Monday, August 14, 2006

UPDATE: Florida Abortion Clinic Loses License

In an update to my previous post: Punch The Clock, Kill A Baby... Just Another Typical Day At The Abortion Clinic...

From Life Site:

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Florida Abortion Clinic Loses License Over Murder of Born-Alive Infant
By Peter J. Smith

HIALEAH, Florida, August 10, 2006 ( - Officials in the Florida city of Hialeah have revoked the occupational status of an abortion clinic that is the subject of a police investigation into the murder of an infant born-alive on the premises.

According to the Miami Herald, at Hialeah's city council meeting Tuesday, city officials revoked A GYN Diagnostic Center's occupational license, effectively putting an end to the clinic's operations. However, the clinic pre-empted the city's move by voluntarily surrendering its operating license to the state's Agency for Health Care Administration, ending its ability to operate in Florida. So they apparently know that they are guilty as sin and in a world of trouble.

''What led them to surrender their license, we can't answer,'' said Lorena Bravo, a Hialeah assistant city attorney according to the Herald.

The city acted to pull the clinic's license over credible allegations that abortion employees murdered a child born alive in their waiting room at 23 weeks gestation. The doctor was not in the office at the time to legally kill the child before birth. That sentence puts it very succinctly, IMHO: LEGALY KILL THE CHILD BEFORE BIRTH.

City police chief Rolando Bolanos had previously ordered the clinic closed July 29 pending a full investigation.

The investigation began when city police received an anonymous tip that abortion clinic employees had murdered the born alive son of an 18-year-old woman who had been waiting for the abortionist to arrive on July 20. Police learned that clinic employees placed the infant in a bag, and walked away. The baby boy was found dead 9 days later in a biohazard container. It makes me want to scream that such a defenseless baby had to endure such a cruel murder! What made the tipster call police after the fact instead of calling an ambulance right then and there? Was it initial cowardice and delayed morality?

The police and State Attorney's office are conducting an investigation to determine whether there is enough evidence to constitute a murder charge. An autopsy has been concluded, but the results have not yet been made available to the public.

''The State Attorney's Office is still reviewing the case, along with the Medical Examiner,'' said Mark Overton, Hialeah's Deputy Police Chief on Tuesday according to the Herald. ``We are awaiting test results. Once they are back, they will be making a decision on what charges will be filed, if any.'' I would say that if the autopsy shows the aveoli in the lungs were inflated, we have a slam-dunk murder case.

If there is enough evidence for trial, the employees involved may be charged with murder under Florida law on account of the protections accorded to a baby under the Born-Alive Infants Protection Law. Under the BAIPL a child born alive at any stage of development is entitled to full legal protection and all necessary medical intervention. God, I hope they are! They deserve to pay for what they did! It's too bad that they will never pay the price that the little baby did!

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