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This post will remain on the top of this blog for awhile.

This is a CALL TO ACTION regarding a terrorist sympathizer who runs a blog over at OK, just another nutter, you may think... But he is an Associate Professor at Kent State University; he's posting his treason on the taxpayer's dime!

I invite whoever reads this to sign the petition at the bottom. It will be given to the Governor of Ohio, Bob Taft. We cannot allow people like this to attack us from within! This will be posted at many other blogs; many are linked from this site.

If you are as enraged by this as I am, I would urge you to please link from your blog, even reproduce this post in it's entirety.

Elmer's Brother ( posted the following. It is so good that I will reproduce it here; I don't want to take away from what he has written.

Yes, but think of all those "sleepers", like LOA, who are left behind, live and dangerous. Who knows when the next martyrdom operation might be coming to your town? I do.
Comment by Lover of Angels— 2005/11/28 @ 10:13 AM — (Reply)

What would you do if someone posted this comment? Would you take him seriously? Would you think he was taking flight lessons at the local airport?
Such is the case with Dr. Julio Pino, associate professor or Latin American history and his blog Global War. On his blog he instructs the local jihadi on how to train himself for jihad, carries links praising the 19 who carried out the WTC attacks and praises those who carry out homicide attacks on Israel.
Julio C├Ęsar Pino is an outspoken apologist for Palestinian terrorism.

A 2000 convert to Islam--Pino's Muslim name is Assad Jibril Pino--he has embraced the most extreme interpretation of his adoptive religion. Thus, in an April 2002 guest column for the Kent State campus newspaper, Pino penned an effusive tribute to Ayat al-Akras, the 18-year-old Palestinian female suicide bomber who murdered an Israeli teen and a security guard at a Jerusalem supermarket on March 29, 2002. In the column, titled "Singing out prayer for a youth martyr," Pino insisted that Akras was no terrorist but had "died a martyr's death…in occupied Jerusalem, Palestine." Praising Akras' final act of homicide, Pino said that "it is pronounced 'justice' and spelled C-O-U-R-A-G-E" and added, "May Allah elevate your place in paradise." Pino also excoriated President Bush as a "numbskull," and called for boycotts of all Israeli and American products.

Earlier, in 2001, Pino had publicly inveighed against the alleged "genocide of the Palestinians." He later justified his remarks by saying that they were of a piece with "practicing Islam and fulfilling its obligations." Pino also claimed that as a result of those remarks, he was "subject to defamation, harassment, and even death threats in my office," and moreover that this treatment was "fairly standard fare for most Muslims in America."

In 2005, Pino wrote another controversial letter to his campus newspaper, this time praising University of Colorado professor Ward Churchill and condemning his critics. Pino lauded Churchill for his "righteous obsession with European and American genocide and terrorism against peoples of color all over the world, from 1492 to 2001." The Cuba-born Pino also claimed that during the Cuban missile crisis, John F. Kennedy had planned a "genocide against the Cuban people;" that President Bill Clinton had killed "more than 500,000 Iraqi children" via sanctions against Iraq; and that President George W. Bush, whom Pino called a "cocaine cowboy," had "added an extra 100,000 corpses to the pile of brown colored corpses." Pino referred to his students at Kent State as his "beloved Taliban," and concluded that "In an America rapidly descending toward Christian fascism, we need more Ward Churchills."

Pino has said that his worldview is animated by his "unfulfilled need to bring social justice to the world." A similar philosophy operates in the classes he teaches at Kent State. Pino compels his students to approach the study of Latin American history from the perspective of leftist "Third World" politics, which he identifies with such revolutionaries as Fidel Castro and the Sandinista regimes of Central America. The names of his courses--for instance, "Comparative Third World Revolutions" and "The Sixties: A Third World View"--reflect the worldviews that form the basis of Pinot classroom instruction. An uncritical supporter of the Sandinistas, Pino blames the political upheavals of Central America wholly on the "daily" butchery of "American-trained death-squads." Pino admits that, under his guidance, students echo his pro-Sandinista biases. After assigning a one-sided book on Central America, Pino noted approvingly that "[s]tudent essays based on this book have focused on how far the Sandinistas succeeded in building a society free of class exploitation and gender inequality."

Similarly, in teaching courses on the history of Cuba, Pino asks his students to consider the Cuban revolution in a favorable light. "The essays I have asked student [sic] to write have focused on the positive economic and psychological transformations brought about by the 1959 revolution," Pino has written. Pino has said that Castro's rise to power "brought justice" to Cuba.
Does this seem an affront given the enemy that we are facing? This man is teaching Ohio's next generation! This is like having Josef Goebbels printing a college newspaper during WWII.
Are you outraged? Then sign this petition being sent to the governor of Ohio.
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