Saturday, April 15, 2006

Another Beautiful Moment From "The Religion Of Peace"

When Hatun Surucu, 23, began to wear make-up and date German men, there was only one thing for her brother to do. Shoot her in the head three times at point-blank range.

The 18-year old Turkish Muslim (residing in Germany) shot her at a bus stop and calmly walked away. At the nearby school he attended, where the majority of students are children of immigrant Muslim families, boys cheered for joy when the news of the murder reached them.

The shock and anger of Hatun has had a year to cool, but was reheated at Ayhan Surucu's sentencing Thursday. A Berlin court gave him just nine years and three month's for his sister's cold-blooded "honor killing." It is difficult to find a Berliner who doesn't think the sentence far too lenient.

Ayhan's brothers, 25 and 26, were acquitted of conspiracy for lack of evidence, which elicited cheers from friends and family in the courtroom. The prosecution had sought life sentences for all three men. The brothers were accused of purchasing the gun and standing guard during the murder.

Hatun was raised in Germany, but forced into an arranged marriage (illegal in Germany) to a Turkish cousin in East Anatolia. The match was a sour one, and she escaped with her five-year old daughter to Berlin. She began wearing make-up, blue jeans instead of a headscarf, and dating German men. She lived in an apartment with just her daughter, and had a job.

The key witness was so fearful of the brothers and their family that she wore a bullet-proof vest on the stand. Prosecutors feared that even Ayhan may have been acquitted, except that he admitted that he wanted to "wipe the stain (of Hatun) from our family."

Germany has about 40 "honor killings" a year, and most result from the failure of illegal arranged marriages. It makes one wonder just how much of that sort of thing happens here in America, and what will happen if we don't stop placating and acquiescing to Muslims.

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