Monday, April 24, 2006

It's STILL Bush's Fault?

Hillary Clinton is at it again... She made an Earth Day (Don't even get me started on that.) speech by announcing her new energy plan and by blaming President Bush's environmental policies for Hurricane Katrina.

OK, take a moment and collect yourself; go ahead and get a stiff drink, or pop a couple of ibuproferen.

"In the last five years, the Bush administration has left no major environmental law untouched in their push to deregulate, undermining or rolling back decades of regulations put in place to protect our heath.

"The results are all around us," she says, citing "more greenhouse gases, global warming, rising seas, more violent storms like Katrina."


It gets better:
"We have the National Institutes of Health; why don't we have a National Institute of Energy?"

More Democratic-spawned bureaucracy that will basically do nothing. Fabulous.

She blamed Bush for
"the endless demand for higher-priced oil [that] is depleting world supplies [and] weakening our economic security."

OK, Hillary. Should we try to use our own oil while finding alternative fuels?

Nope. She also criticized the
"short-sighted, oil company-dependent energy policy that values drilling anywhere for oil more than it values protecting our planet, Mrs. Clinton said her energy plan would compel the big oil companies to invest "their historic profits . . . Into a strategic energy fund to develop alternative energy forms."

Yeah, and you think oil prices are high now?

Oh, and Hillary is starting to sound a little more Gore-like: She supports "research" into "
wind farms, solar energy cells, ethanol, and biodiesel."

Blame and do nothing. It sounds like the typical M.O. of the left...

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