Tuesday, July 11, 2006

My Big Doggie

Yesterday, I tried to cut off my dog's foot.

O.K., not really. I was trying to clip her toenails... She flinched, I slipped, and there goes half the nail.
A minor bloodbath ensued, yet Fortune didn't cry or panic. She laid calmly on the floor with her head in my lap while I applied pressure and held the foot up in the air.

Of course, my guilt meant she got about one third of human food on my dinner plate. (I don't normaly allow table scraps other than whatever the kids drop, so this was a nice treat!)

She's such a sweetie... As long as you stay off her couch! ;)

We adopted Fortune about six months ago or so. She is a one-year-old Great Dane that was reposesed by her breeder for abuse. The previous owner, a vet tech, kept her in a cage 23 hours a day. She was only allowed out to eat and potty. The breeder was teaching her basic doggie manners, such as how to respond to her name, how to sit, ect. The vet tech hadn't bothered.

Fortune got her name from the breeder... Miss Fortune is her full name. When she was a baby, her mommy sat on her back leg, breaking it. (Danes are a bit clumsy! ;) ) It required a pin, but healed so nicely that you can't see any lameness at all. That coupled with the abusive vet tech, earned her the moinker.

Despite all of this, Fortune is a gentle giant; she can be puppily (Yeah, I made that up.) playful one moment, and the next she is walking on eggshells around our 11-month-old daughter. She "counter surfs," but only when she thinks we're not looking, and sleeps on the loveseat while we watch T.V. (Or blog!) She only chews on her Kong Toy, and eats the occasional treat with gusto.

She's also one heck of an alarm system... Just try stepping foot in her yard without being noticed!

If anyone out there is considering a big dog, I suggest a Dane... and there are plenty of Dane adoption agencies out there to choose from!

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