Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Finally, A Liberal College Professor Punished!

Sally Jacobsen, a professor in the literature and language department at Northern Kentucky University has been put on leave and will retire at the end of the semester after admitting she led students in the destruction of an anti-abortion display on campus. She will not return to the school.

"I believe what she did was outside the scope of her employment," said school President James Votruba.

It seems that unlike Kent State and the Pino debacle, at NKU there are repercussions for bad behavior!

Jacobsen confirmed that she led graduate students to a grassy area on campus to rip up about 400 crosses, which were temporarily erected to symbolize a graveyard for aborted babies. Northern Right to Life spokesman Katie Walker said she would like to see those responsible for destroying the display prosecuted.

Now, if only Kent State could take a lesson from the sensible administration at NKU...

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