Tuesday, July 11, 2006

The UN Is Responsible For Terror Victims' Deaths

Israeli terror victims' families claim that their loved one's deaths are the fault of the U.N., who helped to fund the killers through Saddam Hussein.

"The U.N. is partly responsible for the death of my son," said Miri Avitan, whose son Assaf was killed in Jerusalem by a Palestinian suicide bomber in December 2001.

"Money that was meant for the Iraqi [people] got to Saddam and he wrote a check to reward the murderers of my kid," Avitan said.

Several families blame the U.N. for giving Saddam money in the corrupt "oil-for-food" program, which was then kicked back in a check writing program by Saddam to Palestinian terror organizations. A homicide bomber's family would receive money after the act.

Israel has said the aid received from Hussein provided major financial motivation to underprivileged teenagers who could help their cash-strapped families with the large payments that would be issued upon completion of a suicide mission.

The oil-for-food program made more than $67 billion before the U.S. put an end to it in 2003. From 2000 to 2003, Saddam paid out $35 million to the families of Palestinian "martyrs" through the Arab Liberation Front, a Ba'ath party branch formed specifically to encourage terrorist activities and issue checks to terror families. The families would receive a "martyrdom certificate," and $25,000 for the murder of the "Zionists."

From World Net Daily:

"[The checks from Hussein enabled by the U.N.] helped enforce the culture of terrorism," Avitan's mother Miri said in "The U.N. Exposed." "It makes me furious."

Writes Shawn, "The U.N. Security Council paid for the bombings. It contributed to the murders of Assaf and Golan and the nine other victims that night. The Security Council also provided the ability to massacre hundreds more who have fallen victim to Palestinian terrorism."

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