Wednesday, August 16, 2006

More Sunshine From Iran!

Iran said today, days before the self-imposed August 22nd deadline for an answer, that they would NOT give up their nuclear program. No surprise there, really.

But not to worry, folks, President Ahamdinejad released this statement:

"Today, we are fully mastering the nuclear fuel cycle for our peaceful atomic activities. It is a native technology... No one can take it away from us," he continued with, "The Iranian nation will not yield to pressure but is ready to resolve the nuclear issue through talks."

So now they want to talk? They're the ones with the stick: Iranian officials often say the country could weather sanctions and argue such measures would hurt the West more than Tehran by lifting already high oil prices to levels that would be unmanageable for industrialized economies.

The American People should be SCREAMING for oil independence from these thugs!

And does anyone else still think that Aug. 22nd may still hold some significance? Thousands of Lebanese citizens have taken to the streets chanting, "Lebanon won, Israel destroyed." In Iran, public celebrations of solidarity with their child, Hezbollah, are taking place in the streets of Tehran.

And while the celebration party for Hezbollah is taking place, an exhibition of more than 200 cartoons mocking the Holocaust opened in Iran Monday. It was spawned at the urging of Ahmadinejad. The 200 featured were the cream of the crop out of more than 1,200 entries.

You will of course remember the Mohammed cartoon debacle earlier this year. It is apparently okie-dokie to mock six million people who were systematically tortured and murdered in attempted genocide, but not to so much as draw a stick figure of old Mo the Pedophile.

Hypocrisy Most Foul.
I may as well get in on the cartoon warfare, too... So I would like to submit THIS picture for your viewing pleasure:

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