Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Anti-Chavez Video Game Funded By Bono

Ya gotta love Bono. (He's a hawt Irishman, after all! ;) ) He's making liberal heads pop like over ripe melons!

Bono is backing a video game that depicts Venezuela as a two-bit republic led by a power-hungry despot... Which sounds a lot like the hero of the left, Hugo Chavez.

Bono established the private equity firm Pandemic Studios, maker of the game in question: "Mercenary 2: World in Flames."

The player takes the role of a mercenary sent to Venezuela, where a dictator has seized control of the country's oil.

Despite Bono's lengthy record of third world relief, and humanitarian efforts, liberals are taking pot shots at the singer.

"It's hard to fathom why an artist who claims to be about new paths to justice for developing countries would be mixed up in a computer game that glorifies stale, old mercenary approaches," said Jeff Cohen.

I guess the left doesn't like to see their precious hero besmirched, no matter how true it is.

And David Lindorff, co-author of the new book "The Case for Impeachment," *snicker* said: "This kind of right-wing war game plays to the propaganda message that the Bush White House has been pushing for years: that Chavez is a dictator oppressing his people . . . Bono should use his financial interest in the company to kill it, or better, he should pull out entirely as an investor."

Lindorff called the video game "imperialist garbage."

Funny... Speaking of imperialism, Chavez has (among other things) tcontrolntoll of the media, rewritten Venezuela'constitution to increase his power, disposed of critics in the military, and has used the country's most valuable resource (oil) to tighten his strangle hold on the country. Venezuela's highest ranking Catholic prelate has called him a dictator.

But facts be damned.

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