Monday, April 10, 2006

Al Gore want all of us polluting sinners to repent, 'cause the end is near!

"If we allow this to happen (global warming), we will destroy the habitability (Habitability? Is that even a word?) of the planet," Gore told a group of environmentally minded corporate executives in California on Thursday.

"We can't do that, and I am confident we won't do that," he added, according to Oakland's Bay Area Argus.

But the former VP warned: "We have been blind to the fact that the human species is now having a crushing impact on the ecological system of the planet."

Gore said global warming "is really not a political issue, [but] it's disguised as a political issue. It's a moral issue, it's an ethical issue."

The former number two Clinton official pointed to last year's devastating hurricanes Katrina and Rita, saying: "This is the first foretaste of a cup that will be offered to us again and again and again until we regain our moral authority."

Does he realize how ridiculous he sounds? It's rather arrogant to think that the temperature on the Earth never fluctuates or changes? Has anyone told him about the ice age, and the subsequent thaw-out?

Besides, how is a man who was lock-step with Clinton have any room to speak on morality?

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