Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Break Out The Aspirin Bottle...

Eli Roth, director of "Hostel" was a guest on "Your World With Neil Cavuto" Friday. When Neil asked why horror movies were resurging lately, (Get ready, here comes the headache.) Roth quoted the liberal mantra: It's Bush's fault!

Roth claimed that people want to scream because of the "things going on in the world," and the government's poor response to Hurricane Katrina. It seems, according to Roth, that horror movies offer a safe environment which allow people to scream out their hopelessness and frustration, thus allowing an emotional release.

Roth blamed the Vietnam War for the popularity of movies like "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre," and that there were fewer horror movies during the Clinton Administration because "things were calm."

He said all of this while slandering the military, of course. The "never ending war" fought by our "disorganized army" soldiered with "scared kids." Makes people want to scream.

I want to scream right now. You go ahead, too, if you need to.

Naturally, Neil was at the top of his game, and quickly pointed out to Roth that "Psycho" came out during the Kennedy Administration, and that even a superficial fact-finding search of horror movie history shows that there is no such trend. In fact, during the eight-year Clinton Administration, there were such film gems as, "I Know What You Did Last Summer", Disturbing Behavior", and "American Psycho", to name just a few.

It's sad that Roth doesn't realize just how ridiculous he sounds!

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