Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Empty Military Casket Discovered In Desert

An empty silver military casket with an Army seal was found in the Tucson, Arizona desert.

Two paintballers found the casket and called police. The casket had obviously been inhabited, and officers said it smelled of embalming.

Forensic investigators took DNA samples, but so far the casket, or the person to whom it belonged, have not been identified.

"We have a lot of cemeteries, but it could be from anywhere," Deputy Dawn Barkman said. "Right now we don't have any concrete information where it came from."

I hope above all hope that this isn't what it appears to be! What could be more dishonorable than desecrating the coffin of a soldier?

DNA testing could take a while to come back; I'll keep my eyes open for how this turns out.

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