Tuesday, July 11, 2006

PROFESSOR Dan Rather? Oh, Geez...

Former (ha ha ha) CBS anchor Dan Rather, who left the news agency after producers decided not to give him any more assignments, is reported by the Philadelphia Inquirer and Boston Herald as being considered for a teaching position at Harvard University.

No, I'm not kidding.

"I'd love to have him come here for a semester or full year on campus," Alex Jones (head of the Shorestein Center of Press, Politics and Public Policy) told the Philadelphia Inquirer. "Dan Rather has all the credentials, as far as I'm concerned."

Sure... No ethics whatsoever, and he's deeply mired in the insane left world of folks like Michael Moore. Sounds like all of the right credentials to me.

Jones told the Boston Herald, "I think that Dan Rather has demonstrated over a long career that he is a superb journalist and that he has more to say and more to do. ... I think that he should take this as an opportunity rather than a loss."

Rather, as you will remember, stood by his false National Guard memo story an entire year after it was disproved.

"I believed in the story. The facts of the story were correct," Rather told former newsman Marvin Kalb. "One supporting pillar of the story, albeit an important one, one supporting pillar was brought into question. To this day, no one has proven whether it was what it purported to be or not."

To be sure of what he was just told, Kalb responded, "I believe you just said that you think the story is accurate."

"The story is accurate," Rather reiterated.

If he accepts the fellowship teaching position, Rather would make $15,000 per semester, plus living expenses. Pretty sweet, huh?

Not everyone is happy about the offer, though.

"After Rather's fall from grace the idea of him teaching at Harvard is both laughable and yet not totally unexpected," said Don Irvine, chairman of Accuracy in Media. "It is outrageous that they would give him a platform considering how Rather's career ended but it is the politically correct nature of academia that allows this type of action to take place."

Irvine continued, "I suggest that Rather teach a course on media ethics, since he apparently has none to help students avoid his mistakes or investigative journalism and the importance of checking facts and verifying the credibility of sources. Maybe that would humble him a bit. Probably not."


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