Friday, June 23, 2006

There IS A Monster Under Your Bed...

A stalker hid under a woman's bed for two solid days until her boyfriend found him.

I can't even imagine the butt-kicking this guy would've received if I were that boyfriend...

The incident started when Carlo Castellanos-Feria, who worked as a valet in a local hospital parking lot got the victim's apartment key.

The stalker taped himself with a mini-camera in her bedroom.

What reason did he give for his freakish behavior? He just wanted a chance to be close to her; he fell in love and couldn't think straight.

Um... Just a suggestion... Try buying her dinner, idiot!

Thankfully, Castellanos-Feria did not assault the young lady, but she is now understandably jittery while home alone.

From First Coast News:

Judge Herbert Dixon handed down a three-year sentence, including treatment for mental illness and sex crimes. Court documents show the Hyattsville man had a change of clothes, condoms, a power cord and latex gloves with him under victims bed at the time of his arrest. He was a parking valet with an unnerving obsession.

"He got access to her keys. He then took that opportunity to get those keys copied. That's something we should all think about next time we leave our keys somewhere," said Ken Wainstein, U.S. attorney.

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