Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Hillary Clinton:Let's Be More Like France

It seems that Hillary can't let it go. She's coming back to the healthcare issue, at least in some capacity.

Sen. Clinton is calling for a massive expansion of the Family and Medical Leave Act, saying that it is past time for an updated version that allows time off of work for participation in children's school activities and health care, as well as time to care for elderly parents.

"We make it about as hard in our country as possible for people to do the most important job there is in any society - and that is raising and nurturing the next generation," Mrs. Clinton told a Brown University audience during a speech on women's leadership last week.

"Since the Family and Medical Leave Act was passed in my husband's administration, more than 50 million men and women have taken advantage of it," she explained. "Well, I think it needs to be updated and it needs to be expanded somewhat."

Mrs. Clinton insisted that "there should be time available for teachers conferences and doctors appointments, to be involved in your children's' lives and to increasingly care for your aging parents.

The FMLA already allows for 12 weeks of time off of work for immediate family concerns.

Curiously, Hillary made no mention or estimates of the costs to businesses under her new act.
My guess is that it'll start looking a lot like France over here...She's obviously testing the water for things to run on in 2008.

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