Tuesday, August 8, 2006

You DON"T Want Socialized Medicine!

Here is reason #638 why socialized medicine is a bad, bad thing! From Aftenposten :

Troublesome patients dumped

The Norwegian Board of Health is considering the tricky case of a general practitioner who has refused to see several of his patients on the grounds that they frighten heart patients in the waiting room.
GP Per Vagn Fosse has asked three or four of his patients to find another doctor, newspaper Bergens Tidende reports. The reason is that they frighten heart patients of colleague Sigurd Toft, who shares his practice.

"I have received many complaints from my patients, several dozen. They react to certain patients that turn up intoxicated, smell bad and demand to be treated first," Toft said.

GP Vagn Fosse and Toft, who is a heart and lung specialist, have shared premises since January 2004.

"They are two very different patient groups sharing a waiting room. My patients have an average age over 65, and that creates a special challenge," Toft said.

The Norwegian Board of Health is considering warning both doctors for violating the system in force.

"Doctors do not in principle have the option of choosing who will be on their lists. The patient is supposed to choose their regular doctor," said divisional director Jorgen Holmboo¸ at the Board of Health.

The case went to the Board after a complaint from one of the dropped patients, who was told he was not welcome any more.

Our government already has stupid rules regarding 'patient abandonment.' A patient can steadfastly refuse to follow doctors orders, yet turn around and sue when they have a heart attack! Socialize the process further, and we've got a major quagmire!

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