Monday, August 29, 2011

Obama's Illegal Family

Please do follow this link and read about yet another illegal Kenyan relative of our president living off your dime.

Presidents Barack Obongo’s illegal uncle arrested; ‘Uncle Omar’ almost hits cop car, tries to call White House

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Playground Rising

Having acquired a large sunroof window from a defunct grocery store, my Grandpa, Dad, and Husband set about framing a back yard playground for the kids:


Our Dane Fortune supervises the cementing of the posts:

Next weekend they plan to install a deck with a slide and start working on a crossbeam for swings. The kids will have the autumn to play on it, and next year the sky is the limit.

In fact, once the kids are in for the night we might put a couple chairs on the deck and enjoy ourselves. :)

Saturday, August 27, 2011

I Guess Obama Isn't Paying Her Rent:

I know this is long, but do watch this video; it will make your brain melt (nsfw language):

Then go back to Africa and find out how wonderful your life would be under some of the current brutal governments, you stoned, racist, commie leech-woman! If you need money to get there, I'll start a bake sale!

Honestly, I could go on a point-by-point debunking of every single thing she's said, but at some point you have to let the absurdity speak for itself.

My favorite part is how she claims that there was electricity in ancient Africa, but Jesus Christ is bullshit.

(Seriously, I do feel badly for this woman in one sense: She's hurting so badly for some reason that she's lashed out at God... I hope she gets straightened up with Him.)

Eh, it's only $10 million of your tax dollars. At least Mooochelle is having a great time while you work like a dog to make ends meet.

Meanwhile,  Time  magazine's latest cover, and an excellent parody found at

Monday, August 22, 2011

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Continued Hypocrisy From the MSM

Try not to be surprised: Bigoted Janeane Garofalo essentially calls Herman Cain an Uncle Tom, goes on to make multiple racist comments; no outrage from the left or the MSM.

Misogynist leftist crook Charlie Rangel belittles Laura Ingraham for being female during a debate; no outrage over this blatant sexism from the left or the MSM.

Obama vacations while thousands line up for job fair; no outrage from the MSM.

Friday, August 19, 2011


This is a Mac n' Geez type question:

A neighbor down the street is an avid gardener, and every time he harvests he passes out veggies to the kids that ride by on their bikes; he grows more than he can use.

Anyhow, I now have a cucumber (I'm not a cucumber fan and don't typically buy them) and a handful, maybe 10 or so red chili peppers.

Any suggestions on what to do with them? I don't want them to go to waste!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Don't Blink

OK, Whovians and cat enthusiasts, this is just a must-post video:

Where to Begin?

So much is going on recently that I just could not decide what to post about, so I have decided to throw out a few links. If you have time, I think you will find them worthwhile.

1.    First and foremost, we have Obama on his super-expensive-armored-bus-non-listening tour. (Please do follow that link and watch the video, you will quite enjoy it.)

2.    The ATF  does not fire, prosecute, put in jail and throw away the key on the supervisors of 'Fast and Furious', rather, they have promoted them.

3.    The ACLU has stepped up to the plate to defend registered sex offenders against eviction from the Harriet Tubman Safehouse (I kid you not. Tubman must be spinning like a lathe.) as a daycare has opened up nearby.

4.    Here in Ohio, union thugs have bullied and shot a business owner for refusing to kill his business by allowing the union into it.

5.    Finally, please do watch this video, particularly if you are military or even remotely care about our men and women in uniform. It WILL make your blood boil.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Ramadan Celebrations.

Please go here and check out one of the many peaceful ways the Psuedostinians are celebrating their Ramadan this year.


Thursday, August 11, 2011

Obama Sucks

And everyone is starting to realize it!

Definitely NSFW language:

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

If You're Going to Keep Blaming Bush:

Found at iOwnTheWorld:

I'm not a big fan of Bush, but Obama continuously blaming him for all of his own inadequacies is wearing more than thin.

This Administration is a Gas.

Barney Freak rips it on live TV.

Every now and again, the truth leaks out, does it not?

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Free Speech is a One Way Street

This is the leftist's idea of free speech. Jump to 0:46, then stay for the rest of the show.

Gee, and I thought libs were all for the so-called Fairness Doctrine.

And to think this man was almost our president once, and still is in the Senate.

Welcome to fascism, ladies and gentlemen.