Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Another Slap In Christ's Face

Apparently, it's OK to attempt to sucker-punch Christianity.

Despite the disdain of Biblical scholars and archaeologists, James Cameron is challenging the tenets of Christianity by claiming to have found a tomb and ossuary of Jesus Christ and His supposed family, wife and kids.

From the Evening Standard:

'The Lost Tomb of Christ', a documentary set to air on Channel Four (The Discovery Channel in America) next month, argues that ten ancient ossuaries, small caskets used to store bones, which were found when bulldozers flattened a Jerusalem suburb in 1980, may have contained the remains of Jesus and his wife and child.

One of the caskets even bears the title, 'Judah, son of Jesus,' which Cameron claims as evidence that Jesus may have had a son. Another coffin was said to hold the bones of Mary Magdalene, also known as 'Mariamne'.

Cameron unveiled two of the small limestone caskets at a press conference in New York, but the director could offer little proof to support his claims, other than the mathematical probability of a tomb containing a set of ossuaries with names linked to Jesus.

Of the ten ossuaries found, six were inscribed with the names of Jesus, Mary, Joseph and Mary Magdalene, as well as Judah, Son of Jesus, and a Matthew, of which there were many in Mary's family, according to Luke 3:23.

Critics said all the names were commonplace in Biblical times.

Apparently surprised at the hostility over his 'discovery', the director who famously claimed to be 'the king of the world' when he won an Oscar for Titanic, insisted it was not a publicity stunt and said his critics should wait and see the film.

Stephen Pfann, a biblical scholar at the University of the Holy Land in Jerusalem who was interviewed in the documentary, said the film's hypothesis holds little weight.

"I don't think that Christians are going to buy into this," he said. "But sceptics, in general, would like to see something that pokes holes into the story that so many people hold dear."

"How possible is it?" he added. "On a scale of one through ten, with ten being completely possible, it's probably a one, maybe a one and a half."

Pfann is even unsure that the name Jesus on the caskets was read correctly. He thinks it is more likely the name Hanun. Ancient Semitic script is notoriously difficult to decipher.

So go ahead, Hollywood. Make millions off The DaVinci Code, and produce "documentaries" that attempt to slam the majority of America's faith. It's all right; no need to worry about offending the docile Christians.

Just try publishing so much as a cartoon about Mohammad, and watch the rioting and murdering start.

Hollywood, you are a coward and a bully. You only pick on the one person on the playground who won't hit you back because of the very beliefs you mock.

Al Gore: Environmental Hypocrite? Nooooo...

I know you'll all be shocked and surprised by this one: It seems that Al Gore is an green hypocrite.

It seems to be an "inconvenient truth" that Gore's household uses 20 times the amount of electricity of the average American household, consuming 221,000 kilowatt-hours last year alone, as opposed to the latters consumption of about 10,656 kwh per year.

Gore's average monthly power bill is $1,359. My household of five in a very modest-sized home generates an average of around $100-$110 monthly.

Yet, Gore describes his household's lifestyle as "carbon neutral." He "offsets" his use by purchasing CO2 reductions elsewhere in the world!

Paying for forgiveness of your sins rather than practicing what you preach, Al? That sounds rather like "special dispensation" to me!

You can calculate your own "carbon footprint" here, and then spend your guilt away by purchasing your very own special dispensation right here.

Oh, and don't forget to replace your evil incandescent lights with fluorescent light bulbs.
Al gore says it's our "moral responsibility." Unless, of course, you're too special to practice what you preach...

Monday, February 26, 2007

Oscars: Pat Yourself On The Back...

Proving that Hollywood is so far to the left that they would hand an award out to a man who did little more than throw together a cheap power-point slide show as long as they agree with his political views, Al Gore won an Oscar last night.

So Hollywood gives a hand-out Oscar to Gore in the same night that Scorsese finally gets one? I'll bet Martin wants to throw that heap in the trash right now!

Of course, there was the obligatory re-hashing of his 2000 Presidential loss, and the mandatory "moral" guilt trip over the "climate crisis."

Hey, at least he let us know he won't be constipating the '08 presidential process last night:
"I do not have plans to become a candidate for office again."


Sunday, February 25, 2007

Would You Shake Hands With A JEW?!?

More tolerance from the benevolent and serene "religion of peace," found at Urban Infidel's place:

And Muslims claim people hate them simply because they're Muslim? Puh-lease.

Symphony of Destruction

Mmm... Pork Bullets

How cool is this?

If the average knuckle-dragging terrorist knew that this was what he was getting, he might think twice before taking on one of soldiers...

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Pelosi: Taxing YOU To Send Illegals To College

You're a hard-working American... Does your natural American child get one red cent of "help" from the government for college, or do you work you posterior off to pay for it, take student loans, etc.?

Well, now Nanci Pelosi needs you to work even harder... Mexican children need college, too, and you're gonna pay for it, brother.

From the East Valley Tribune.com, all emphasis and red type mine:

Illegal immigrant students brought to this country as children deserve a path to citizenship and affordable higher education, U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said during a visit to Arizona State University on Monday.

That's right, they deserve it. Does you or your child deserve it, or do you have to work your butt off to get it?

Pelosi, a California Democrat, joined three of Arizona’s Democrat congressmen — Reps. Ed Pastor, Harry Mitchell and Raul Grijalva — to rally support for efforts to increase federal financial aid.

The topic, however, turned toward the border. Pelosi pledged to move legislation that would improve citizenship and education opportunities for illegal immigrant students.

“This March, you will have an immigration reform act that will include the Dream Act,” Pastor said.

The legislation would allow illegal immigrants who graduate from high school in the U.S., have lived here for five years and arrived prior to turning 15, to attend college for in-state tuition.

Once enrolled, those students would be given six years of legal residence during which they must complete two years worth of college credit or military service to earn citizenship.

Dumbfounded? Flabbergasted? I know I am! Sure, a kid cannot control what his parents did or where they took him as a child. That doesn't make him any less illegal!!! You want to point the finger at someone for being heartless and irresponsible? Point it at the lawbreaking ILLEGAL parent who brought them here as they're being deported!

The act, first introduced in 2003, has lacked the support needed to pass both chambers of Congress.

If signed into law, it would effectively reverse Proposition 300, which Arizona voters approved last year. The proposition requires public colleges and universities to charge illegal immigrants out-of-state tuition, which at ASU is about triple the cost of in-state tuition.

Never mind the fact that Prop. 300 still allows illegals to attend American colleges, no matter how expensive it is. SCREW YOU, voters!!! You vote something into law that the imperial government doesn't like, and we'll just legislate it away. After all, we know best.

The Democrats’ immigration reform package would be comprehensive and focus on border security and creation of a guest-worker program, Pelosi said.

Riiiiight. I'm holding my breath for that. Can I get a fence with that, maybe? HA!

As part of their platform for retaking Capitol Hill in the fall, Pelosi and her fellow Democrats argued that a college education should be affordable for all Americans.

You mean illegal non-Americans.

“No more will you see legislation that comes to the floor that says we’re going to cut student assistance to give a tax cut to the wealthiest in the country,” Pelosi said.

Huh? That doesn't even make sense! I guess we're just supposed to blindly swallow that tried-and-true Democratic catchphrase about "tax cuts to the wealthiest."

In recent years, funding for federal financial aid has largely remained flat.

Last month, Congress voted for measures to halve the interest rate on federal loans to 3.4 percent and to boost the maximum Pell grant by $260.

In Arizona, the average student debt is just more than $17,000, according to the Arizona Board of Regents. And for the first time, a majority of students at the state’s public universities graduate with debt.

The next question for the Democrats becomes how to pay for their largess.

The above measures alone would cost tens of billions of dollars, according to various estimates.

Be sure to put in a little highly taxable overtime, chumps.

In his 2008 budget proposal, President Bush proposes to increase Pell grants, provided to students based on family income, by cutting other financial aid programs.

Democrats have derided the proposal as “robbing Peter to pay Pell,” as Pastor put it Monday. Administration officials argue that the budget shifts money from inefficient programs to Pell, which is deemed highly effective.

Asked how she intends to pay to improve access to higher education, Pelosi said increasing the federal deficit is not an option.

“I wouldn’t start with ...rolling back tax cuts,” Pelosi said, “but that may be necessary.”

Get ready to feel the pain, stupid taxpayers. I'll bet you wish you were illegal right about now, huh?

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Baby Or Clump Of Tissue?

Just a few days old, Amillia Taylor is shown lying next to a ballpoint pen to show her tiny size. Amillia is the world's youngest gestational-age baby, born at 21 weeks and six days on Oct. 24, 2006. Weighing less than ten ounces and measuring only 9.5 inches in length, she is also the fourth smallest baby in the world to survive. Baby Amillia will be going home after four months in the NICU at Baptist Children's Hospital in Miami, FL. (Photo: Business Wire)

Look at this tiny baby. Not even halfway through the pregnancy, and she survived a precipitous delivery, and underdevelopment. Sure, she may suffer some disability later in life, but does that make her any less precious or human?

Is she a clump of tissue? Could you look at her and say she could have been aborted, no guilt, no questions asked?

Get In Line...

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Everyone's An Secret Agent...

Malaysia plans to enlist "secret agents" from the general public to snoop on unmarried lovers and report them to the Muslim religious authorities, according to a Kuala Lumpur newspaper.

From al-Reuters:

The Terengganu state government plans to enlist the part-time spies to look out for un-Islamic behavior, such as unmarried couples kissing or holding hands, the Star daily said.

"Some of these 'spies' could be waitresses or even janitors at hotels acting as auxiliary undercover agents for our religious department," the head of the state government's Islamic and welfare committee, Rosol Wahid, was quoted as saying.

"Accurate details are required for the enforcement officers to act, otherwise they could be pouncing on married couples."

Hmm... And we all know that Islamo-fascists always act with complete logical detachment.

I suppose now the Muslims over there have a justification for their paranoia... Everyone really is watching you!

Iran Testing The Water?

Iran has conceded to talks about its nuclear program, but has refused to stop the program while engaged in meaningless chit-chat with the U.N.

Are politicians so stupid that they cannot see a stall tactic for what it is, or is this flat-out corruption?

In response to Iran snubbing another U.N. deadline to stop uranium enrichment, the U.S. has sent another aircraft carrier to the Gulf and put sanctions on some Iranian banks and businesses.

And in a seeming response to increased U.S. military pressure, Iran has begun to "test" the waters near Iraqi offshore oil terminals.

Iranian ships have been crossing into Iraqi waters, but such activity has dramatically increased over the last week. U.S. officials believe that the Iranians are attempting to assess U.S. military response and operation practices, but "do not see the moves as aggressive or provocative."

Hell, why would they? We find Iranian bombs and munitions, and Iranian regular military firing on our soldiers, and they don't see that as an act of war!

This could all be posturing on the Iranian's part, but somehow I doubt it.

UN v.s. The Asteroid

The year 2036 may see an asteroid pass "uncomfortably" close to the Earth, and the U.N. is all set to pass a few dozen resolutions against it.

From al-Reuters: Astronomers are monitoring an asteroid named Apophis, which has a 1 in 45,000 chance of striking Earth on April 13, 2036.

The Association of Space Explorers, a group of former astronauts and cosmonauts, intends to host a series of high-level workshops this year to flesh out the plan and will make a formal proposal to the U.N. in 2009, he said.

I don't know about you, but now that the UN is on it, I feel SO much safer...

Free Food!

This post to remain at the top until Tuesday. Please scroll down for fresh posts.

One of my brothers has a saying: If it's free, it's for me!

IHOP restaurants are offering one free short stack of buttermilk pancakes on Pancake Day, (otherwise known as Shrove or Fat Tuesday) between the hours of 0700 to 2200.

All they ask in return is that you consider making a donation to charity.

Sounds like a good deal to me!

Monday, February 19, 2007

Following The Amnesty Trail

**Note**Due to cosmic forces conspiring against me, I will be making my usual blog rounds either later today or tomorrow...**

In the coming weeks, as President Bush and the Democrat-controlled Congress take up immigration reform, and the political talk turns to amnesty, everyone living along border smuggling routes will hunker down to wait for the worst. They know their lives will get miserable in a hurry.

The word amnesty possesses remarkable power on the Mexican side of the line. It has the same effect as a starter's pistol.

Bang! Let the land rush begin.

It happened after Jan. 7, 2004, when Bush floated his idea for a temporary worker program. The idea was broadly viewed in Mexico as amnesty, and the Border Patrol's own survey proved it. In the weeks following the proposal, the agency quietly questioned crossers apprehended at the southern border and found the president's plan had caused a big spike in illegal crossings. Forty-five percent said they'd entered our country "to get Bush's amnesty."

Read the rest of the article here. It is somewhat lengthy, but definitely worth the time. It is a read that will make any sane American's stomach turn, to say the least!

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Stolen Medals of Honor, And The Effort To Recover Them.

Conservative Intelligence Report has requested a cross-post of this important story, and I feel obligated.

Tonight, America's most wanted will feature a despicable crime that the FBI has been unable to solve: "The Medal of Honor Heist."

From Air Force News:
The episode re-enacts the June 27, 2004, theft of seven original Medals of Honor from a display case in the museum maintained by the Congressional Medal of Honor Society.

Viewers will be asked to call the program’s anonymous hotline, 1-800-CRIME-TV, if they have tips that could help recover the medals.

The Medal of Honor exhibit is part of the Patriots Point Naval and Maritime Museum aboard the dry-docked aircraft carrier Yorktown near Fort Sumter, S.C. It groups the medal’s history into eight eras — the Civil War, Indian Campaigns, the wars of American expansion, peacetime, World War I and II, Korea and Vietnam. Each of the nabbed awards is inscribed with the recipient’s name. They date from the Civil War to Vietnam.

With the trail grown cold, FBI agents turned to the “Most Wanted” producers for help.

For a list of the descriptions of the stolen medals, follow the above link.

What could be more dishonorable than stealing these tokens of valor, and raping our heritage?

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Illegal Immigration: A Thought.

With upwards of 11 million illegal aliens in our country, and a million or more crossing every year, it isn't hard to come across travesties like this one, which Angel at Woman Honor Thyself just posted about.

Jason Okon, recently returned from Iraq and decorated with the Bronze Star for valor, was stabbed 11 times by an illegal Mexican in his own front yard.

The Mexican has been detained by authorities, who believe the stabbing is a hate crime against a soldier. Okon's pregnant wife often wore her husband's camo shirt about town.

Okon's wife, two daughters, son and unborn child wait to see if their father will survive his wounds.

Ladies and gentlemen, does exercising our Second Amendment rights mean we must now protect our person, family and property against foreign invaders as if we were our own tiny sovereign nation?

Which brings me to my next question: Can the victims (and their kin) of crimes committed by illegal aliens sue our government for failure to protect them from foreign attack?

I am not a lawyer, so I'm not sure if this idea has any legal veracity, but it seems to me that one of the duties of the Federal government ought to be to protect it's citizens from alien assaults. That being the case, the government is guilty of extreme negligence, are they not?

If we cannot prompt the government to protect our borders by public outcry alone, perhaps We The People should hit them where it hurts the most: The wallet.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

So THAT's Where They Get It!

Hat tip to Barry for this fantastic pic!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Here's to love! Cheers!

Soooo Delicious!

This story is so good I want to marry it and have kids with it:

From the Drudge Report:

Tue Feb 13 2007 19:31:25 ET

The Subcommittee on Energy and Air Quality hearing scheduled for Wednesday, February 14, 2007, at 10:00 a.m. in room 2123 Rayburn House Office Building has been postponed due to inclement weather. The hearing is entitled “Climate Change: Are Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Human Activities Contributing to a Warming of the Planet?”

The hearing will be rescheduled to a date and time to be announced later.

More On Illegals

While the Bank of America caters to illegal aliens, Republican legislators in Arizona are taking measures against them.

Hat tip to LinknZona for this find:

Measure classifies protesting illegals as terrorists
The Business Journal of Phoenix - February 9, 2007
by Mike Sunnucks
The Business Journal

A group of conservative Republican state lawmakers want to classify as domestic terrorists protesting illegal immigrants who "intimidate" or "threaten" U.S. citizens.

The GOP bill would also classify members of Mexican or other foreign criminal gangs or drug cartels as domestic terrorists and classify violations as felonies.
The measure defines domestic terrorists as persons who are illegally in the U.S. and are part of criminal enterprises as well as protesters whose actions intimidate, threaten or cause physical harm to legal citizens.

Sponsors include Republican legislative leaders -- state Senate President Tim Bee, House Speaker Jim Weiers, House Majority Leader Tom Boone and Senate Majority Leader ThayerVerschoor -- and conservative activists such as state Reps. Russell Pearce, Trish Groe and Eddie Farnsworth and state Sen. Ron Gould.

This means that we can start treating the drug runners on our borders as we already should be: as hostile foreign invaders.

Groups such as La Raza, who use intimidation and fear in their protests could be dealt with as they should be. Perhaps the next time they get a rally going, we could round them up and jettison them back to Mexico.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Boycott Bank Of America!

So much for the government punishing businesses who enable illegal aliens...

Bank of America Corp. is now offering credit cards to customers without Social Security numbers. Bull crap to English: BofA is offering credit cards to illegals.

And just in case you're ready to argue that they aren't catering to illegals, al-Reuters had this snippet of info:

Bank of America tested the program last year at five branches in Los Angeles, and last week expanded it to 51 branches in Los Angeles County, home to the largest concentration of illegal immigrants in the U.S., the Journal said.

When asked for a statement, BofA was not available to comment. What a surprise. I wonder if they'll be changing their name to the Bank of MexAmeriCanada anytime soon?

Barber Jihad

Islamofacists in the Pakistani town of Khar have threatened local barbers not to shave or even trim the beards of their customers, claiming that it offends Sharia and Islam.

From Breitbart.com:

Pamphlets with the warnings were found at several shops in Inayat Kalay in Pakistan's Bajur tribal region near the Afghan border, said Bacha Khan, a barber in the market town.

"Barbers! Correct yourselves," said the handwritten, Pashto-language notes, one of which was obtained by The Associated Press.

"Any barber shop where acts against Shariah (Islamic law) _ shaving or cutting of beards _ are seen, are given a final warning to stop this anti-Shariah work and if they do not stop, they should take responsibility for whatever harm they come to," it said.

The pamphlets were unsigned. However, Khan said he believed the warnings were from mujahedeen, or holy warriors _ a term often used to describe Islamic militants.

He said two dozen barbers had responded by posting notices in their shops asking customers not to insist on getting a shave.

"We do not want to come to harm," Khan said. "If this work is against Shariah, we will stop it."

The warning echoed a decree issued under Afghanistan's ousted Taliban regime ordering all men to grow beards, and it could reinforce concern that Pakistan's border areas are undergoing a "Talibanization" because of the presence of militants and radical preachers.

Is the ZZ Top style beard the male version of the burqa ?

Sheesh. Let the ladies out of the tents, and give the men a trim.

Got Beer?

In Japan, where milk consumption has been on the decline, moo juice usually winds up being wasted.

One inventive brewer has found a way around that: Bilk.

Chitoshi Nakahara has been buying up milk that would otherwise go to waste and brewing beer out of it. The concoction is about 30% milk, with a slight dairy scent, but does not differ much in taste from regular ale.

Another of Nakahara's pet projects: Beer brewed from potatoes.

Monday, February 12, 2007


Did anyone else notice that Iran didn't come out with that "herbal cure" for AIDS yesterday?


Next question: If they have it and are withholding it from the rest of the world, aren't we obligated to take it from them, by force if necessary, as our duty to humanity?

Global Warming Denier= Holocaust Denier?

We all know how hostile the left is. Challenge one of their "truths," and you are branded a hatemonger, moron, and the like.

The Boston Globe's op/ed page has this article, which must be read in it's entirety with a glass of Alka-Seltzer to truly enjoy.

Excerpted, emphasis mine:

"I would like to say we're at a point where global warming is impossible to deny. Let's just say that global warming deniers are now on a par with Holocaust deniers, though one denies the past and the other denies the present and future."

Got that? Those of us who do not buy Al Gore's line that mankind is destroying the Earth and nothing can be done short of completely abandoning capitalism are now Holocaust deniers!

So much for that "dialogue" that Shrillary and her ilk say we should have. You dare not question the left or their views!

I also love the in the line in the article that points out how more college educated Democrats believe in global warming than Republicans... We must simply be too stupid to grasp "scientific" concepts with our tiny little brains, huh?

You will of course notice that this fatuous article blames America's political apathy for melting every bit of ice on the planet, but says absolutely nothing about China... But what else can be expected from the leftist "blame America first" crowd?

The Miracle Of Makeup

Here are a few examples of what a little skillfully applied makeup can do for a girl:

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Irshad Manji On Glenn Beck

On Friday, Irshad Manji appeared for a full hour on the Glenn Beck program.

Here is a snippet:

Thursday, February 8, 2007

Chain Mail... And We Aren't Talking The Metal Kind.

Iran has threatened to destroy us yet again, but as that is a rather common occurrence anymore, I have decided to address a far more serious problem.

Junk/chain email.

Once you click the link, allow a few seconds for the site to load, and enjoy!

Behold, The Throne...

A little while ago I posted about blogging in bed.

Here is the perfect companion to that set up!

Roto-Rooter's 'Pimped Out John' in an undated handout photo. Roto-Rooter says its 'Pimped Out John' is designed to 'fulfill all your wildest bathroom dreams'. Special features include an iPod music player and speakers, an Xbox video game console, a refrigerator filled with drinks and snacks and a cycling exercise machine.

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Ayaan Hirsi Ali: Tonight On Glenn Beck's Show.

Glenn Beck hosted Ayaan Hirsi Ali on his radio show this morning. (If he decides to make this audio free, I will link it to this post later.)

Hirsi Ali will also appear on his T.V. show tonight on Headline News at 7pm, 9pm, and midnight.
I plan to watch, and hope you will, too!

Hirsi Ali, as you know, wrote the script for the film Submission, for which Theo Van Gogh paid for with his life.

Holland has caved to Muslim pressure, painting over a memorial mural at Van Gogh's murder site, and is now moving to expel Ali from the country due to falsification on her immigration papers. She initially lied about her true identity after running from an arranged marriage and death threats from her family.

Watch and support Ali!

Iran's Herbal Cure For AIDS

NeoCon Command Center has gotten a sneak peak at Iran's herbal cure for AIDS:

Hey, a noose can be made of hemp, right?

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Hillary For Dummies

The People's Cube puts out another winner!

Tom Cruise... Christ-Like? Huh?

According to Scientology leader David Miscavige, Tom Cruise is a Christ figure worth of worship.

Yeah. I'm not making this up...

From The Sun:

A source close to the actor, who has risen to one of the church’s top levels, said: “Tom has been told he is Scientology’s Christ-like figure.

“Like Christ, he’s been criticised for his views. But future generations will realise he was right.”

Riiiiight... Tell 'ya what...I say we nail Cruise to a tree and if he comes back from the dead, then we'll talk.

Windows Vista Snafu


That Windows is great, huh?

Dhimmocratic Surrender Monkeys

I saw this cartoon and just had to post it...

Child Requirements?

Washington State proponents of same-sex marriage are pushing legislature on the ballot that would require heterosexual couples to have a child withing three years of getting married. If they don't, that marriage would be forcibly annulled by the government.

Couples would also have to prove their ability to have children to be granted a marriage licence.

All other marriages would be considered "unrecognized," making those couples ineligible for marriage benefits.

Shocked at the hypocrisy, spite and venom of these people? You shouldn't be. This is the typical leftist attitude: If I can't play, you can't either.

In trying to get people to consider the 'plight' of the homosexual, these same-sex marriage proponents are going to push people away from them.

Just a thought: What ever happened to the leftist "Get out of my uterus" crap? Heh.

Monday, February 5, 2007

Iran: Benevolent Savior Of The World?

Ah, Iran. It's "peaceful" nuclear program is coming to fruition with the instalment of 328 centrifuges, with an expected total of 3,000 to be installed by June.

I'm sure that the ambitious nuclear project is keeping Iran busy, as evidenced by the economical strain on the populace. While Ahmadinejad pursues nuclear capability, the folks in Iran must suffer, with over 40% living beneath the poverty line. Some estimates are as high as 90%.

Oh, and the poverty line in Iran starts at $640 per month, according to their government, so most folks have to work two or three full-time jobs just to see that. (The poverty line for a family of four in America is $1,667 per month, just to put that in perspective.)

Despite this situation, Iranian leader Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is set to announce "giant achievements," concerning not only Iran's "nuclear rights," but also an herbal cure for AIDS!!!

The drug is called "IMOD," and is "completely safe with no proven side effects," according to Iran's Minister of Health Kamran Bagheri Lankarani.

Thank goodness that we have Iran looking out for us, huh? I mean, being an Islamic government, you'd think that they wouldn't even care to look for a cure for a primarily sexually transmitted disease, but once again, Iran shows us their good nature and propensity to human rights. I mean, sure they'll hang a teenage girl from a crane for having the gall to be raped, but they do care about AIDS patients.

"The world should know today that the capable Iranian nation, relying on its own youths and scientists, has now conquered the peaks of knowledge and science," Ahmadinejad declared during his speech.

I know it's hard, but try not to tear up...

Giving Thanks For The Superbowl...

I would've liked the Bears to take the Superbowl, but clearly the superior team walked away victorious.

And with one helluva coach, they deserved it.

From the postgame show on CBS:

Jim Nantz of CBS Sports: This is one of those moments, Tony, where there is also social significance in this victory, and to have your hands on the Vince Lombardi Trophy. Tell me what this means to you right now.

Tony Dungy: I'll tell you what. I'm proud to be representing African-American coaches, to be the first African-American to win this. It means an awful lot to our country. But again, more than anything, I've said it before, Lovie Smith and I, not only the first two African-Americans, but Christian coaches showing that you can win doing it the Lord's way. And we're more proud of that.

Awesome, huh?

Bloomberg News Service didn't think so; they published only the part about African-American coaches, and removed the mention of Christianity!

``I'm proud to be representing African-American coaches, to be the first African-American coach to win this,'' Dungy said as he accepted the Vince Lombardi Trophy in a postgame ceremony. ``That means an awful lot to our country.''

I tell you, if I were like the Islamofacists, I'd be rioting right now...

Piggie Breaststroke

You've all heard the expression, "When pigs fly," but what about when they swim?

This pic was released by China's Xinhua News, in which a dozen Dongba pigs are competing in a swimming game in Jiangxi providence.The competition was held to celebrate the upcoming Year of the Pig, which falls on February 18th.

Happy Pig Year, folks!

Sunday, February 4, 2007

With Friends Like The Democrats...

So Shrillary wants to end the War... And the consequences be damned, so long as she garners a few votes doing it.

Friday, February 2, 2007

Sharia Law: 101

Hat tip to Fortress Australia Outpost for this find:

Go Glenn, for bringing what the MSM will not!

No Abortions!

I was looking for a different clip from "Scrubs," but found this one and thought it was hilarious!

Whenever I find that other clip, I'll post it...

Thursday, February 1, 2007

I Feel Like An Eskimo...

I'm going to go ahead and post this if for nothing else, just to hack of the libbie weather Nazis.

It's cold as heck where I live. Colder than usual.

The estimated low for Sunday night? 1 degree.

Crank up the electric blankies...