Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Cartoon Wednesday

I found a couple of good cartoons over the last couple of days.

First, we should remember that Israel absolutely has the right idea about Hezbollah. We should, under NO circumstances, allow them to survive in ANY capacity. Not only does this help our "Zionist" allies, but in the long run the strategy of cutting the tentacles of Iran off serves us well. The less influence Iran has, the better for all of the world.

The second cartoon comes in the wake of Israel accidentally hitting a U.N. observation post, killing four observers.

Some may say that this is all Israel's fault, that they shouldn't have been attacking in the first place, and that these are just more innocent deaths to attribute to the "disproportionate response."

Bull$hit, I say! What on Earth was the U.N. thinking, sending unarmed men into an unfortified position in the middle of weapons fire? If this is completely innocent, once again, the lack of common sense in the U.N. has caused more deaths.... Perhaps I should break out my tinfoil hat, but if it is as nefarious as I suspect, the U.N. sacrificed these men knowingly to give them an excuse to move against Israel.

We shall see...

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