Tuesday, May 2, 2006

Border To Remain Open No Matter What!

It seems that nothing will close our Southern boarder in the government's current view.

The Associated Press obtained a draft of the national response plan in lieu of bird flu or influenza epidemic.

The report says a major disease outbreak would prompt the government to limit international flights and quarantine travelers. It would also restrict movement in and around the country....but would not close the boarder.

The report says: "a complete shutdown of the border would not be likely, nor would it do more than slow the pandemic's spread by a few weeks."

"While we will consider all options to limit the spread of a pandemic virus, we recognize complete border closure would be difficult to enforce, present foreign affairs complications and have significant negative social and economic consequences," the draft report says.


Now, I'm not into the flu panic like some folks are, but I do think it's a good idea to limit the spread of disease. The flu nonwithstanding, we are having runs of the mumps from non-immunized illegals; incidents of Hepatitis being spread through restaurants that employ illegals.

What will it take? Let's throw these bums out of our government and take care of our own interests!

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