Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Illegal Alien OUTRAGE!!!

San Luis, AZ: An illegal alien, who has no rights under our constitution, will receive a $25,000 settlement for a lawsuit he filed against the city of San Luis.

Get out your aspirin and a really stiff drink; you're going to need it.

Moises Iniguez Zermeno of Mexico was one of 11 passengers in a minivan that was speeding back towards Mexico when he was wounded by gunfire from police. According to the Border Patrol, the driver of the van had picked up a group of illegals in Mexico and crossed the border into the US, when he noticed that Border Patrol was following him. He turned around and tried to run down one of the officers that was trying to stop the van. Police opened fire.

Wouldn't you, if some @sshat were trying to run you over with a minivan?

From the AP: "The officers didn't do anything wrong; they were trying to defend themselves," City Attorney Glenn Gimbut said. Iniguez Zermeno's Yuma attorneys, James Metcalf and Hayden Hanna, would not comment.

So, Police officers are not allowed to defend themselves against murderous illegals. But wait, it gets better:

In Los Angeles, a judge who threatened deportation to Mexico for an illegal alien using our court system to file a restraining order has been fired from the roster of part-time judges used by the L.A. County Superior Court.

"A lot of people run from controversy," Fink said. "It doesn't bother me. Remember, I was doing this as a volunteer."

On July 14th, Judge Fink was amazed to find Aurora Gonzalez standing before his bench, seeking a restraining order against her husband for verbal abuse and threatening to report her to the INS. Gonzalez acknowledged that she was in the US illegally.

Fink warned Gonzalez that he would count to 20, and he expected her to be gone before that time. She left, and Fink dismissed the case.

So it takes a part-time volunteer judge with nothing to lose to do the right thing?

Gonzalez has since refiled for the restraining order, and it has been granted.

How on Earth can she go through the legal system, admit to being illegal and NOT get deported? "Experts" claim that the court has no authority to make an arrest on Federal immigration law.

Huh? Then why didn't they call the INS and have her arrested on the way out?

I'm going to go and get that drink now...

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