Monday, April 10, 2006

Isn't it ironic that with the immigration debacle going on here in the U.S., the Saudi government is quietly taking care of business on their own boarders.

The Saudi Arabian government has announced that it will begin accepting bids to fence their own boarder with Iraq. It seems that they are concerned that "insurgents" may try to cross into their nation and hide out, and they consider that to be undesirable.

The fence is to be 560 miles, and will likely be built by British defense companies.

Riyadh is worried that the Shia majority rise to power could pose a threat, as Saudi mistrusts Iran, whom the Shia have close links with.

The bottom line is that Saudi isn't hesitating to secure its entire boarder. Yet, when we here in America want a little bit of fence, the press calls it "draconian." Most Americans don't want a 700 mile fence, they want a 2,000 mile one!

America needs to take a heads-up and do what it takes to secure our own boarders. After all, everybody else is doing it...

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