Monday, August 28, 2006

Nasrallah: Oops!

The intrepid leader of Hezbollah, Hassan Nasrallah gave an interview yesterday on Lebanese television... And the comments were interesting, to say the least.

Nasrallah insisted that he would never have kidnapped the Israeli soldiers had he known that the response would be so strong...

So we have more proof that might makes right in the Arab mind, straight from the lips of one of it's scummiest leaders. Helloooo... Are you guys in Washington getting this?

Nasrallah then followed up with a little face-saving taqiyya: He insisted that he knew of an Israeli plan to attack Hezbollah in October, and merely moved up the timetable of the Jooos attack that was going to happen anyway.

Ah, so it's still those pesky Zionists' fault; NEVER hold the innocent Muslim responsible for his own actions!

"The Israelis wanted to begin this war," Nasrallah said, calling it "an American decision" with "many European countries" involved. He insisted Israel was looking for "an Arab cover."

Nasrallah also gave no regrets or apologies for the deaths of Israeli civilians, saying that Israel was the aggressor. He also gave no indication that Hezbollah would comply with the U.N. disarmament treaty...

But we all know how that one will turn out, don't we?

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