Wednesday, May 3, 2006

Blackwell Takes GOP Nomination For Ohio Governor

Ohio Secretary of State Kenneth Blackwell won the GOP nomination for Governor of Ohio yesterday, with a margin of about 55% to 45% for Jim Petro.

Ohio Republicans have been betrayed by the current Governor, Bob Taft, who has taxed everything that isn't nailed down, (And a few things that are!) like drycleaning and dog grooming. Now, before you wonder, this is a special "services" tax, above the sales tax.

Taft has also had a hard year with scandals. Jerk. At least if I'd have voted for the Dem the last time around, I'd have seen it coming...

Within the GOP gubernatorial primary, there was a lot of mud-slinging by Petro, which I think led to his defeat; folks are just sick of that stuff!

Ted Strickland won the Democratic nomination. On to November...

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