Friday, April 28, 2006

$100 Gas Rebate In The Works

The latest GOP energy package to grace the Senate floor includes a $100 gas rebate for folks making less than $125,000, or couples making less than $150,ooo per year.

Now, before you roll your eyes, consider this.

This may be the first sound, albeit transparent, political move the GOP has made in quite awhile! The rebates are tied to an energy package which includes the oft-defeated ANWAR drilling effort, energy efficiency, and alternative fuel research.

If the Dems strike this down again because of those delicate caribou, they will be denying the common man tax relief where his wallet is smarting the most: Gas prices.

Now, don't get me wrong. I'm not complaining about gas prices because I think that companies shouldn't be able to make a profit; on the contrary, oil companies are turning the average profit margin of about 7%. Oil companies make so much because they are so huge, not because they are gouging!

Coca-Cola has a 22% profit margin, and DiTech about 71%.

I am complaining, however, because while the oil companies take about $0.21 per gallon, the Federal and State governments are taking about $0.70 cents, depending on where exactly you live. That's two and one-half times more than the oil companies are making!

The Fed should give some of it back! Lord knows that they take too much of our money and waste it as it is! And the beauty part is, if the Dems vote this down, they look like jerks to the very folks they are pandering to!

I love being an EVIL Conservative!

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