Thursday, July 20, 2006

Black Ops? Whatever...

Dedicated to Eyes All Around...;), Our resident expert on leftie "science."

I was flipping randomly through Blogger the other day, when I stumbled across an extreme moonbat blog.


At first I thought to myself that it was a clever and wry piece of satire, but as I continued to read, I had the queasy feeling that it was a little too dry.

I think he's serious.

I get a mental image of this guy sitting in his Mom's basement, where he lives, surrounded by reams and reams of paper containing news clippings, scribbled nonsensical mathematic equations, and hand-written "evidence" against the government. He will continue to escalate until his mind makes the final 'snap', and will have an epiphany culminating in an assassination attempt on a government official.

Either that, or he will be compelled by the court to start taking his anti-psychotic drugs again.

He kind of reminds me of the Brownstain, actually.

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