Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Cynthia "Race-Card" McKinney Update

The official Capitol Hill police report on McKinney's assault of an officer said the congresswoman struck the cop "in the chest with (a) closed fist."

The event report , obtained by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, calls the incident an assault on a police officer, and was filed immediately after the occurrence on March 29th at 08:55.

The report includes specifics about the incident that were previously only speculation. Whether or not McKinney will be formally charged remains to be seen. Not surprisingly, McKinney's office refused to comment on the report. As of yet, she has not apologized to the Officer McKenna, whom she struck.

I hope they roast her. Every time someone uses race as an excuse for their own bad behavior, it cheapens real incidents of racism and those who really suffer from it!

McKinney's playing a card, all right...The Joker.

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