Monday, August 28, 2006

128 Students Suspended On The First Day Of School

Morton High School, in Hammond Indiana, sent home 128 students on the first day of school for inappropriate attire.

Getting suspended on the first day? Ouch!

Principal Theresa Mayerik suspended kids for too baggy pants, low cut shirts, tank tops and graphic tees with inappropriate messages. Cell phones being used in class were also a source of contention.

"This was the worst year I've seen in a long time," said Principal Theresa Mayerik. "It's gotten out of control, and we needed to send a message that we're not messing around."

Kudos, Principle Mayerik! Someone needs to draw a line in the sand; to send a clear message that school is about education, not a social club where fashion trends are set and you can put that pesky history lesson on hold to call your 'peeps' in the class down the hall.

The school has offered to remove the violations if no other infractions occur in the first 12 weeks of school.

School board members said they support Mayerik and the mass suspensions. "I'd be supportive if half the school was sent home, because 99 percent will get the message our schools are for education," board president Rebecca Ward said.

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