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They're All Cylons

That's what Beamish surmises, anyway. ;)

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Dr. Who Christmas Carol


Follow the links and keep circulating the tapes.

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Merry Christmas to all!

It's a good one here, as always!

Happy Birthday, Jesus!

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Another Poster Contest Brewing?

We all remember the rioting and deaths involved with the cartoonifada, and the apeshit crazy protesting against the Draw Mohammad Day contest put out there by a blogger who received so many threats of violence against her from the supposedly nonviolent adherents of the 'religion of peace' that she had to go into hiding. 

Well, apparently the same folks who must never, ever be offended have no trouble whatsoever offending other religions.

From this source: 

It reads: 'On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me an STD (sexually transmitted disease).
'On the second day debt, on the third rape, the fourth teenage pregnancies and then there was abortion.'
According to the posters, Christmas is also to responsible for paganism, domestic violence, homelessness, vandalism, alcohol and drugs.
Another offence of Christmas, it proclaims, is 'claiming God has a son'.

The bottom of the poster declares: 'In Islam we are protected from all of these evils. We have marriage, family, honour, dignity, security, rights for man, woman and child.'
The campaign's organiser is 27-year-old Abu Rumaysah, who once called for Sharia Law in Britain at a press conference held by hate preacher leader Anjem Choudary, the leader of militant group Islam4UK.
Former Home Secretary Alan Johnson banned Islam4UK group earlier this year, making it a criminal offence to be a member, after it threatened to protest at Wootton Bassett, the town where Britain honours its war dead.
Mr Rumaysah told the Mail that he was unconcerned about offending Christians.
He said: 'Christmas is a lie and as Muslims it is our duty to attack it.
'But our main attack is on the fruits of Christmas, things like alcohol abuse and promiscuity that increase during Christmas and all the other evils these lead to such as abortion, domestic violence and crime.
'We hope that out campaign will make people realise that Islam is the only way to avoid this and convert.'
Mr Rumaysah, who said his campaign was not linked to any group, boasted that the posters would be put up in cities around the country, including London, Birmingham and Cardiff.
The campaign was highlighted by volunteers from a charity which distributes food and presents to pensioners and the lonely at Christmas.
Sister Christine Frost, founder of the East London Neighbours in Poplar charity, said: 'The more posters I saw, the more angry I got.
'Someone is stirring hatred which leaves the road open to revenge attacks or petrol bombs through letter-boxes.
'I told the Mayor we are all scared.
'If we said such things about Muslims, we'd all be hanging from lamp-posts.

The poster itself is stupid; but the intent behind it is not. It is a slap in the face; a proclamation that a Muslim may say or do whatever he wishes, but the infidel had damned well better keep his mouth shut.

I say no. I'm not much of an artist, but I know some of you out there are. Would the design of a poster maligning one of Islam's rituals, such as the Haj or Ramadan, or Eid al-Fitr be OK with Islamists? Would they express their offense as the Sister did, or would there be blood in the streets?

I think we all know the answer to that. Let's see if freedom of expression and speech is a one way speech, shall we?


One-third of Muslim students in Britain say killing for religious offense is justified. No worries there, eh?


Make sure not to even say ham around a Muslim, or Interpol will come a' knocking.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Sudan Radicalizing

Recently a video surfaced of Sudanese 'police' beating a kneeling woman in the head and feet, laughing as she screamed in pain and fear.

Outrage from the civilized world ensued, to which Sudanese president Omer Hassan Al-Bashir responded that if you found an unarmed woman being tortured by his state you "should wash up, pray twice and revert back to Islam."

REVERT BACK TO ISLAM. Yes, he said it; everyone is a Muslim deep down, they just haven't embraced it yet.

Back to the point, Al-Bashir continued on to say that those who found the beating offensive don't understand Sharia law because it "has always stipulated that one must whip, cut, or kill."

Real peaceful stuff there, huh? Islam really knows how to honor their women. I don't know of one other major religion that condones and requires as law cruelty like we just saw.

What did this woman do to earn such brutal treatment? Apparently she had the unmitigated gall to wear long pants in public.

But don't worry, folks, the state's judiciary is going to "investigate to find out if the punishment was carried out improperly."

Or at least they were, until Al-Bashir overruled them and canceled the inquiry, and then went on to state that Sudan will change its constitution to comply with Sharia law, especially if their South secedes.

Al-Bashir is wanted by the ICC for war crimes and genocide in Darfur. He housed al-Qaeda and bin Laden in the 1990's.

This is going to be a hot mess and another haven for terrorism, and eventually guess-who will be called upon to deal with it.

A poorly guarded Mexican prison just across the border from Laredo, Texas allowed "about" 140 inmates to escape on Friday.

Gee, I wonder where they'll go?

Officials think that between 141 and 148 prisoners got away. That's right, they don't even know who's gone, but they figure it was about ten percent of the jail's total population. Although unsure of exactly which prisoners they're missing, the government says that most of the jail houses violent offenders, mostly Gulf and Zeta gang members in on drug and weapons charges.

According to the Mexican government, this sort of thing happens frequently because undertrained, underpaid and overworked guards can make more from the gangs by turning a blind eye.

But don't worry. We don't need to protect our border... The left tells us that only the poor Mexicans who want a job and live quietly in the shadows come here; you know, "undocumented immigrants." I'm sure these violent gang members know that too, and went south, right?

Sure. And once again, we have silence from our midstream media on the matter.


Friday, December 17, 2010

For the 'gansta' in your life who has everything; Subs:

Yes, this is a real thing. I. Kid. You. Not.


You're too busy to entertain your cat. Let your iPad do it for you.

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Christmas: The Seemingly Busiest Time of the Year!

I know I haven't posted much recently; I intend to do some reading of blogs and such tomorrow. Yesterday was Genna's kindergarten Christmas show, and today Aileen had to see the doc to get a load of wax dug out of her ears... Again.

Tomorrow night we are going to see the dress performance of the Dayton ballet's Nutcracker. (Except Genna; she is too little to stay up so late and will be spending the night with her grandmother.)

 I have never seen this in person, and neither have the kids, so it should be quite an experience!

Here are a couple of pics from last night's kindergarten performance, a pic with Santa, and a couple of pics thrown in from the Cincinnati Zoo's Festival of lights... The new elephant house with kids in the foreground and the tree at the entrance:

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What's So Special About Christmas?

Well, aside from the obvious:

13 more days. See ya, Santa.

You May Now Drool.

Get past the annoying and useless birthdate verification and commerical...

Then drool until you need to ring out your shirt.

Right here. 

Friday, December 10, 2010

Bubba is Back?

Huh? Did I wake up in 1993, or did Obama just abdicate a press conference to Bill Clinton in order to go to a party?

Even worse was that his excuse made him sound... Well... Whipped. Way to show the world strength, asshat.

Bad as he might have been, Clinton looked far more presidential than that grinning buffoon Obama. It's pretty bad when he makes me long for the nineties.

(Click here for an extended version of the above video.)

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A Day That Will Live in Infamy

Let us not forget this day, nor 9-11.

Days like these should be burned into the soul of the American patriot.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Mugshot Sans Headscarf? Not When You're a Muslim!


BOULDER, Colo. (AP) ― A Muslim woman who refused to remove her headscarf for a Boulder County jail booking photo has been told she'll have to explain her refusal to a judge.

Maria Hardman, 19, of Boulder, who says she converted to Islam three years ago, pleaded guilty to an alcohol violation and was sentenced to two days in jail plus community service.

She told the Boulder Daily Camera on Friday that removing her headscarf for the photo would violate her beliefs because the Quran calls for Muslim women to wear the scarf except in the company of close family.

A police report said Hardman's blood-alcohol level was 0.19, more than twice the legal limit, after she crashed her motor-scooter in August.

Alcohol consumption is generally considered to be banned by Islam. Hardman said she drank punch provided at a party without knowing it contained alcohol. She said she left after she found out.

First of all, BULLSHIT! She couldn't smell alcohol spiked punch?!? She drank enough to get wasted and then decided to drive a car?!? HAHAHAHAHAAA!!!

Next... So this girl converted at 16? She read enough of the Koran to make her want to convert to Islam, wear a gorram headscarf, yet missed the part that states alcohol is forbidden?!? And SHE'S DRINKING UNDERAGED ANY DAMNED WAY!!!

Pious comments from CAIR in 3...2...1...

I swear, my head is going to explode...

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Does the Insult Never End?

We all know the lengths we are supposed to go to in order to avoid offending Islam. No mention must be made that, as Bill O'Reilly pointed out, Muslims killed us on 9-11! That would be insensitive!

After all, Muslims have a right to build a mosque at Ground Zero, but we mustn't allow an evil Wal-Mart in NYC! The largest provider of jobs in the world (and affordable merchandise) is oppressive and evil, not a religion that brutalizes women and calls for the death of every non-Muslim, Jews in particular.

Found here:

New York City is holding a “Walmart” hearing on December 14th to see whether or not they are “allowing” Walmart to build a store in New York City.
City Council Speaker Christine Quinn joined a labor protest against the retailer last June, the Daily News reported.
“You know, it isn’t that we don’t want Walmart,” Quinn said at the rally, according to the News. “It’s that we don’t want companies that have led the nation in law suits being brought against them by workers. We don’t want companies that have the largest class-action in history brought against them. We don’t want companies where women are, over and over, paid less than men and not promoted. You can be very clear that I don’t want that.”
New York City is allowing the Ground Zero Victory Mega Mosque to be built on the grounds of “that it’s their RIGHT to build it” but they are refusing WalMart from building a WalMart store in New York City.

I wonder if they'd let me put this at Ground Zero, or anywhere else in NYC, for that matter:

OK, now, this is a rather roundabout way of getting the story I wish to post about. This dropped my jaw with the blatant gall, the unreal level of insult, that another blood-soaked member of the 'religion of peace' is levying against us:

LONDON, Dec. 3 (UPI) -- Libyan leader Mommar Gadhafi says the family of released Lockerbie bomber Abdelbaset Ali Mohmed al-Megrahi plans to sue Britain, alleging false imprisonment.
Al-Megrahi was convicted in the 1988 bombing of a Pan American plane over Lockerbie, Scotland.
Gadhafi, speaking at a school in London, blamed former U.S. President Ronald Reagan and former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher for the bombing, which killed 270 people.
Gadhafi said the bomber's family will file the lawsuit once al-Megrahi dies from prostate cancer, The Guardian reported.
Al-Megrahi was released from prison in August 2009 on compassionate grounds. Doctors said he had just a short time to live. His release was widely criticized.
"After he passes away his family will demand compensation because he was deliberately neglected in prison," Gadhafi said. "His health was not looked after in prison, and he didn't have any periodic examinations. I wish him a long life. He was released because he was considered dead, and yet he was still alive."
Gadhafi said Reagan and Thatcher conspired to blow up the plane.

Is there no place they won't go?!? Is there no insult too great?!?

An aside: A rare Muslim recipient of a farcical Nobel Peace Prize is in involved in a scandal... Muhammad Yunus, who got the NPP for aiding the poor of Bangladesh to get small loans diverted $100 million US dollars from international donors to his own corporations.

Also, Liam Neeson is stupid. Really, really stupid. I questioned his sanity after he accepted a role in those gawdawful Star Wars Prequels, but this confirms it:

Aslan, of course, is a symbol Christ.  It’s kind of hard to get around that.  Especially the death and resurrection thing in the first book.  This isn‘t stopping Neeson’s interpretation:
“Aslan symbolises a Christ-like figure but he also symbolises for me Mohammed, Buddha and all the great spiritual leaders and prophets over the centuries.
That’s who Aslan stands for as well as a mentor figure for kids – that’s what he means for me.”
This is not sitting well with Narnia fans and those who revere Lewis:
Walter Hooper, Lewis’s former secretary and a trustee of his estate, said that the author would have been angered by Neeson’s comments.
He said: “It is nothing whatever to do with Islam. Lewis would have simply denied that. He wrote that ‘the whole Narnian story is about Christ’. Lewis could not have been clearer.”
Mr Hooper attributed Neeson’s remarks to political correctness and a wish to be “very multi-cultural”.
And that’s saying it nicely.  Others are being a little more blunt:
William Oddie, a fomer editor of The Catholic Herald and a lifelong fan of the Chronicles of Narnia, accused Neeson of ‘a betrayal of Lewis’s intention and a shameful distortion’.
He said: ‘Aslan is clearly established from the very beginning of the whole cannon as being a Christ figure. I can’t believe that Liam Neeson is so stupid as not to know.’

Head/Desk. I don't know what else to say.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Hitler after 2010

It's been a while since I've posted a Hitler Reacts meme:

Stolen shamelessly from Mustang. Thanks!

Another Mish-Mosh

I found a few stories out there and couldn't decide which one to throw out for discussion, so I've decided to link to all three.

First, this is so damned evil I don't know what to say. A woman in Virginia is charged with murder after throwing her 2 1/2-year-old granddaughter off a six-story mall parking garage walkway.

The worst part is the little girl survived for a span of time. She was transported to the hospital where she later passed.

I don't know whether I'd like to do the same to this soulless thing that she did to that baby, or to just put a bullet in her.

Next we have this creepy story:

Some 911 calls in Manhattan will now bring out two ambulances, one hurrying to the scene and one lagging slightly behind.
The first one will try to save the patient’s life. The second one will try to save the patient’s kidneys, in case the first ambulance fails.
After months of grappling with the ethical and legal implications, New York City medical officials are beginning to test a system that they hope will one day greatly increase the number of organs collected for transplant.
For five months starting Wednesday, the city will deploy a specially trained team that will monitor 911 calls for people who may be in danger of dying, like those having a heart attack. If efforts to resuscitate the patient fail, the team will quickly move in and try to save the kidneys; normally, patients who die outside hospitals cannot be donors because if too much time passes after the heart stops beating, the organs are unusable.
City officials said the project would be the first of its kind in the United States, though similar operations have been carried out in Europe. They said that they believed they had solved any ethical problems by adopting what they called very conservative standards for who would qualify as a donor.
To overcome fears that patients would be allowed to die for the sake of their organs, officials said that doctors and paramedics trying to resuscitate a patient would not be told whether the preservation unit was waiting in the wings until a supervisor had given the order to stop rescue efforts. The organ team, which will travel in a bright red and white ambulance marked “Organ Preservation Unit,” is supposed to remain out of sight.
The dead person would have to have registered as a donor through a card, driver’s license or online registry, and the family would also have to give consent.
The trial, which is being financed with a $1.5 million federal grant, is limited: to most areas of Manhattan, to the hours of 4 p.m. to midnight, to adults between 18 and 60, and to people who die of cardiac arrest at home or another residence.
To satisfy concerns that evidence of a crime could be destroyed in the harvesting process, a police detective sergeant would go to the home to be sure that there had been no foul play.
This seems rather ghoulish to me... And the shock to the family! To have your loved one suffer cardiac arrest in your living room and then have a team rush them for a snap decision? This whole thing just smells. 

(Read the rest here.)

Now, a good story: The Oklahoma State Election Board is appealing the injunction imposed by a petty dictator in a black robe, otherwise known as a federal judge,  against We The People's decision to restrict Sharia law being considered in that state's courts.

It would seem like a no-brainer to bar judges from considering Sharia, which is highly unconstitutional and deeply oppressive of women... Unless you're a leftist dhimmi who must avoid offending Islam at all costs.

CAIR in Oklahoma is seeking a permanent injunction against the People's will. Why they are being considered instead of being rounded up and charged with belonging to a terrorist organization is beyond me.

I suppose we shall have to wait and see if the federal government imposes Sharia and dhimmitude upon the people of Oklahoma, who wisely don't want legal decisions based upon the 'teachings' of a pedophiliac and murderous marauder.

Next, a wise teacher of that so-called religion of peace mentioned above beat his wife for daring to want a more 'western lifestyle'; or a life which includes civil rights, I would suppose.

The Daily Mail reports:
Sheikh Abu Adam, 40, is now on remand in Munich while his wife, 31, is being guarded by police.
She was allegedly assaulted so badly that she suffered a broken nose and shoulder and numerous cuts and bruises.
Media reports claimed the woman, who has borne one of his ten children, wanted to live a more ‘western’ lifestyle and was allegedly attacked after telling her husband.
The police said they received a call from a lawyer hired by the victim.
Adam is alleged to have shouted a verse from the Koran at his wife as he beat her.
The line said: ‘Good women are obedient. They guard their unseen parts because God has guarded them.
‘As for those from whom you fear disobedience, admonish them and send them to beds apart and beat them.’
According to the Daily Mail, Adam also advises the German government on interfaith issues and gave a lecture on non-violence as recently as a week ago. He faces jail time if convicted.
See Pat Condell knock it out of the park again, this time on the dhimmitude of Sweden.