Thursday, January 29, 2009

Zombies Ahead

Talk about a road hazard:

From this source

Transportation officials in Texas are scrambling to prevent hackers from changing messages on digital road signs after one sign in Austin was altered to read, "Zombies Ahead."

So... How prepared is your city for a zombie apocalypse? 

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

More Scrubs

For Z, proof that Scrubs is not a musical. ;)

I've put a couple clips of my favorite character (I'll give you one guess as to why) and a link to the pilot episode.


Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Goofy Mood:

What can I say? I love Scrubs.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Musn't Insult Islam...

As we have Geert Wilders facing prosecution for daring to "insult Islam," we have another European who was just convicted of it. 

Will the day come when we here in America also loose our Constitutional right to Free Speech and mustn't utter anything "bad" about Islam? 

From this source, all emphasis mine: 
Vienna - Austrian far-right parliamentarian Susanne Winter was convicted Thursday of incitement because of her anti-Muslim statements, including the claim that Islam's prophet Mohammed was a paedophile. (Which he was....An adult male marrying a six-year-old and 'consummating' when she is nine is pedophilia, no matter what the apologists try to tell you.) A court in Winter's home town of Graz also found the 51-year-old politician guilty of humiliating a religion. (A religion can now be humiliated? Huh?) She was sentenced to a fine of 24,000 euros (31,000 dollars) euros and a suspended prison term of three months, Austrian news agency APA reported.

The politician, who took a seat in parliament last fall for the Freedom Party (FPOe), made the anti-Islamic remarks in January 2008.

She also proposed in a discussion with students that
 Muslim men should commit bestiality rather than making "indecent advances" on girls.

The politician had pleaded innocent Thursday, claiming that she "did not want to insult anyone, but only to point out problems."

I suppose Winter was lucky the courts got to her first... European Muslims have a different sort of verdict in mind for folks like her:

Oh, Vienna... Ferdinand must be spinning in his grave.

More Change...

...Which is in this case, is doing the opposite of what you promise.

Wha... A reporter dares to ask The One a hardball question?!? Blasphemy!!!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Preach It, Brother!

Racism at the Inauguration!

Benediction at Obama 's inauguration, Rev. Joseph Lowery: 'Lord, in the memory of all the saints who from their labors rest, and in the joy of a new beginning, we ask you to help us work for that day when black will not be asked to get in back, when brown can stick around... when the red man can get ahead, man; and when white will embrace what is right. That all those who do justice and love mercy say Amen. Say Amen'...

What a disgusting, old, filthy racist! 

That was the most offensive, racist diatribe I've heard since Obama's "reverend" Wright.

We're in trouble, folks.

Here We Go, #44!

Today is the big day for now President Obama. Our nation waits to see how he will perform, and as an American I will support my President when he is right and voice my dissent when I believe he is wrong.

That said, as I was browsing the news this morning, I came across these pictures:

After seeing these, taken on the last day of President Bush's term, I don't EVER want to hear some little liberal turd tell me I need to "get in line" and support Obama without question, for the good of the nation, of course. I don't EVER want to hear a call for unity from one of these asshats. 

I might not agree with Obama all of the time, but I damn sure wouldn't do something as disgusting as this.

Monday, January 19, 2009

For Anyone With a Daughter

Ramos and Compean Freed AT LAST!!!

Thank you, President Bush, for the commutation of Ramos and Comean's excessive and unjust sentences. 

The will be back with their families within 60 days.

Although this really should have happened two years ago, I want to thank you for redeeming a little bit of my faith in you, Mr. President.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

American Imam Calls For Jihad In Israel

That's right. A Texas Imam is calling for jihad in Israel.

From this source

A North Texas imam is calling on Muslims to take up arms in defense of Palestinians in Gaza. Sheikh Mohamed El-Moctar El-Shinqiti, director of the Islamic Center of South Plains in Lubbock, Texas, participated in an online chat, "Fatwas on Gaza,"at the web 

El-Shinqiti encouraged readers to fight – or if they can't, to send money to those who are fighting – in response to six out of the eight questions posed to him in the online chat. When asked what can be done to help the people in Gaza, El-Shinqiti emphasized war over sending food or medicine or other supplies that might directly help people:
"For Muslims who have access to the battlefield, their duty is to join the resistance to defend the oppressed. For those who don't have access to the battlefield, their duty is to use all possible ways of lending support for the oppressed such as donation, the media, communication and first and foremost du'a'."
Taking El-Shinqiti's advice would mean joining forces with Hamas, a designated terrorist organization. Israel's incursion into Gaza is in its third week, prompted by a new wave of rockets sent by Hamas into Israeli cities. The fighting has left more than 900 Palestinians dead – most of them Hamas fighters – yet Hamas continues to fire rockets at Israeli towns.
U.S. law prohibits providing material support to Hamas, a designated terrorist organization. Last November, five men who worked with a Dallas-area charity were convicted on 108 counts of illegally supporting Hamas.

Read the rest of the article; it is dumbfounding!

I say that if one person who read El-Shithead's advice gives so much as a cent to Hamas, the Imam should be hauled away as an accessory! 

I know, the cartoon is a bit off topic, but I like it...

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Allah Ackbar

The religion of peace at work in a mosque:

Monday, January 12, 2009

He's Still Got It!

Charlie Daniels is STILL the man!

Check this, this and this out! 

Red State Update:

Please pause the player to your right and check this out: 

Friday, January 9, 2009

Happy Friday!

Hey, everyone! I hope you're having a great Friday! I'm off to work, and I'll be checking back in later tonight.

I found this at the Glenn Beck website

Whoa. I hope this is just the work of some smart-assed employees that wanted out of work early. 

Next, I found this cartoon and just had to post it. Feel free to use it to explain the Gaza situation to your leftist friends. It has pictures, so it should be easier for them:

Finally, PeTA is ratcheting up the stupidity yet again, emphasis mine: 

PETA - People For The Ethical Treatment of Animals - believes calling fish sea kittens will make sea food less appealing.

Nope. A rose by another name would be just as tasty.

It wants to change the image of fish as slimy and slithery creatures by claiming they are similar to cuter, more popular animals. "Would people think twice about ordering fish sticks if they were called sea kitten sticks?" PETA asked on its website.

I would definitely order kitten sticks. Mmmm. 

Go here to make your own customized sea kitten... And don't forget to boil it alive and eat it after you're done. 

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Gratuitous Gun Post

Aw, yeah.

Islamists Harass Animals, Real and Otherwise

Islamist wasted no time this week mocking, of all things, the death of the President's cat.

Even sadder news is the untimely death of the Jew-eating bunny Assoud. Apparently, Assoud was killed in the Israeli offensive against terrorist Gaza.

I hope he and Farfour are enjoying their respective 72 plush virgins in Allah's sky brothel.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Isn't This Racism?

I think so, and I can't say I'm surprised considering where it's coming from.

After the withdrawal of Bill Richardson's name as an Obama administration Cabinet nominee, Hispanic leaders say they expect the president-elect to name another Latino to head the Commerce Department.

An Obama transition team source said a veteran California congressman, Xavier Becerra, has emerged as the leading congressional candidate to replace Richardson, the Hispanic governor of New Mexico, as President-elect Barack Obama's choice for a job that 

will include overseeing the 2010 U.S. Census.

“Even though he turned down the trade representative slot, Becerra is not only Hispanic, but

 he has the skill, talent and experience to do the Commerce job,” said the source, who was not authorized to speak for the president-elect.

“Xavier's name has gone to the top of the list of potential replace

ments in part because he is a member of the House leadership, he is well liked, he has very good credentials, and, of course, he was an early Obama backer,” the source said.

Let's have a little thought experiment, shall we? Let's say that tomorrow it was found out that

 Vice-President Elect Joe Biden is a serial killer, or a Mafia Godfather, or involved in some other illegal activity which would cause him to have to resign. 

I know, I know, it's a stretch, right? 

Ok, now let's imagine a bunch of white dudes who dare not call themselves

 a Congressional White Caucus (like the Black and Hispanic Caucus openly do... And they're not racist, you know.) insist and pressure Obama to pick another white guy to be ethnically fair.

Can you imagine the ensuing hissy fit? 

Raising Your Kids The U.N. Way

That’s right, control your children the UN way. 

For example: If your child will not stop stealing from the local general store, you should:

a. reprimand him
b. if he does it again, reprimand him
c. if he does it again, discuss A and B
d. if he does it again, tell him to return the item to the store by next week
e. if he does it again, threaten to spank him lightly
f. if he does it again, threaten to spank him more briskly
g. if he does it again, take away one fifth of his allowance
h. if he does it again, reprimand him
i. if he does it again, explain the word “reprimand”
j. if he does it again, look very sad
k. if he does it again, get him a massage
l. if he does it again, discuss A, B, C, D, G, H, and J, but not E
m. if he does it again, discuss E
n. if he does it again, call Hans Blix
o. if he does it again, blame George W. Bush
p. if he does it again, scowl… angrily
q. if he does it again, ask him to steal from another store
r. if he does it again, ask him to steal items you like
s. if he does it again, reprimand him with a nasty undertone
t. if he does it again, award him the Nobel Peace Prize
u. if he does it again, at least he’s not a drug dealer
v. if he does it again, discuss how to do drugs
w. if he does it again, discuss how to be a drug dealer
x. if he does it again, discuss how to be a male prostitute
y. if he does it again, discuss how to mind your p’s and q’s
z. if he does it again, discuss how to mind your r’s and L’s
aa. if he does it again, send him to AA
bb. if he does it again, try… I don’t know… reprimanding?
cc. if he does it again, he needs breast implants
dd. if he does it again, much better
ee. if he does it again, he’s got a great future with the U.N.
ff. if he does it again, repeat

It’s the U.N. School of parenting!

Remember, just like in baseball it’s 3000 strikes and you’re out. (Well, not out really, more like a probationary period among friends.) But after that, if you do it again you’re getting dangerously close to the last straw… 


Hat tip to the GBP. 

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Protesters Prove Stupidity Worldwide

You may recall my post on violent Islamist protestors telling Jew and Israel to "go back to the ovens" a few days ago. This occurred in Florida.

Proving yet again that Pro-Psuedostinan protesters worldwide have the mental capacity of a goldfish, morons hit the streets of Sydney, Australia. 

I suppose no one has informed them that Bush isn't in charge of the Israeli military? 

More protesting shows us that Democrats might have been mistaken about that whole romantic notion that Obama will repair America's reputation... 

It seems that pro-Islamist types hate America no matter who's at the helm.

Not to be outdone, of course, smug Eurotrash hit the streets from London to Germany to Cyprus.

In London, protesters threw shoes at PM Gordon Brown's estate in a pathetic copy-cat display... As if Brown has any say whatsoever in Israeli policy, other than the dhimmi move of calling Israel Saturday, asking them to stop killing terrorists. 

The protestors then carried a Psuedo-stinian flag to Trafalgar Square:

Yes, the picture above was taken in London, not some third-world Islamist hellhole... No, wait. London just might be a third-world Islamist hellhole by now. Never mind.

One self-hating Jewish protester at Trafalgar had this to say, taken from this source, emphasis mine: 

Police estimated the crowd in London at 10,000 to 12,000, but organizers said the number was much higher. (Don't they always? LOL!) The marchers included activist Bianca Jagger, ex-Eurythmics singer Annie Lennox (Oh, good. Now I can take that best-of CD and start using as a coaster.) and comedian Alexei Sayle.

"As a Jew, it's very moving to see so many people who are so outraged at Israel's actions," Sayle said. "Israel is a democratic country that is behaving like a terrorist organization."

I tell you what, honey. How about you tolerate your Muslim next door neighbor hurling grenades though your front door every day for months on end, and then we'll ask you how tolerant and forgiving you feel? Don't you dare respond! You wouldn't want anyone to think you're a terrorist! 

Not to worry though, folks. I'm sure that once Obama is actually in office, things will be magically transfomed: 

Friday, January 2, 2009

Israel Poised to Begin Ground Offensive

With the UN calling for Israel to stop her offensive and leftist idiots everywhere whining about "disproportionate response," we have the reason why they must not stop:

“I call on the resistance to continue pounding Jewish settlements and cities,” said Sheikh Abdelrahman al-Jamal at the funeral of a hardline Hamas political leader killed, together with his four wives and 11 children, in an Israeli air strike on his home.

“We will remain on the path of jihad until the end of days.”

Read the rest here.

There you have it, folks. 

Remember the "Flying Imams?"

Could this be a similar situation? 

Let the lawsuits from CAIR begin: 

Officials ordered nine Muslim passengers, including three young children, off an AirTran flight headed to Orlando from Reagan National Airport yesterday afternoon after two other passengers overheard what they thought was a suspicious remark.

Members of the party, all but one of them U.S.-born citizens who were headed to a religious retreat in Florida, were subsequently cleared for travel by FBI agents who characterized the incident as a misunderstanding, an airport official said. But the passengers said AirTran refused to rebook them, and they had to pay for seats on another carrier secured with help from the FBI.

Kashif Irfan, one of the removed passengers, said the incident began about 1 p.m. after his brother, Atif, and his brother's wife wondered aloud about the safest place to sit on an airplane.

"My brother and his wife were discussing some aspect of airport security," Irfan said. "The only thing my brother said was, 'Wow, the jets are right next to my window.' I think they were remarking about safety."

Irfan said he and the others think they were profiled because of their appearance. He said five of the six adults in the party are of South Asian descent, and all six are traditionally Muslim in appearance, with the men wearing beards and the women in headscarves. Irfan, 34, is an anesthesiologist. His brother, 29, is a lawyer. Both live in Alexandria with their families, and both were born in Detroit. They were traveling with their wives, Kashif Irfan's sister-in-law, a friend and Kashif Irfan's three sons, ages 7, 4 and 2.

AirTran spokesman Tad Hutcheson agreed that the incident amounted to a misunderstanding. But he defended AirTran's handling of the incident, which he said strictly followed federal rules. And he denied any wrongdoing on the airline's part.

"At the end of the day, people got on and made comments they shouldn't have made on the airplane, and other people heard them," Hutcheson said. "Other people heard them, misconstrued them. It just so happened these people were of Muslim faith and appearance. It escalated, it got out of hand and everyone took precautions."

Read the entire article here.

Hmm. Could it be that folks are still a bit sore from the wound inflicted on 9-11 by Islamists? Could it be the deafening silence from the 'majority' of Muslims when it comes to renouncing terrorism, or could it perhaps be the continued attacks worldwide? 

Nah. It must have just been a bunch of bigots. Riiiiiight.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Back to the Ovens

Two days ago, Muslim pro-'Palestinian' protestors gathered in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida to call for Israel to be nuked and for the Jews to head "back to the ovens."


Naturally, the crowd whipped itself into a violent frenzy shortly after evening prayers. 

Please watch the video in its entirety; it is well worth it.

I particularly like about six minutes in to the video when we hear an enormous asshat tell us that we should be educated about the beauty of Islam.

Religion of peace my ass.

Oh, and there will be a Saddam Hussein real 'house of horrors' museum opening in Iraq... Just so that shoe-chucking journalist can remind himself how he's not spending his days relaxing naked in the sun while wearing one of these: