Thursday, April 20, 2006

Abortion Talk In The Fourth-Grade

An unidentified fourth-grade teacher at Pittsburgh Hills-Henderson Elementary School has been suspended pending an investigation into a lesson she gave about abortion. The teacher described, in detail, the process of abortion and the process of adoption, and asked students to vote on which one they would do.

One nine-year old girl went home and told her father all about the day's lesson. She voted for adoption...

"My daughter's innocence has been taken away from her," Mr. Stienstraw said of the incident.

The school's principle sent out letters informing parents of the discussion...the next day. Too little, too late, I'd say. So, apparently, do parents, who demanded her immediate firing.

"This board has to follow a process and there's nothing they can do tonight," Solicitor Francis DiSalle said. Because she is a member of the teacher's union, the school has to follow a lengthy review process.

I can't even imagine how angry I would be if it were my daughter who had been subjected to this! Why can't kids be kids, without worrying whether or not they would have abortions if they were pregnant?

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