Monday, August 31, 2009

Racist, Communist, Democrat:

If you haven't heard "Rep" Watson's words at her recent town-hall meeting, you'd better have strap yourself to your chair and make sure there's nothing breakable within arm's reach! I will insert a bit of commentary to Watson's words below.

WATSON: You might have heard their philosophical leader. I think his name is Rush Limbaugh. (As if you don't know. Stop being catty.) And he said early on, “I hope that he fails.”

Do you know what that means? If the president, your commander-in-chief, fails, America fails.

Way to take Rush's words out of context, not that I'm surprised. I believe Rush said that if Obama and his socialist/communist policies succeed, this country will be destroyed. Therefore, Obama's failure is America's salvation, so yes, he hopes Obama fails.

So do I.

Now, when a senator says that this will be his Waterloo, and we all know what happened at Waterloo, then we have him and he fails. Do we want a failed state called the United States?

Do you? It sure seems like it to me!

And remember: They are spreading fear and they are trying to see that the first president that looks likes me fails.

RACE BAITER!!! I am so sick of this bullshit! We don't want healthcare reform because the President is black? Does she realize how infantile and weak that sounds?!?

I don't want socialized medicine because it is a debacle!

Oh, and BTW, Watson, the President DOES look like me.... A HUMAN BEING. Get over your skin tone, you racist.

Now just understand what’s at the bottom line.

And you know we just got, 48 hours ago, we just go back, we were in Beijing, China, Hong Kong, China, we were in Taiwan, we were in Guam, we were all over the Far East.

I just want you to know: People look at the United States as a country that has changed its way and has elected someone from Kenya and Kansas, I’ll put it like that.

WTF exactly is that supposed to mean? Is that more race baiting, or shall I infer that Obama really was born in Kenya?

And they’re saying, “We thought you would never do that.”

So we don’t want to have this young man, and he just turned 48 — we want him to succeed, because when he succeeds, we regain our status. We regain our status.

Watson is just babbling at this point. Geez.

It was just mentioned to me by our esteemed speaker, “Did anyone say anything about the Cuban health system?”

And lemme tell ya, before you say “Oh, it’s a commu–”, you need to go down there and see what Fidel Castro put in place. (Yes, PLEASE do look at what Castro has put into place.) And I want you to know, now, you can think whatever you want to about Fidel Castro, but he was one of the brightest leaders I have ever met. [APPLAUSE]

Yes, Hitler was a bright leader, too, you FOOL.

And you know, the Cuban revolution that kicked out the wealthy, (WTF is wrong with wealthy people?)Che Guevara did that,(Yes, by MURDERING them...) and then, after they took over, they went out among the population to find someone who could lead this new nation, and they found…well, just leave it there (laughs), an attorney by the name of Fidel Castro…

And now we have an attorney by the name of Barack Obama. Does this woman not know any history?

Dear God, help us that we have such insane, evil people running this country!

Is it any wonder that Rasmussen now reports that 57% of Americans want to replace the entire Congress?

Friday, August 28, 2009


So, would you be at all angry if you found this poster in your second grader's classroom?

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Sen. Ted Kennedy Is Dead...

... And while leftists fawn and rip their sackcloth, remembering Kennedy as the "Lion of the Senate," I will remember him as the Admiral of Chappaquiddick:

The man got away with murder. No amount of supposed good he could have done afterward makes up for this utter failure of justice.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Family Stuff...

The next couple of days will be busy with work and school orientation.
My youngest is headed to pre-school, Thursday is the first day of bus riding and Kindergarten for Connor, and my oldest is already in THIRD GRADE.

Where does the time go?

I have learned a few things recently.

First, a small plastic pool is good for hours and hours of entertainment. Elder children like to determine who may enter the pool and how/when.

Next, a small chair and Dora towel is a welcome respite from the sun.

Children are so damn cute when they sleep so you don't kill 'em while they are awalke! ;)

A certain Pit Bull can jump a fence without thinking if a squirrel is in a neighbor's yard:

A certain Great Dane barks at squirrels but is too middle aged to really care enough
to go after them. She still likes tug-of-war.

That same bull is ever patient with her human puppies:

And finally, baby talk is not limited to nurseries!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Ulterior Motives in the Lockarbie Release?

I know this post is a little bit late, but I've been a bit too angry to put anything together until now. I guess a life sentence doesn't really mean until you die in a jail cell anymore, no matter how horrendous the crime.

I think this pic is very good:

Once again, idiot leftists and dhimmi apologists fail to understand Islam.

Showing compassion to a terrorist murder got what?

It got Meghri a hero's welcome in Tripoli.

Islam cannot understand mercy or compassion!

But, it seems, there could have been an underlying reason for the 'compassionate' release of the murderer of 207 people.

On Friday, Lord Trefgarne, chairman of the Libyan British Business Council, said Mr. Megrahi’s release had opened the way for Britain’s leading oil companies to pursue multibillion-dollar oil contracts with Libya, which had demanded Mr. Megrahi’s return in talks with British officials and business executives.

Lord Trefgarne told the BBC that talks on oil contracts had “not moved as fast as we would have hoped and expected” since Tony Blair, then prime minister, met in a tent in Libya five years ago with Col. Muammar el-Qaddafi, the Libyan leader, and set the terms for the “deal in the desert” that sketched a reconciliation between Colonel Qaddafi’s pariah government and the West.

Hey, leftists hypocrites... Whatever happened to "no blood for oil?"

Sunday, August 16, 2009


I don't care if Michael Vick can run like the wind and throw the football 100+ yards, I cannot believe the Eagles signed that dog abusing son of a bitch to play football for them.

I heard Vick's statement to the press. Not one word of contrition for what he did to those Pit Bulls, most of which have been rehabilitated.

Instead, it sounded more like it was all about how he was sorry he got caught and messed up his career for a little while.

I say that instead of outlawing Pit Bulls for what assholes like Vick force them to do, we
euthanize men like him.

I won't cheer a man on the field who did this to dogs for profit:

I won't support the team that signed him, either. The Eagles should be ashamed of themselves.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Forced to Endure the Plebes:

"Yeah, hi. Yeah, I'm at that stupid Town Hall thing... Gawd, I can't wait for this to be over.

I mean, who cares what these people think, anyway?"

In their arrogance!!!

This so-called Representative hold her constituency in such little regard that she would so openly disrespect them, mere feet from them!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Um... Keep Trying, Man:

I didn't want to post anything too serious.

I think this video accomplished that goal!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009