Tuesday, May 2, 2006

Sheriff Jones To Launch Boycott

I love this guy!

I'm proud to say that Butler County Sheriff Richard Jones is set to start a boycott this Friday of companies he says hire illegal immigrants.

Sheriff Jones is also trying to get Washington to pay for some of the $23,000 he spends jailing 30 illegal immigrants per month, a figure that continues to rise.

This is the same Sheriff that instituted the Warden Burger, a nasty treat for misbehaving inmates. For those who are locked in solitary, Sheriff Jones serves a burger that has been certified by a nutritionist. It consists of a whole-grain bun, and a mixture of turkey meat, vegetables like cabbage, lettuce and corn and carrots, and fruits. It tasted horrible, but is a balanced meal, and the jailbird gets three per day, accompanied with a glass of water. Sheriff Jones says that although he is obligated to feed the inmate, he is not obligated to make it a gourmet experience.

Sheriff Jones has also said that in America, the only place that one can get three hot meals a day is in the hospital, and in jail; and inmates aren't weak or sick, so he is instituting a sack lunch.

We need more men like this in office: Straight from the hip shooters!

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