims... They get angry at the drop of a hat. Cartoons, cubes... What doesn't piss them off?

A message was posted at the terrorist al-Hesbah website claiming that the giant Apple cube in New York is "clearly meant to provoke Muslims."

It doesn't take much, does it?

I wonder if our favorite square blogger would be considered an insult? ;)

The website claims that the Apple building is meant to mock the Kabba, a cubicle structure located at the center of Mecca, and said that it hopes "that Muslims will be able to stop the project."

Um, guys... You're a little late. Apple opened the underground store about five months ago.

Not only that, but the website compared the glass cube with a picture of it during it's construction, when it was draped with a black cloth, comparing it with the black Kabba.

The website also decried the sale of alcohol at the store, and complained that it was named "Apple Mecca," despite the store actually being named Apple Fifth Avenue Store, and the only bar there only services and sells iPods.

But hey, what are a few misconstrued facts (or outright lies) amongst Islamofacists?

Anyone up for a beer?

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Blog Withdraw

The last few days have been very busy in the NeoCon household, and in fact will be until later tonight. We've been busy carving pumpkins, going to the local harvest festivals, and the last couple of days has seen the little NeoCons making the yearly checkups at the pediatrician's office. Of course, this means I have to take and pick up the hubby from work, as we are a one vehicle family... Whew!

The withdraw from not blogging anything for days is getting to me, so I had to take a breather and put down something... So here's a little something for the ladies!

This is a picture former Marine Corps Sgt. Rudy Reeves, on the cover of the Freedom is Not Free 2007 calendar. All proceeds go to benefit veterans.

I wonder if female recruitment will go up much? HA!

Friday, October 13, 2006

Halloween's Coming!

It's Friday the 13th, and Halloween is fast approaching!

Have a desktop which I consider in the spirit and VERY cool.

Click for a larger image.

Cartoon Friday

The Democrats, it seems, are still on about the Foley case, hypocrisy non-withstanding...

And of course, the uninformed public is eating it up lick pablum right before election time.

Nevermind that we have more important things brewing...

North Korea is thumbing their nose at the entire world.

What, I wonder, does the future hold?

Sorry Cindy... Not THIS Time!

So socializing with third world dictators now makes one eligible for the Nobel Peace Prize?

That's right, folks... Media whore Cindy Sheehan has let slip that she was in the running for the prize, which was awarded today to Bangladeshi microbanker Muhammad Yunus.

At least, dear friends, we didn't have to wake up to her gloating face on every morning news show from here to infinity bragging about her piety.

I mean, does anyone want another Vanity Fair spread of her on her son's grave, this time holding the Nobel Trophy?

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Alec Baldwin: Jerk Extraordinaire

We all know the kind of far left nonsense that Alec Baldwin usually spouts. We all know he has quite an ego.

Yesterday he proved it was astronomical in proportion.

Here is a pic of the haughty Baldwin trying to argue his way past an officer and a police cordon during the plane crash in New York yesterday.

What over, is purely speculative at this point; no one has released the reason. But I would submit that NO reason is good enough. You don't argue with a cop, and especially not with one who is trying to keep the public safe. At the time, we didn't know WHAT had happened; if it was an accident, or a Ramadan terror attack...

University Of Michigan: Dearborn

It's come to the forefront lately that Dearborn, Michigan is becoming a hotbed for jihadi groups.

Michael at My Not So Random Thoughts has been conversing with UofM over the Student Government's anti-Israeli divestment resolution.

So far, it has resulted in a few emails being shot back and forth, and the latest is, I feel, worth sharing!

The text of the letter is in red, Michael's response is in black. Here goes:

And We're Heading Back to UofM-Dearborn

That's right, it's not over yet. At this point, almost 25% of this blog has been devoted to the University of Michigan-Dearborn Student Government's anti-Israel divestment resolution.

In my last post, I said that I didn't think I'd be hearing from Tarek Baydoun, the Student Government (SG) President. Well, I did hear back from him.

I took most of the content of my last post on this issue, "Divestment Resolution Dissected," and formed it into an email, which I sent along to Mr. Baydoun; the SG Executive Board; the Michigan Journal, the UM-D student newspaper; the Chancellor of the UofM-Dearborn; and the President of the University of Michigan. I got a prompt reply from Mr. Baydoun.

So without further ado, here is Mr. Baydoun's reply, and my comments thereon:

I think it is fairly obvious that you are incorrect in claiming that anyone in SG is "anti-semitic" or working against the state of Israel [Why is this obviously incorrect? I never called the SG anti-Semitic (check my previous emails: I said that the SG had passed a biased and anti-Semitic resolution), and the resolution at hand is, in fact, designed to work against the state of Israel; that is its admitted purpose. In the resolution you aim to have the University remove 12 million USD worth of investments from the Israeli economy.]

(since these two are apparently synonymous in your vernacular). [They frequently are used synonymously. Martin Luther King, Jr., said, on this subject, “When people criticize Zionists, they mean Jews. You’re talking anti-Semitism.” From an article in Encounter, Dec 1969, pg. 24.]

Since the goal of divestment is peace between Palestinians and Israelis, and the focus of our activism is on our own democratic institutions, nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, by your own admission on your blog, you assumed that we were anti-semitic and "biased" before you even read the resolution. [No, I assumed that the SG had passed a biased and anti-Semitic resolution. Upon reading the resolution, I was proven correct. See my detailed critique of the resolution.]

Your history of anti-arab blogging online [Has lasted less than one month. Your history of public utterances, including letters to the editor, op-ed pieces, quotations to newspapers, and previous support for divestment moves stretches back at least two years. Please see my previous email for some citations.

In addition, when I went looking for your public record on this subject, I sought out just that: a public record. I purposely excluded from my search all posts and responses to Web forums, bulletin boards, and blog sites. It has been my experience that people frequently use such sites to “blow off steam,” and as such will use language, and express opinions, much less temperate that they would normally. I was looking for your more considered opinion.

However, in these missives, I have found frequent use of provocative and inflammatory language. To use your letter to editor of 13 Dec 2004, to the Michigan Journal, as an example, you used phrases such as “racist state,” “fascist Zionist agenda,” and “apartheid state.”] ,

and the fact that you are a self-described "radical zionist" who "loves Israel" [I have never denied either. I also love the states of Maryland and Michigan, and must confess to a deep fondness for the United States in general, as well as a strong streak of civil libertarianism.].

and lives in occupied Palestine, [Here is an important point, so read it carefully: I beg you, please, to define “occupied Palestine.” You have read my blog, so you know that I live in the town of Karmiel, in the Central Galilee. I invite you check a map; you will find that Karmiel lies inside the so-called “Green Line,” Israel’s 1949 to 1967 borders. The city of Karmiel was established in 1964 (per the Karmiel City Offices), before there were any “occupied territories.”

The Green Line is the most commonly recognized Israeli border, and the one which most Arab states want to see Israel resume; take a look at the recent Qatari initiative presented to Hamas and the PA. By the logic of these Arab states, then, I do not live in “occupied Palestine.” I live in the State of Israel. Several Arab states have extended official recognition and diplomatic relations to Israel.

Unless, of course, you agree with Iran, Hamas, Hezbollah, and the PLO. According to the US Department of State, these are a state sponsor of terror, and three terrorist organizations. None recognizes that Israel has any right to exist at all. To give an example of these bodies’ view, here is the Hezbollah spokesman, Hassan Ezzedin, in an interview with the New Yorker Magazine, published 14 Oct 2002:
"Our goal is to liberate the 1948 borders of Palestine," he added, referring to the year of Israel's founding. The Jews who survive this war of liberation, Ezzeddin said, "can go back to Germany, or wherever they came from."

So Mr. Baydoun, please define “occupied Palestine,” and tell us where you fall on this spectrum. That definition, and your position, lie at the heart of this matter.]

goes even further than your apparent willingness to load false rhetoric into your arguments to raise serious questions about your credibility on this issue. [What falsehoods, Mr. Baydoun? I have tried painstakingly to provide proper documentation, and citations, for every assertion I have made, and for every fact I have presented. So far, I have seen you do neither, nor have I have I seen you try to refute any of my assertions or facts.

You are right that a reliance solely on rhetoric will raise questions about credibility; however, it appears to me that you are the one so relying.]

Sir, with all due respect, you are not the average student on this issue, [You are correct; I am probably better educated on this issue.] and you speak from a point of a perceived Israeli national interest which you seem to place above our own. [No, I see them as congruent. As it appears, from the heat with which you write on the subject, that you see your own interests as congruent with those of the Lebanese and palestinians.]

Our job as student leaders is not to get into a conflict between Arabs and Israelis, but rather to speak out on an issue of morality and justice regarding our financial dealings with companies that may be complicit in the illegal and immoral practices [Again, show the documentation! Assertions without backing facts are merely rhetoric.]

of the state of Israel, among other parties and states. [I am glad to hear you admit that there are “other parties and states” involved in this matter. Will you name them? Will you document the “illegal and immoral practices” they may have engaged in? Will you condemn such practices in language as strong as that which you use against Israel?

There is an irony here, contained in the title to you letter to the editor, quoted above. You called that letter: Taking sides in Middle East conflict is a bad move for student government. You have now taken sides, strongly, against Israel. What happened to your statement, “not to get into a conflict between Arabs and Israelis?”]

Our students demonstrated their desire for such a resolution and some action on the issue, and we have responded. Is the fact that we agree with our students some sort of outrageous occurrence which threatens the credibility of such action? [You care correct that the SG should listen to the students. However, which students brought this up? Was it an overwhelming majority on campus? A plurality? A small minority? How did they bring this to the SG’s attention? Were they supported by large numbers of the faculty and staff? Was most of the student body supportive, or indifferent? Now we are getting into issues of transparency in government, an essential factor in a democratic institution.]

I reject your assumption that Arab American leaders don't have the same right and responsibility as our other American counterparts to speak out on issues of importance to our nation. [Where did I say that? I assumed, and told you that I assumed, that you and the SG allowed personal biases to decide a policy issue. You have yet to show me otherwise.]

Being Arab and having affiliations based on our opinions as Americans of Arab descent should not threaten our credibility. [Again, where did I say that? Anyone can be credible, as long as they back their opinions and positions with facts, supported by evidence. I have seen you offer no facts to defend the divestment resolution, nor any evidence that an unbiased debate was had on it, or even sought. That undermines the yours and the SG’s credibility on this issue.]

On the other hand, being a shameless defender of occupation, murder, and oppression is a credibility problem. [And there you go again, with unsupported rhetoric, and provocative, inflammatory language. Give facts, and support them!]

Mr. Baydoun, I have gone to great lengths to show why I thought that the SG Executive Board and Senate allowed personal biases to determine a policy position; that they did so without any kind of balanced debate, and even without seeking any kind of balanced debate; and, that the resolution produced was full of inaccuracies and hypocrisy. So far, I have not heard any evidence to the contrary.

Mr. Baydoun, do you have any positive defense to the claims I have detailed?

Finally, Mr. Baydoun, ... I will say publicly, and for the record, that I believe an independent Palestinian State is the most likely solution to the current Israeli-palestinian conflict. I believe that such a state will likely encompass all of Gaza and most of the West Bank, and have it’s capital in the eastern neighborhoods of Jerusalem. I believe that all palestinian refugees will have a right to return to this new State. As I see it, the main obstacles to negotiate are the exact route and nature of a connecting artery between Gaza and the West Bank, and the exact nature of palestinian access to holy sites in Jerusalem. Neither problem should be intractable.

As I pointed out in my last email, I believe also that there are positive and constructive steps that you and your fellow Arab-Americans can take to promote a peaceful solution. Encourage tourism in palestinian-controlled areas. Buy palestinian-made products, and encourage others to do so. Promote real dialogue with groups you oppose; not necessarily to force agreement, but so that you can get to know each other. Donate money to help rebuild palestinian towns and cities.

And that's it. Of course, I'll keep y'all posted.

I think, though, that what is really starting to upset me is how a student from a branch of a major American university still hasn't shown any kind of debating acumen after this long a correspondance. Are American colleges still teaching how to think?

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Bush And The Illegal: Lookin' The Other Way!

When did President Bush join the Democratic party? Did I miss the announcement?

He must have, because from what he says, he is gunnig to hurt the GOP next month. This President (and Congress) is a walking disaster when it comes to illegal immigration; I think all of us who want our sovereignity preserved can agree on that!

Listen to what he just said, from WND (emphasis and red type mine):

"We will conduct this debate on immigration in a way that is respectful to our heritage," he said at a recent White House event honoring Hispanic Heritage Month. "We are a nation of law, and we will enforce our law."

Unless you want to stroll across our borders, violate our sovereignity, and remain here illegally. In that case, don't worry about that whole law enforcement thing. We're just saying that to sound good.

"But at the same time, we must remember that in order to secure our borders, in order to make sure we fulfill our heritage, immigration reform must be comprehensive in nature. We must understand that you can't kick 12 million people out of your country; that we must figure out a way to say to those that if you're lawful and if you've contributed to the United States of America, there is a way for you to eventually earn citizenship."

Hello? If they were lawful, they wouldn't be here ILLEGALLY! And why, pray tell, can't we kick 12 million freeloaders out of our country? Oh, yeah. Because you (the Republicans) want the Hispanic vote after you allow them to finish Reconquista.

is my NeoCon solution to setting this straight. IMMEDIATELY change the anchor baby laws. If you are born to an illegal, you too are illegal. Period. Also, if an illegal makes it to our hospitals to give birth, we immediately deport the woman and child with a bill to Mexico.

Erect a fence. A REAL fence, Israeli-style, not some piece of chain link crap that anyone with a bolt cutter can get through. Form a Border Guard, much like our Coast Guard, and give them orders to SHOOT anyone coming illegally.

Start canvassing places that obviously employ illegals. Let's be honest with ourselves and profile a little bit.

It is apparent that Mexico is giving us the poorest of their poor, rather than fix their corrupt government. If their poor come to the U.S., it only improves their piss-poor economic situation, and they get the bonus of the money illegals send back to Mexico, which is their second largest source of income after their oil exports!

Also, if we must jail their criminals, who make up a huge percentage of inmates, especially in the border states, we should be charging Mexico a barrel of oil for each prisoner per day, plus court costs. Once they are released, they go back to Mexico, behind that big wall we just built. If they're a lifer, well, then we get a lot of oil out of 'em. And we should make SURE to collect.

If my dear readers have suggestions on issues I may have missed, please feel free to add 'em!

Leopards Don't Change Their Spots

A Bulgarian woman in prison for killing her son was furloughed to her home because of end-stage terminal cancer.

She had been sentenced to 15 years for murdering her 29-year old son with a garden hoe while he was sleeping in 2005.

From al-Reuters:
Last month, authorities judged her to be in the final stages of cancer and let her go home, where she stabbed her husband in the throat with a knife. "It was established she was in the last stage of cancer, she had it all over her body," said a spokeswoman for the Bourgas regional police. "They presumed she was feeling bad and she would treat herself and rest. But nothing of the kind. She got aggressive and ... she killed her husband."
She is awaiting a new trial, which she will likely not live to see the end of.
It gets better... She has promised that if she is released again, she will murder her second son. You've got to hand it to her... She's persistent!

I Can Think Of Better Places To Do It...

A couple in Naivasha, Kenya was given 18 months in jail after getting caught having sex in the sanctuary area of a mosque.

Neither offender was a Muslim...

Peter Kimani and Jennifer Wairimu were charged with having sex in a place of worship. A parishioner found them in a darkened corner.

The romantically entangled Kenyans pled for clemency at their hearing, claiming they were too drunk to know where they were; Kimani claimed he thought they were in a boarding house.

I doubt an African boarding house has such nice carpets.

How drunk do you have to be to not know where you are? If you are indeed so inebriated, are you still even capable of copulation?

The senior magistrate dissmissed their plea, saying, "Having sex in a mosque is a most abominable thing to religion and only a custodial sentence can add justice to this."

He's right.

Now we just have to wait for the riots to start... I'm sure that this will incur some "diproportionate response." HA!

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Kill Us Too, We Are Also Americans

This should be nailed to the door of a Mosque, a la Martian Luther! Thank you to Free Cyprus for this find.


Kill Us, Too: We Are Also Americans

The leader of al-Qaida in Iraq, Abu Hamza al-Muhajer, recently issued a decree to its supporters: Kill at least one American in the next two weeks. Well, I am an American too.
By Aslam Abdullah, September 12, 2006
The leader of al-Qaida in Iraq, Abu Hamza al-Muhajer, recently issued a decree to its supporters: Kill at least one American in the next two weeks "using a sniper rifle, explosive or whatever the battle may require."

Well, Abu Hamza al-Muhajer, I am an American too. Count me as the one of those you have asked your supporters to kill.

I am not alone, there are thousands of Muslims with me in Las Vegas, and many more millions in America, who are proud Americans and who are ready to face your challenge. You hide in your caves and behind the faces of civilians in Afghanistan and Iraq. You don't show your faces and you have no guts to face Muslims. You thrive on the misery of thousands of Muslim youth and children who are victims of despotism, poverty and ignorance.

During the past two decades, you have brought nothing but shame and disaster to your religion and your world.

You said you "invite you not to drop your weapons, and don't let your souls or your enemies rest until each one of you kills at least one American within a period that does not exceed 15 days with a sniper's gunshot or incendiary devices or Molotov cocktail or a suicide car bomb -- whatever the battle may require." I invite you to surrender, to seek forgiveness from God almighty for the senseless killing you and your supporters are involved in and repent for everything you have done.

You say that the word of God is the highest. Yes, it is. But you are not worthy of it. You have abandoned God and you have started worshipping your own satanic egos that rejoice at the killing of innocent people. You don't represent Muslims or, for that matter, any decent human being who believes in the sanctity of life. Many among us American Muslims have differences with our administration on domestic and foreign issues, just like many other Americans do. But the plurality of opinions does not mean that we deprive ourselves of the civility that God demands from us. America is our home and will always be our home. Its interests are ours, and its people are ours. When you talk of killing of Americans, you first have to kill 6 million or so Muslims who will stand for every American's right to live and enjoy the life as commanded by God.

By growing a beard, shouting some religious slogans and misquoting and misusing some verses of the divine scriptures, you cannot incite Muslims to do things that are contrary to our religion. Yes, you even fail to understand the basic Islamic principles of life and living. Islam demands peace in all aspects of life, Islam demands respect for life. Islam demands justice.

What you are doing in Iraq, Afghanistan, India or other parts of the world is anti-human and anti-divine. You are an enemy of Islam as much as you are an enemy of America. You must understand that God who entrusted you with life is the same God who spelled his spirit in every human being regardless of his or her religion or ethnicity or nationality or status. You are violating him.

We feel totally disgusted with your action and we condemn you without any reservation. Don't come to our mosques to preach this hatred. Don't visit our Islamic centers to spill the blood of innocents. Don't think that just because we share the same religion, we would show some sympathy to you. You are not of us. You don't belong to the religion whose followers are trying to live a peaceful life for themselves and others serving the divine according to their understanding. In our understanding of faith, you appear as anti-divine and anti-human. We reject you now as we rejected you yesterday.

There is nothing common between you and us.

We stand for life, you want to destroy it.

We accept the divine scheme of diversity in the world and you want to impose conformity.

We respect every human being simply because he or she is a creation of the divine, and you hate people based on their religion and ethnicity.

We support freedom and liberty and justice, and you promote bigotry, murder and strangulation.

You will never be able to find a sympathetic voice amidst us. Our differences with others will never lead us to do things that are fundamentally wrong in our faith, i. e. taking the lives of innocent people and killing others because they are different.

So on Sept. 11, when you will be hiding in your caves, we will be out in the streets paying tribute to those who you killed because you failed to see the beauty of life. We will condemn you once again the same way we have been doing ever since 9/11 because we are Muslim Americans.

Wow. If only there were more Muslims like this willing to stand up and speak out! This is a man who realizes that when al-Queada is done with the Westerner, they will come for those who are not Muslim enough.

Of course, the image coupled with this story of a woman in a hijab made of a U.S. flag is deeply offensive to me. Islam MUST stop treating their women as second class citizens; as modern day slaves! To think that a woman in MY country, a country of freedom, a country where men and women have fought and died for the civil rights to be held as equal would place themselves inside a cotton prison is appalling to me.

Islam Respecting The Ladies... Again...

Holy cow, this guy is serious! Girls, if this doesn't make you want to "revert" to Islam, I don't know what will.

Hillary Clinton Campaign Ad

Hillary has released a music video to appeal to the younger generation in lieu of her 2008 presidency campaign.

*WARNING* Some blindness may occur.

Muslims Insulted By "Buddy Jesus"

If it weren't for real, it would be funny... Oh, what the hell, I'll laugh anyway!

From the AP: BAGHDAD (AFP) - Iraqi Shiite residents of Baghdad's Sadr City have expressed anger on over a picture of a grinning Jesus they mistook for a Shiite holy figure that appeared in the area after a joint US-Iraqi operation.Residents found a picture of "Buddy Jesus" from the 1999 film "Dogma" posted in the streets, accompanied by a badly photocopied pamphlet bearing a crude approximation of a US military crest and outlining a US "plan" to subjugate the neighborhood. "That picture abuses our Imam Mahdi and his holy character, and mocks our sacred figures," said resident Abu Riyam Sunday, apparently mistaking the satirical movie still of Jesus for one of Shiite Islam's historical imams, whose images adopt a Jesus-like iconography. The grinning, winking model of Buddy Jesus giving a thumbs-up sign appeared in the comedy film as a fictional attempt by the Catholic Church to present a kinder and more accessible image of Christianity. "If it wasn't so serious it would be funny," said a coalition spokesman, Major Will Willhoite. The pamphlets outlined a so-called plan to discredit the militias in the sprawling Baghdad slum of two million people, a stronghold of radical Shiite cleric Moqtada al-Sadr. "Destabilize security in the militia areas with explosions and assassinations to create panic" and "killing, raping and kidnapping women" were all measures the pamphlet recommended to cause people to lose faith in the militias. "Do not tell the suspect militias of these plans, but keep them among friendly forces," admonished the pamphlet. The US military did not confirm that it had conducted an early-morning raid into Sadr City on Sunday, but said that an Iraqi force accompanied by coalition advisors did conduct an operation in "northeast" Baghdad. Much of Baghdad's violence has been laid at the feet of Shiite militias, many of whom are based in Sadr City, but US forces have yet to enter the neighborhood in force.

Oh, my dear friends... What will NOT offend a Muslim? Do they have any grip on reality? If Jesus iconography offends them, will they now insist that serious images of Christ be just as forbidden as that of Mohammed's?
I don't know whether to laugh or cry.

Monday, October 9, 2006

Axis Of Evil Update

When you think Ahmadinejad, think Hitler... And when you thing Kim Jong Il, think Mussolini.

North Korea reportedly detonated a nuclear bomb in an underground test. The bomb may have been anywhere between five and fifteen kilotons.

Thanks, U.N. You were a great help with those sanctions. No, really.

President Bush said that Il has "defied the will of the international community," and Japan's Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said that this marks the beginning of a "dangerous nuclear age" in Asia.

Proving conclusively that politicians are about as smart as the average sack of hammers, the U.S. and Japan are expected to press for more of those highly effective sanctions.

China also condemned the action, but hey, are they doing anything about it? Nope, because they aren't our friends.

However, the people underneath certain despotic leaders are growing restless:

In Venezuela, a mass opposition rally to Hugo Chavez took place, with the people uniting behind Democratic candidate Rosales.

From the BBC:

"The problem of the opposition is that before we had a lot of candidates and people couldn't make up their minds whom to support," one woman said. "Right now we have just one candidate and I believe that we have a better shot if we have just one candidate against Chavez." For some it was simply a day out to enjoy the sunshine, but for most it was a chance to listen to a speech by Mr Rosales, who declared that Venezuela was "at a crossroads".

I hope Rosales watches his back...

One worrisome thing: Rosales criticizes what he calls Chavez's "check book diplomacy", and says that he is giving away Venezuela's oil wealth to foreign powers.

I wonder what he meant by that...

In Iran, it is reported that 65% of the population are unhappy with President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, mostly due to out of control inflation and economic issues.

"Fighting the daily rise of prices and solving the vital question of unemployment in a matter of few months needs a real miracle", said former government official spokesman Anbdollah Ramazanzadeh.

One creepy aspect of the Iranian Press Service story is that they are calling the Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadi Nezhad. Is our spelling wrong? Did we get a bad translation? Or is he now calling himself the Mahdi? It's a frightening thought...

Throw Her A Sandwich

From the AP:

A model presents an ensemble by French fashion house Guy Laroche, during the presentation of its Spring-Summer 2007 ready to wear collection in Paris, Saturday Oct. 7, 2006.(AP Photo/Remy de la Mauviniere)

Look at her! Her ribs stick out, you can see the vein in her arm from here...

Look at her face! She is tired-looking; haggard. She looks like she just stepped out of a concentration camp. How is this considered fashionable?

Guys, do any of you find her even remotely attractive? Personally, I'd rather have a few excess pounds than be literally starving!

Sunday, October 8, 2006

A Piece Of History: WPAFB

Here is an interesting piece of history... A large section of the Berlin Wall, with manikins posed on the back of a Trabant. You socialist lefties will notice how, like this nasty lie, the Commies kept carefully manicured areas for the eyes of the West; fancy shops, manicured streets... yet their own citizens didn't have the freedom to go to a car dealership and buy a needed vehicle... They had to wait on a list for nearly a decade for a two-cylinder, plastic piece of crap. My kid's stroller is more durable!

Wright Patterson has one of the flags flown at Pearl Harbor, donated by a couple here in Ohio. Old Glory still looks pretty good to me!

Here's a famous lady that resides at the museum... The Strawberry Bitch!

Friday, October 6, 2006

Cartoon Friday: Focus On Bill Clinton

How Bill Clinton acted in front of Mike Wallace:

How we wish he would've acted while he was the President:

Iranian Dissenter: U.S. MUST Help Force Regime Change

Amir Abbas Fakhravar, a former medical student, was a voice of dissent against the Iranian government for 14 years.

Fakhravar spoke at the Discovery Institute in Seattle Wednesday about his experiences at the hand of the Iranian regime.

"I want to show the face of Iran to the world," Fakhravar said through an interpreter. "And I want to show the face of the world to Iran."

Fakhravar was thrown in prison several times for speaking out against the mullahs of Iran, during which he was beaten, and threatened with torture and death. Each time he was released from prison, he would push the envelope, organizing student protests in Tehran and even publishing a book, "This Place Is Not A Ditch," that was critical of the Iranian government, to say the least!

I wonder if the liberals who complain about losing rights under the Patriot Act (a fallacious argument) and criticize our government with every other breath need to fear being drug from their beds at night, beaten to a bloody pulp, and left to rot in prison without being charged until someone decides to let them out.

I think not.

When the Iranian government decided to furlough Fakhravar to take his university exams in 2005, he fled, sneaking out of the country and seeding asylum in the U.S., where he now speaks about the loss of rights in Iran, and urges the U.S. to force a regime change in Iran, be it through strict sanctions, or even military force. He believes that positive change will never happen under Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

"The U.S. needs to put a policy in place to show that they are standing with the Iranian people," Fakhravar said.

Folks, he is right! Most American liberals who whine about the war in Iraq do not know enough simple geography to realize that Iran is right between Afghanistan and Iraq... That's NOT a co-incidence! I hope that we do indeed squeeze the snake that is Iran until the head, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad pops off. His removal can only make things better!