Friday, July 14, 2006

How Do You Get Peace.... With A Knife!

How do we get peace, dear friends?

As the Middle Eastern Arabs understand it, through force. To them, diplomacy is a tool of the weak; a stall tactic to be used while they strengthen their positions.

Israel is committed to repel the Hezbollah terrorists. They have had enough of the kidnapping, the rocket fire, the threats...

And can we blame them? Why should the world defend itself from terror, yet expect the Joooos to lie down in a fetal position and take Hamas and Hezbollah's kicks? Is there a more hypocritical statement than the one made by "Sheik" Hassan Nasrallah, who says that if Israel wants all-out warfare, then they will give it to them?

As I recall it, Hezbollah was the one doing the unprovoked kidnapping.

I don't know why, my friends, but I don't yet think that this current crisis will launch us into unmitigated world warfare. I believe that Israel will rout the terrorist Muslims in Lebanon, since the government there has no real power beyond the Hezbollah group. The UN will then have no choice but to starve off Syria and Iran.

Yes, oil might get pretty damn expensive in the interim, but it was going to anyway, really. It will simply be more sudden, and in my humble opinion, (and at the admitted risk of sounding like a filthy libbie) the faster it rises, the better. The sticker shock and outrage of the American people will force the hands of our politicians into ANWAR drilling and nuclear plant building. We could also use a kick in the pants.

Muslims in the Middle East have put the Islamic Theocracies into a tailspin, and we are in the grandstands on the ground, looking up into the sun and just beginning to make out their imminent crash.

I just hope the debris doesn't hit the stands.

That being said, this NeoCon is not afraid to get down and dirty if need be. If this is truly 1939 all over again, we should not wait around for the situation to get dire before we intervene.

All opinions on this unfolding matter (except those of the moron John Brown) are welcome as always, of course!

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