Wednesday, April 26, 2006

President Bush "Can't Get No Satisfaction"

A couple of days before President Bush tried to book the first floor and the "Presidential Suite"of the Imperial Hotel in Vienna.

The Stones are due to play in the city, and Mick refuses to give up his accommodations after Bush aid asked if they could find other accommodations for him, so as not to have to re-secure a new location.

Jagger has been a harsh critic of the Iraq war, and the President himself. The Stones latest album, "A Bigger Bang" has a song which takes a catty swipe at the President.

Hotel officials confirmed that President Bush would no longer be staying at the hotel, but refused to say where he had found other accommodations for "security reasons."

So Mick has a hissy and Bush quietly goes elsewhere? It seems we now know who the gentleman is... As if anyone thought it was Jagger anyway.

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