Friday, August 25, 2006

Instant Blindness: Public Nude Bathing

A homeless woman in Berlin has taken the term "public indecency" to a whole new level...

"Billie", who weighs 300+ pounds, insists on bathing in the capitol's public fountains. She has been busted, shampoo bottle in hand, more than 21 times for causing a public disturbance, as well as breaking and entering.

Berlin social workers say that she steadfastly refuses to use the homeless shelter's facilities.

"We can't force her," a public spokesman said.

OK... Here goes the cruel, insensitive NeoCon in me... If this woman, "Billie", is homeless and destitute, (and obviously a nutter) how is it that she weighs more than 300 pounds? Apparently she's got money to eat!

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