Sunday, August 13, 2006

Mike Wallace Takes on Amahdinejad

I am blogging while watching the Mike Wallace interview of Iranian President Ahmadinejad. I will be noting things that catch my interest, as much as my limited typing skills will allow.

After only five minutes, I am flabbergasted! Lebanon, according to Pres.A, is simply defending it's land, refuses to answer questions regarding Iranian arms to the Hezbollah, and claims that the UN is in the pocket of America, and Mike Wallace is a Zionist propagandist, not a reporter.

Unbelievable. Oh, and BTW... This is being translated by Pres. A's personal interpreter. I'm sure that all of this is reeaaly honest...

"This is the era of thought, dialogue and cultural exchanges"

WTF?!? HYPOCRITE!!! Isn't this the guy who wants to wipe Israel off the face of the Earth?

Ahmadinejad is attempting to set the pace of this interview, telling Wallace what the will and will not discuss. Wallace, to his credit, so far seems not to be holding any punches.

Ahmadinejad says the Israeli government is "fabricated." He implies denial of the Holocaust, saying "where did it take place?" Um... Nazi Germany?

I am struck by how he shies away from wearing the usual military uniform or Islamic garb that most leaders of that part of the world wear, and by his deceptive demeanor. He has an oily smile, and fires back at Wallace with sarcastic comments.

Now, Ahmadinejad says that the American military is killing Iraqis on a daily basis. He also says that Saddam's part of Iraq's history is past. He calls America the "Great Oppressor." The Hubby says that comment sounds very much like an old Commie line.

*Break for commercial*

Wallace asks what Amahdinejad thinks of Pres. Bush. He refuses to answer, and Wallace hammers at him, asking if he has the courage to answer it. Go Wallace!

Ahmadinejad thinks that he should save American culture without using threats, occupation, and derides our healthcare and prison system. He alludes to the letter sent to Bush six months ago, saying that he expected Bush to change his behavior and take a new perspective on war, and that he should love all people.

WTF?!? HYPOCRITE!!! Again, "wipe Israel off the face of the Earth!"

Wallace hammers away again, reminding Ahamadinejad that he despises the "Zionists."

Ahmadinejad put in his letter to Bush that he should follow the teachings of Christ more closely, rather than be a killer in the Middle East. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

Ahmadinejad says that Bush's low approval ratings is a bad thing... I suppose that when the people are too scared of you to disapprove...

Now he speaks of his hobbies. Like I care. He jokes about combing his hair and looking his best.

Now he claims that the US cut relations with Iran, and refuses to answer the question Wallace poses about if he would be willing to resume relations with the US, after 27 years of not having them. He has refused to give a straightforward answer four times now...

We talk down to him... And the American government just needs to change their behavior and EVERYTHING WILL BE SOLVED... He sounds rather like a Democrat, huh?

Ahmadinejad says he must conclude the interview because it is time for night prayers...

Wallace asked about the suicide bombers brigade. Ahmadinejad gets visibly nervous, sits up in his chair and speaks faster. He says it is to defend themselves against America, and that he is concluding the interview.

There you have it, dear readers: The leader of Iran's interview with Mike Wallace. I am defiantly not comforted by what I saw...

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