Friday, April 28, 2006

Islamic Jihad Lauds Teenager's Critical Injuries

Daniel Wultz, a Florida teenager on Passover vacation in Israel with his family when he became one of over 60 people injured when a Palestinian homicide bomber blew himself up in a Tel Aviv falafel restaurant.

Abu Ayman, one of the leaders of Islamic Jihad, expressed regret that Wultz is still alive. Wultz is in a coma in an Israeli hospital, where he lost his spleen, one kidney, one leg and probably the other in the aftermath of the bombing. His prognosis is not good.

Said Abu Aymen of this deplorable attack on a child who is both American and Jewish: [he is the]"best target combination we can dream of :American and Zionist."

Wultz's father sustained a fractured leg in the blast.

"We are sorry there was not more of this stuff. American and Zionist: this is the best target combination we could dream of. This is the ideal target. He is a young American who came to encourage the enemy to continue his war against us," Abu Nasser said, a senior leader of Al Aqsa Brigaides.

"I want to use this occasion of speaking to the American people to tell them that the unfair support of your people to Israel is the reason that you are targeted almost everywhere in the world. Second, I want to bring to your knowledge that the most cruel settlers are those who came from America. It is known that the Jews are sly and not honest, and they are leading into this trap of the Middle East in order to carry out their plan of controlling the world."

Really? The Koran itself says it is good to lie to the infidel; the Torah says no such thing. One of the Ten Commandments of the Old Testament is, "Though shalt not lie."

"The Americans are now the best representatives of the devil on earth," Abu Ayman said.

And those who celebrate the critical injury and likelimpendingng death of a child are not?

Abu Ayman said Jews of all backgrounds are targets: "The meaning and the goal of our lives is to fight the devil spiritually and physically. The Jews are the expression of both kinds of devil. No mercy for devils."

"The only sorrow that I feel is that the Jewish parents of this Daniel Wultz did not suffer like an average Palestinian family who lost its child. Maybe if their child was killed they and the Americans would have to pay attention to the suffering of thousands of Palestinian families who lost their children."

I'm sure that Daniel's father wishes and prays it was him instead of his son in that hospital bed, fighting for his very life. I'm sure that he is suffering like you or I can only imagine.

Ladies and Gentlemen, if you have never known evil; if you doubt who our enemy is, just ask Daniel Wultz's father. He can tell you.

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