Monday, August 7, 2006

More Joy From The Middle East

Hamas is showing more love, tolerance and goodwill towards their Israeli neighbors... Riiiiiight.....

From The Jerusalem Post:

Hamas barred Red Cross from visiting Gilad Shalit

Hamas did not allow representatives of the Red Cross to visit kidnapped soldier, Gilad Shalit, sources said Saturday. The humanitarian organization had requested last week to see Shalit in order to assess his health condition, and were denied the visit by Hamas. "We will not allow visitors to see the soldier while the families of thousands of jailed Palestinians cannot see their loved ones," Hamas officials said.

So much for humanitarian effort, huh? This, just weeks after the PA screamed and cried because a good chunk of their aid was cut off...

And just when you thought that it couldn't get any worse, Tanzanian customs officials busted an Iranian smuggling operation transporting huge quantities of bomb-making uranium from the Congo.

Yeah... We just need a couple more months to consider the whole nuclear weapon thing...

Our government is so busy power grabbing and preparing for elections that they cannot see the imminent danger ahead of us; they are no longer willing, ready or able to do the people's business of protecting this country. We have astronomical fuel costs with NO independence whatsoever. If Iran of Venezuela did indeed shut down oil to us, what would happen? We would be crippled! Their economy is already in the crapper, and if they cut off the oil we depend on them (our enemy) for, we cannot run our economy. We can't fuel our trains, planes or automobiles. We can't fuel our trucks. We can't fuel our military. Meanwhile, Iran stockpiles nuclear grade Uranium.

If they choose to go to war with us at this point, we may or may not survive. And what are our politicians doing in the face of this scary, scary reality? The Republicans are worried about pandering to the UN, and the Dems are concerned with how they're going to get back into the White House in another 15 months!

I could just scream! I'm not a strategist, and even I can see this one coming! Am I nuts? Sound off, dear friends and readers!

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