Tuesday, August 29, 2006

History: Part 2

In that box of stuff that my Grandmother has are many, many letters from my Great-Great Grandfather, who was a Union Soldier in the Civil War.

Most of them are to his wife, and consist of : How are you, I am fine/ We marched a lot/why don't you write me more often/ how's the family, ect.

John Carter did not make it out of the War; he died in a Confederate prison camp, one day before the prisoners, including his brother, were released.

A few letters are from his wife, who later married a man from Kentucky... Only to find out that he was a bigamist! She had the marriage dissolved, and had to re-apply to the Army for John's pension, citing extra-ordinary circumstances. The Army graciously re-instated her monthly stipend. She never re-married.

Now, to pick your brains again... These invaluable letters are in frail condition, and I would like to know if anyone knows a way to preserve them? Will a museum do it? If they are donated, do they become the museum's property, or are they considered 'on loan' from the family?

Thanks, all!

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