Monday, July 31, 2006

A Blast From The Past

Fellow bloggers, it seems that a rather lengthy previous post dated May 7th, "Islam Losing Six Million African Muslims Per Year?" is attracting new attention. Take a look at some recent comments generated so far today:

mkotamy said...
actually this dummy writter who leaved his comments in RED COLOUR
anyhow, if he is really fair answer my very simple question which is: Why converting Muslims to Christianity always correlated to the hummantration Aid !!??
They are very poor people in need to be helped by feeding them, why forcing them to convert their religion?!!
Also, when muslims were in the Authority they never forced Christians to convert to Islam, if they really forced them you wouldnt see christians alive anymore here!!
anyhow, check this site
and you find out which way you should go through!!

Mon Jul 31, 07:12:02 AM
Brooke said...
That is completely false. Christian aid workers do not use conversion as a currency for food aid.

Muslims, however, routinely execute those who will not convert, or force them to live in dhimmitude and pay the jizya tax.

Christians do not persevere by the grace of the Muslim; they do so by the grace of God... The same way those pesky Jews do against Hezbollah.

Oh, and BTW... Calling someone a dummy and then inviting them to check out Islam isn't exactly the best welcoming mat you could roll out. You will find that most folks on conservative sites will not submit to your mindless dhimmitude, or accept a pedophile as their "prophet."

In any case, your link is nonsense and doesn't work, much like the rest of your comment.

Mon Jul 31, 07:37:35 AM
Diwani said...
In the Name of God the Most Gracious the Most Merciful.

It is quite sad to note the type of blasphemy being entertained in this article and in the comments. What makes it more sad is the fact that Religion/s are being used to fuel this type of hate speech.

Religion comes back to God. Religion is therefore the way to God. If all religions emphasise the existence and power of God, then why are we fighting over the way we understand God. The truth is we all believe in the same God, but we do so in different ways. But really, God the All-Knowing, the All-Seeing knows about our different ways, yet He provides sustenance for all of us. Why can’t we then accept our differences and rather work together to common goals, rather than to point fingers at each other and to highlight our faults. How is this behaviour in anyway going to elevate the status of God?

True religion therefore does not discriminate, isolate and mock others. We have to therefore work together and be more tolerant of each other. For God says in the Quraan: “I have placed you in different nations and tribe so that you may get to know one another.” The best of you are those who are able to work with one another. Let us therefore stop insulting each others religions and rather respect our different believes.

Fellow Muslims, this is especially important for you to take note of because Islam stresses on tolerance of others and their beliefs. The example of our Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him and his offsprings) proves the best practical example for us all.

Mon Jul 31, 09:56:52 AM
Brooke said...
We SHOULD all work together; you are right. I pray that day will come, when the jihadis stop crying that the way to Allah is jihad, just as I pray that the Christians who live in Saudi Arabia would be permitted by law to own a copy of the Bible without fear of the law coming down on them.

However, Mohammed did not offer a practical example of peaceful co-habitation. He was a warmonger, and took children into his bed. It is his beliefs that drive Muslims today to continue an unending cycle of hate and violence.


Diwani said...
It seems that my words were not clearly understood by you. I just said that we should work together to common goals and NOT POINT FINGERS AND CRITICISE EACH OTHERS BELIEFS.

You responded: "We SHOULD all work together; you are right". Yet you continued to criticise the Muslims and their beliefs.

Clearly you have not studied the complete life of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), and what you are alluding to are facts misinterpreted and reinforced by the west to deliberately dehumanise Muslims. Why?

Do yourself a favour and take an objective approach to studying the life of this great personality (PBUH), whom even Christian and other non-Muslim commentators who are or were true to themselves praised. In fact he (PBUH) is regarded as No. 1 of the most greatest men of the World by a Christian author.

A good starting point is to read: "Muhammad from the earliest sources", by Martin Lings.

Hoping that your heart becomes soften and that you actually place your energies into the upliftment of society.

Also visit my blog:

And read the poem: Academics Stop World War 3.

Mon Jul 31, 10:51:30 AM
Brooke said...
I did not fail to understand you; I found your words to be hypocritical. You place the yolk of peace around the west's neck, as if by some miracle us 'understanding' Islam will cause the jihadis to take off their cowardly bomb belts and join hands for a round of Kumbaya.

You continue to point fingers yourself:

"what you are alluding to are facts misinterpreted and reinforced by the west to deliberately dehumanise Muslims. Why?"

Why this hatred and finger pointing at the "west"? Perhaps you should do yourself a favor and ALSO take an objective view of OUR culture which the jihadis wish to destroy and replace with dominant Islam.

I suggest that you follow the link at the top of my blog and watch the movie Obsession embedded at the top.

After you do, please tell me how the world can continue to co-exsist with such a vile and all-consuming evil.

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