Sunday, April 2, 2006

Man, are drug cartels evil or what? As if it isn't enough that they cater poison to society's addicted, now they're getting their product across the boarder (yeah, there's that boarder thing again...) in headstones shaped like the Virgin Mary!

The DEA announced the arrest of 12 people in a smuggling ring stretching from Mexico City to New York.

Bricks of cocaine were found packed in the headstones, each one containing 20 to 25 kilos.

"Like grave robbers who have no respect for the dead, this drug organization used revered tombstones to smuggle millions of dollars worth of cocaine into New York City," said John Gilbride, the special agent in charge of the New York DEA office.

In an earlier seizure effort, officials intercepted nearly $500,000 in cocaine and drug proceeds. According to the DEA, their efforts have dismantled the entire ring, from Mexico City suppliers all the way down to New York street dealers.

And if the whole Virgin Mary statue thing weren't evil enough, last month the DEA busted a ring of smugglers who surgically inserted drugs into puppies to sneak their filth across the country.

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