Tuesday, August 8, 2006

NeoCon Command Solves The Energy Crisis

Well, folks, here you have it: The NeoCon solution to our country's energy problems. Let's get those pesky Senators out of the way and get it done, shall we?

If I were ruler of the US, we would begin coal to oil production YESTERDAY. It costs roughly $35 per barrel to produce and can be refined in the ground... And guess what, Congress, we're a little bit beyond the $35 cost per barrel! Estimates say that at our current rate of consumption, we have enough coal capacity to power this country for 4,000 years. The country will also start moving toward nuclear power for infrastructure and home heating. Hell, if France can do it, surely we can!

I would also begin drilling Alaska extensively for 15 years and begin production on 10 new refineries, while forbidding environmental lobbyist interference. This would go on while we move toward hydrogen power, and other alternate sources of energy. The oil production would provide jobs and give us independence from the shaky middle east. After 15 years, Alaska would be put on moratorium, as the coal to oil would be well under way and able to replace traditional oil drilling.

After 15 years, with good ol' American ingenuity, I have no doubt that we could be on clean, alternate forms of fuel. Fossil burning cars will eventually phase themselves out after about another 10-15 years, as their production would no longer be necessary. There's a big boon to the environment, huh? All of the oil refineries that we built would be put to use refining oil for other countries at a profit, or converted to additional nuclear facilities.

There you have it, folks. The energy crisis solved, from the living room of a NeoCon. One thing is for certain, though. Our current energy policy looks a LOT like this:

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